Does dreaming about someone mean you like them? 12 signs it does

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, dreaming about someone signals something about their importance in your life and how you feel about them.

When you dream about someone often or in a vivid manner it is because the person has crept into your subconscious.

Perhaps they have appeared in your dreams for some time now and you need to understand why they are there. Or perhaps they recently came into your life and continue to show up as a recurring character in your dreams.

If you’re trying to figure out if dreaming about someone means you like them, here are 12 signs that almost certainly do.

1) They’re often in your dreams

Our subconscious is a lot smarter and more powerful than the conscious mind. Take for example the dreams we have about people we know and love, like our friends and family. They’re no more than random thoughts that pop up in our minds when we’re sleeping.

If you dream about a person regularly, then chances are you like them a lot.

Let me explain:

You tend to think about a person when you see them or hear of them. This is because that person has become a significant part of your life. You’ve become familiar with their name and are aware of who they are.

Therefore when you dream of them, this is likely to mean you like the person and have a strong connection with them.

2) Your dreams are incredibly vivid

Vivid dreams are a sign that a person is important. It indicates how much you think about them and attaches to them.

Think about this for a moment:

We often forget about our dreams. When we’re waking up, most of us don’t remember what we dreamed about the night before. But for a vivid dream, you have no problem remembering it.

This means the dreams are sticking!

They are attached to you and in some cases, they feel very real. This makes you feel as if you’re in them and they remind you of how your feelings toward the person in question.

Also, this dream is a metaphor so use it to seek out meaning.

3) You wake up feeling energized and refreshed

Another sign that dreaming about someone means you like them is when you wake up feeling great. You feel extremely alert and energized. You feel ready to take on the day and it’s a feeling that is somehow connected to the person who appears in your dreams.

Dreaming about someone can boost your mood and give you a positive outlook on life. Perhaps this person has made you feel special and happy.

This shows that you need the person to make you feel like this. You need them by your side because they mean something to you, otherwise, why would they be so important?

So how to know exactly whether you like them or not? Just answer these questions:

  • Do you want to spend time with them?
  • Do you want to be around them?
  • Does this person mean something to you?
  • If so, why don’t you like them? And vice versa.

If all the answers are yes, then there’s a chance that you like the person. If most of these answer is no, then it’s not that serious.

We all have one or two of these feelings toward someone we think we shouldn’t like, but we just can’t give up on the feeling. For now. The next time they come up in your dreams, pay attention and see if the feelings remain or not.

4) You have a strong desire to protect this person in your dream

Think about this for a moment:

Protecting someone implies that you have feelings for this person and like them. Plus, when we protect something, it means that it makes us feel special and important.

When we dream about a person, there’s a hint of potential love and romance in the combination.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Having feelings for a person and wanting to protect them makes sense because it’s part of our nature to care for something we love and for someone who means something to us.

This feeling is also very clear evidence that what happens in dreams will eventually happen in real life.

So try to figure out what this person means to you. Pay attention to your feelings and try to figure out why you like the person in real life, why you have the desire to protect them and why you dream about them so often.

5) You see yourself with them in your dreams

Have you ever wondered why people dream about being with certain people? What does this mean? Do you really need to see yourself with them in real life?

Actually, this is a very important question because if you feel like it’s a wish, then it will be fulfilled in your dreams. For example, you want to become a superstar and see yourself being famous.

It’s similar to what I just said, that seeing yourself with someone means that you have feelings for them. But why do we see ourselves with certain people in our dreams? In this case, it’s because we need to show something to the person and make them understand our feelings.

Like you want to show your feeling to a person, but you don’t want to tell them in real life. You would usually say something like, “I like you so much but I can’t tell you,” or “I feel so special with you but I can’t tell you.”

Your dream is probably one of the ways to communicate with the person and show that you have feelings for him/her, without having to express it directly.

So this all confirms that dreaming about certain people is a part of our nature. It’s almost inevitable to have dreams about certain people if there’s something special between us.

6) They are a recurring character in your dreams

This means that you have been dreaming about them for a long time and that you’re very familiar with their appearance in your dreams.

Being familiar with someone’s appearance means that you like him/her and want to spend more time with him/her in real life. In this case, the dream is your way of showing this feeling to the other person, without having to express it directly.

So make a list of the recurring characters in your dreams. This will make it easier for you to figure out why they appear in your dreams again and again.

Prepare yourself for a shock!

They could be your soulmate or twin flame!

Because of recurring dreams about the same person, it means you have a real deep spiritual connection with that person. It’s really a wonderful thing, right?

This is my experience as well. In fact, I had the same dream for two years about my soulmate, but it seemed so real that I was sure he was my soulmate from the beginning.

When you start dreaming about a person who appears repeatedly in your dreams, then you know that this is your soulmate or twin flame.

And because of this dream, I met him in real life. So there are more reasons why recurrent dreams are important than just wanting to have them fulfilled in reality.

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Not only they can read your recurring dreams accurately, but they can also give you the answers about who is your soulmate.

I once struggle in finding my answer and finally decided to get a reading from them, because they have many years of experience with the paranormal. They give me the answer that I needed and it was so fantastic that I immediately decided to have a more detailed reading with them.

The good part about this is that their readings also work and it’s not just a marketing gimmick. If you get an accurate reading from them, then you will know for sure whether this person is your soulmate or soulmate.

