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Have you ever found yourself dreaming about someone out of the blue?

Some people might think that the mere dreams of their past significant others mean they still have feelings for them, but is this true?

In other words, does dreaming about someone mean you miss them?

Here are 13 reasons why you may want to consider this question

1) You may be re-hashing the relationship that ended

As many people well know, some relationships do not end because of a breakup or divorce.

Sometimes, people move out of each other’s lives for other reasons that may include moving to different cities, states, or even countries.

People may find themselves suddenly missing the person that was present in their lives one day and gone the next.

Suddenly missing the person can also lead to dreams about them.

In dream analysis, when a person dreams about someone who’s been released from their life, it is often a sign that the relationship has ended.

In this case, you may have been trying in your waking life to get back together with the person or simply re-hash the relationship that ended.

It could also mean that you still feel some affection for that someone.

2) Dreams can be a way to deal with your feelings

Dreams are often considered a way of dealing with one’s feelings.

In other words, dreaming about someone may mean that you still have feelings for them or miss them very much.

Let me give you an example.

You may have just broken up with someone and are trying to deal with the pain and emotions of the breakup.

You may then find yourself in a dream reliving the good days of that relationship and missing that person dearly.

Or, you may recall something they said to you or an expression they had on their face that you find yourself longing for.

If this is the case, then it’s likely that your dream may be helping you work through your feelings.

However, dreams do not always mean this.

Some people dream of someone they have just met at a party because they have met them in real life and are trying hard to recall their name.

In this case, the dream may merely be simply relating to the meeting and how you felt about the person.

3) Your dreams may be a relay for another person’s feelings

I have discussed in a previous paragraph how some dreams may be a way to work through one’s feelings.

This may mean that the person you’re dreaming of is also feeling some kind of loss or pain that they are trying to work through.


You dream of your ex, who was just released from your life.

You find yourself missing them because they’ve been released from your life.

However, you realize that you are not the one feeling the loss.

It’s your ex.

Someone else may be relaying their feelings through your dream of them.

Another example:

You dream of someone who has moved to another state.

You find yourself longing to see that person again because they have left you and are not around anymore.

However, the person you are dreaming of misses you dearly, but they may express their feelings through your dreams.

They are relaying their feelings through your dreams because they miss you and find it hard to deal with the loss of your relationship with them.

4) You haven’t regained their trust and hope

Dreaming of someone does not always connote feelings of longing.

Come to think of it.

In many cases, people dream about others because they don’t have the trust or hope for a relationship that has been broken.

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This often means that their feelings for or respect for the person are low.

For example,

If you had your heart broken by someone who cheated on you and then went on to break up with them, you might dream of them because they have betrayed your trust.

You might not want to respect or trust them any longer, which is why they may enter your dreams.

On the other hand,

You may be the one who broke the other person’s trust.

For this reason, you may then find yourself dreaming about that person in hopes of regaining their trust and hope.

You may find yourself dreaming about them in hopes of winning them over again.

There is also the opposite case where people dream about a person after a relationship has ended because they do not hate or dislike that person in real life.

They may have simply realized that the relationship was not a good fit for them.

They were maybe dreaming about the person to find out if they made a mistake by breaking up with that person.

This means that you have gotten over the initial grudges you had after the relationship ended.

You have realized that the relationship was not for you and perhaps now realize that you are better off without them.

In this case, dreams about a person do not always mean longing.

5) You may have missed someone and want to ask them out again

Dreams about people can often be related to an existing friendship or romantic relationship that needs a boost.

Sometimes this boost can be a simple question you want to ask the person or a desire to reconnect with them again.

In other words, if you have dreamt about someone, it might be that you want to ask them out on a date or maybe even ask them out for coffee.

For example,

You may dream of someone you used to work with and find yourself wondering how they are doing.

You don’t know and maybe wonder if they are single or have a new partner.

In this case, you may be asking yourself whether you should ask them out again.

On the other hand,

A dream of someone can be a way of reminding oneself that they haven’t seen someone in a while and want to get back in touch with them.

For instance,

You may dream of someone you haven’t seen in ages and then start reminiscing about the good times you had together.

Suddenly, you find yourself wondering whether they are all right or if they would want to meet up with you again.

6) You are trying to get over a breakup or a divorce

Dreaming of someone is not always meant to express something negative about you or their feelings for you.

Sometimes, it can mean that something positive is going on.

How so?

Some people find themselves dreaming about someone they were in a relationship with because they are trying to get over the breakup or divorce that occurred.

For example,

You find yourself dreaming about a person who you were in a relationship with, feeling sad about the breakup of that relationship.

However, you realize that you are not sad about the end of the relationship but rather because something positive is happening in your life, and you want to enjoy it.

For instance,

You may dream of someone who was in your ex’s life because they were helping them get over their breakup.

They are trying to help them see that they have moved on and are happy.

In this case, you may have been trying to get over the breakup of the relationship by dreaming of your ex.

You were probably trying to see if they had moved on or not.

7) You may wish to be with them again in reality

Dreams have been known to relay a feeling of wishing or hope that something or someone is present in your life again.

In other words,

You may dream of someone because you realize that you want them to be in your life again.

For example,

Let’s say your partner just fought with you and then moved out of your house.

Suddenly, you find yourself longing for that person to be in your life again.

You begin dreaming about them constantly and realize that there is a huge void in your life where they used to be.

In this case, you are wishing that your partner would come back to your life and you begin dreaming about them because you want them to return.

This is something positive.

There is a need for that person in your life again.