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7) They’re the central focus of your dreams

Sounds familiar?

When you have a feeling for this person, then your dreams will be focused on them. In most cases, the dreams are about the same person or a very similar topic.

They will be the center of attention in your dreams and you will be thinking of them all the time. You will be watching their every move like you are a voyeur.

And based on the dreams, you will start to form a deeper connection with that person and will try to figure out their identity.

If your dream is about them and not yourself in it, this could mean that they are important to your future. But you must remember that you will get what you ask for in your dreams!

8) Your dreams make sense and aren’t confusing or jumbled up

One of the signs that dreaming about someone means you like them is that the dreams are clearly structured and easy to understand.

You will be able to figure out what’s happening in your dream and what the message is. Everything will be clear and there won’t be any confusion. In short, dreams make sense.

So if you have dreams that are jumbled up, hard to understand, and don’t make sense… then it may mean that you’re still confused about your feelings towards someone and you need more time to figure it out before making any conclusions or assumptions.

Now it’s your time:

Try to confirm your feeling about someone by looking at the other signs and symptoms of feelings, if you can find out.

When you have figured it out, then you can take some actions, such as communicating with that person in real life.

If you feel like they are your soulmate or twin flame, then try to figure out their identity first before starting a conversation with them. Use tools like Numerology or Name Analysis to solve this problem. Also, use Free Tarot Reading Online as well.

9) You feel positive emotions when you dream about them

Of course, we can hide our feelings toward our crush but we can’t hide them from ourselves.

So when you have feelings for someone, then you’re going to have dreams about them as well. When you feel positive emotions toward someone, those positive emotions will be reflected in dream format.

In other words, you will only have positive emotions about your crush in your dreams.

On the other hand, if you have negative emotions in your dream, then it means you’re still confused and you need more time to decide on your feelings.

No matter what your dream is about, in the end, it’s your subconscious that’s trying to communicate with you. But if you know how to interpret them, then dreams can be a useful tool for understanding yourself better.

10) You are constantly interacting with them in your dream

I know the feeling of wanting to be with the person you have feelings for.

It’s like you can’t get enough of them and want to see them every single day. Do you know how much fun it is to hang out with your crush? And you can’t wait for the next time you meet again?

That’s how it comes to your dream as well.

It might not be time to meet in real life but dreaming that you are together with this person just makes you feel better. When you have dreams of being together with them, then it means you can’t help but think about them often.

If they appear in a recurring dream, then it’s a sign that they are important in your life. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel, because it’s the most natural thing ever.

What I like about dreams is that they are actually a harmless way to express yourself. In other words, you can actually have fun with them.

But don’t get stuck in your feelings or emotions. You must feel the way you feel, but then figure out what it is that makes you feel that way.

For example, it’s okay to think about someone every so often and try to decode their message from their dreams. This can be a great tool for figuring out your feelings and having fun doing so.

But don’t let your dream control you or keep on repeating the same message over and over again. It means you need to pay more attention to those feelings and feelings of being confused.

11) You dream about sharing romantic moments with them

This is the most obvious sign of feelings, at least for me. When you have a crush on someone, then you will have dreams about that person and include romantic moments with them.

It gets better when you have feelings for someone and dream about sharing snuggles with them. If you’re experiencing this, then it means your feelings are strong enough to make it into a dream.

Dreams can be a good indicator of how much your feelings are growing and evolving. It’s okay that you dream of that person every so often because it means you feel the way you feel.

I know the feeling of being confused about your feelings, but that’s when you need to take some action.

You must have confirmation from the other person and act upon it. If you feel like your crush is also feeling the same way as you, then go for it and start a relationship with them.

I know it’s scary, but sometimes dreams are a good way of taking a step forward in your relationship. Besides, dreams can give you a push in the right direction!

12) There is a sexual connotation to the dream

As I said earlier, feelings are natural and that includes sexual feelings. You might dream about them and include a sex scene in your dream.

It’s okay to feel this way because we are living in a society where people don’t accept their feelings for a long time. It’s something that you can’t control and can’t stop from happening.

When you have dreams of being with someone intimately, it means your subconscious is trying to make you understand how you feel about them.

Dreams are created by our subconscious, so it’s okay if your feelings are reflected in the dream. But this doesn’t mean that you will suddenly jump in bed with them.

Remember that dreams aren’t always accurate and there is a chance that the person you’re dreaming about is just a dream character. It all depends on how strong your feelings are for someone else.

Final thoughts

Dreams are highly related to our feelings, so if you have a strong feeling for someone, then it could be reflected in your dreams.

There are many ways that you can confirm whether or not you have feelings for someone. The first step in confirming your feelings is to look at the signs and symptoms of feelings during the day.

If you’re confused about how you feel about someone, then pay attention to your dreams as well.

Hopefully, with these 12 signs and symptoms, you can confirm if you have feelings for someone. And if you are still confused about your feelings, then speaking with the gifted psychics on Psychic Source is a good way to go.

Psychic Source can help you decode your feelings and give you answers to your questions. They know how you feel and if you’re dreaming about that person at night, then it means there’s a reason for it.

I have a chance to talk with them myself and I was able to get a lot of clarity about my feelings. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t be afraid of our feelings, even if at first it’s not the most comfortable feeling.

If you are struggling with your feelings, then try and listen to your heart and take action. The answers can be found by keeping an open mind and that includes paying attention to your dreams for answers.

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