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You are not dreaming about them because you are angry with them or have a negative opinion of them.

8) Dreams may not always relate to someone’s problems

You may have a dream of someone who’s no longer in your life, and you find yourself missing them.

But why?

Why would you be thinking about them if they are no longer in your life?

Sometimes dreams do not necessarily relate to the problems this person is going through.

Instead, you may simply be having the same dream that that person had before they were removed from your life.

This may be a clue that there’s a lot of anxiety in your life, and you might want to take a moment to relax.

A dream of someone can also mean that you simply miss them.

You may have the same kinds of dreams they had, which tells you that they are not around, but it’s okay.

They are doing something important or fulfilling in their lives.

9) You may be dreaming of someone with an exact lookalike of someone else they are associated within your life

Dreams can be very strange. There is a world inside your head that not everyone has access to.

In dreams, there are no realities; there are only the minds of the dreamer.

This becomes clear when you consider that dreams can create and destroy entire worlds, people, places, and situations in the blink of an eye.

For example,

Let’s say you remember a person named John. John was someone who you knew very well in person for many years.

John was your friend.

However, one day you had to move away from John and this is when your relationship ended.

You may still miss John today and find yourself dreaming of him.

One day while you are dreaming, you suddenly find yourself in a strange new world with people who look exactly like John.

You are in an environment with people named John and suddenly realize that you have dreamed of John.

In this case, dreaming of a person who looks like someone else can be a clue to their past, current, or future relationship with that person.

You may have dropped the ball recently by not realizing that there is something similar in the dream world among other people.

10) You are forced to see someone you dislike

Many people dream of people they dislike or find repulsive.

In other words, they don’t miss them or have feelings for them.

Instead, they are merely forced to see them because of their job, family situation, or some other force they can’t control.

For example,

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You may dream of someone you dislike but don’t feel the need to see them.

Instead, you find yourself dreaming of them because you are forced to see them because of some outside force.

This is a clue for you to be more conscious about your feelings towards this person and set boundaries in your own life.

11) You may feel overwhelmed by the person and everything they do to you in the real world

You may dream of someone because they are overbearing or manipulative, even in the dream world.

In other words,

You may find yourself dreaming of someone because they exercise some type of control on you that you don’t like and wish that they would stop.

This can be a clue to you that there is something negative in your life, and they are negatively influencing it.

For example,

Let’s say someone you used to date is constantly trying to control you through the phone or social media.

You find yourself feeling overwhelmed by this person’s constant need for contact.

You want to see them less and feel less connected, but this doesn’t seem possible.

You find yourself dreaming of this person because they are trying to control your every move in a way you don’t want.

In this case, there is something negative happening in your life, and you are tired of the situation.

You dream of someone because they are trying to control you and now that they are back in your life, you are feeling overwhelmed.

12)You may be dreaming of someone because you want to meet them or be close to them again

Dreams can tell you that you want someone in your life.

What does this imply?

You might find yourself dreaming of someone because you want to meet them again or be close to them again.

You may be in a dream because you want them to be in your life again.

Dreaming of someone can suggest that you want to get closer to them (or farther away) or meet up with them.

You may want to spend quality time with them again.

See this.

Let’s say that you used to meet up with a person, and the two of you would go out for dinner occasionally.

Now they are back in your life, and you want to get closer to them again.

You find yourself having a dream about them or meeting them in some way.

Dreams can be used to hint that you want something from someone or that you want to be closer to them.

Dreams can also be a way to slowly relieve some of your tension by bringing up the person from the past.

What does this imply?

You may dream of someone because you think about them too much.

In other words,

You miss someone so much in your real life that you can’t get them out of your head.

13) You are having a dream about someone as a reaction to seeing them in real life recently

You may find yourself dreaming of someone because they were in your real life recently.

You may find yourself having a dream about them as a way to remember that you met with them or saw them recently.

For example,

Let’s say you are at the grocery store, and your friend, “Charlie,” walks in.

In real life, Charlie has entered your life again recently and you didn’t see this coming.

You have always wanted to have Charlie in your life, and now you have.

You feel like now is your time to reconnect and start again, just like you did in the past.

You may find yourself dreaming of Charlie because it’s a reaction to you seeing them recently in real life.

Your dream is trying to tell you that there is still something between you, and they are bringing this back up into your life again.

14) You think about someone because they are in your fantasy world

You may dream of someone because they continue to appear in your fantasy world.

In other words,

They are a part of your fantasy life, and you continue to think about them because you want them to be a part of this fantasy world.

See this.

Dreaming of a person can mean that there is still history with them or that they are part of your imagination or dreams.

Let’s say that you have a fantasy life full of fantastical aspects of your life.

This has to do with you and how you want things to be between you in real life.

You want to be with someone in this fantasy world, and you continue to think about them.

They are a part of your imagination or your dreams but not real life.

15) You are trying to identify who someone is in your life that you keep encountering in multiple places

Finally, you may dream of someone because you have encountered them in many different places.

You go through a lot of life changes, and as you do, the people around you change as well.

Sometimes this can leave you confused about who someone is.

You are trying to figure out who they are.

You might meet someone in one place, and then you see them again in a different place.

You may see him or her in the grocery store, then again in the park, and then again at the other grocery store.

In this case, you are trying to identify who they are since you keep meeting them in many different places.

They are confusing to you but not impossible to figure out.

And that’s it!

With these 13 tips, you can start to learn to figure out the meaning behind your dreams.

As you utilize this information and continue to examine your dreams, you will begin to unlock their secret meanings as well.

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