Does dreaming about an ex mean they miss you? The brutal truth

So, you’re here. Well, I guess that only means one thing.

You dreamed about your ex, and now, you probably don’t know what to do next.

Don’t worry, it’s okay. We have all been there.

So, what happened? Did he try to win you back in your dreams, or was it just a replay of what happened in your relationship? Whatever it is, I am guessing it bothered you and somehow affected your feelings.

I went through the same dilemma. From time to time, my ex would appear in my dreams. At first, it did not bother me. We had just broken up at that time, so I thought to myself that it might be normal to see him in my dreams for a while.

But then, years passed, and I still have dreams of him. That is when I started to seek answers.

In this article, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about this matter. So, if you want to know the brutal truth – keep reading!

What does a dream about your ex mean?

If you believe in soulmates, twin flames, telepathy and basically everything that is divine, then let me break it down for you.

It has indeed been said that there is a spiritual belief that seeing your ex in your dreams could indicate that you share a deep connection with your ex and they are trying to reach or reconnect with you.

When you enter a relationship, you form a bond and deep connection with your partner.

In some cases, the bond and connection continue to exist even after the end of the relationship.

Having to admit that is not easy when you’ve been left hurt and reeling; however, much like the possibility of you missing your ex-partner, the chances of your ex missing you is also high!

Whether or not they want to admit it directly to you, the universe will send you signs!

And one of these signs is their presence in your dreams.

So, yes, one of the possible reasons you have recurring dreams about your ex-partner is that they might miss you.

However…and here’s the brutal truth – sometimes, it could be the other way around, or it could have nothing to do with you missing each other at all.

It all depends on which perspective you choose to look into. There are scientific and psychological explanations, as well as spiritual answers to what dreaming about an ex means.

What does psychology say?

Let’s first take a look at the psychological context of dreams. According to psychology, dreams may be viewed as representations of an individual’s unconscious thoughts, emotions, desires, wish fulfillment, as well as motivations.

Now, you would think that because it is your dream, analyzing its meaning would be easy. But the mind is a very complex thing.

Whatever the context is, having dreams about your ex could bring up different emotions. Also, these dreams could mean a lot of things.

Psychoanalytic theorist Sigmund Freud believed that dreaming is an expression of a human’s repressed conflicts and desires.

That being said, despite the deep connection you had or may continue to have with your old flame, the content of your dreams might be based solely on you and your thoughts alone.

Having dreams about your ex may not mean that they are missing you; rather, you’re missing them or wishing to be with them again.

Also, seeing your ex in your dreams may be because you have unresolved issues with that person or you are thinking about them subconsciously but are afraid to acknowledge that fact in the waking world.

Another way to think about it comes from Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who believed dreams to be an attempt of the psyche to communicate important things to an individual.

Others also believe dreams to be made up of concerns and scenarios based on our day-to-day lives.

Possible spiritual meanings

Some people, on the other hand, choose to view dreams as messages from the universe. They consider it a sign that their ex might miss them. But, you have to ask, do they actually long for you, or is there a deeper reason?

Let’s take a look at the possible spiritual meanings of dreams about your ex:

1) You have unresolved issues

You have to ask yourself. Are you truly okay? Have you allowed yourself to feel the emotions you were supposed to feel after the breakup?

Going through a breakup is not easy, and most of the time, people tend to repress or suppress unwanted emotions. I get it, no one wants to feel sad and have to go through impending loneliness for a couple of days, months or even years just to move on.

However, dealing with those emotions is important in order for you to heal. If you have not processed your emotions like you are supposed to, your dreams will force you to.

2) Your ex is reaching out to you

The subconscious mind, which is linked to the universe and all of its forces, is accessed when we dream. In other words, dreams can reveal our deepest hopes, fears, and emotions, as well as those of people around us.

If you have dreams about your ex, it may be a sign that they are missing or thinking about you. This might show up as a dream in which you meet them again or where they appear to you in another way.

Even though you are no longer in physical contact, it could be a sign that they wish to reestablish a spiritual connection with you.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that reality isn’t always accurately reflected in dreams. Instead, they are frequently interpreted as symbolic messages that need to be examined.

3) You haven’t forgiven your ex or yourself

Breakups happen for a reason. You may have ended your relationship due to cheating, miscommunication or simply because you have outgrown each other, and it is just not working anymore. There are plenty of possible reasons.

Maybe it’s an opportunity that you could take as a sign that you are ready to move on and release negative emotions so that you can fully embrace love and growth.

Whatever the reason is, one way or another, someone has to be responsible. If the breakup happened because of something your partner or you did, and you still haven’t forgiven them or yourself, a dream about them may be a sign from the universe.

It could be telling you that it’s time to let go of things that had hurt you so can step into your era of peace and gratitude.

4) Your ex is merely a symbol

Dreams are complicated. One moment you are by yourself, sitting by the ocean, then all of a sudden, you’re in a concert with your friends. Those are two dreams that I had in one night.

Having dreams about your ex does not necessarily mean that the universe is telling you something related to them.

Your ex-partner could merely be a symbol for something much deeper that the universe is trying to tell you.

Maybe they represent your past or the pain that you’ve been holding back.

Maybe your ex symbolizes that period of your life when you were carefree and reckless.

Whatever it is, trying to interpret and understand the meaning of your dreams is truly difficult. If you want to get certain answers, it would be best to seek advice from a professional.

Do you want to know for sure?

You can try and get more clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor!

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5) Your ex is your twin flame

No matter how the relationship ended, you fell in love with your ex-partner for a reason.

Now, let’s say you have moved on. The relationship ended on good terms, and you have not seen your ex in years, but you still have dreams about them.

Maybe you loved this person so much, but you met them at the wrong time. Maybe it didn’t work out because you had to work on yourselves and grow on your own.

If the separation happened for a long time and your ex continues to make an appearance in your dreams, it could be the way of the universe to tell you that your ex is your twin flame.

And a strong cosmic energy might be wielding its power for both of you to reunite. Keep your mind and heart open, so you can receive the message loud and clear – we could never know what lies ahead if we’re resisting possibilities!

So, if my ex doesn’t miss me, why do they keep appearing in my dreams?

Looking into dreams from a spiritual perspective, they can be seen as a gateway to the spiritual realm. This means that the dreams we have do not depend on us alone, in direct contrast to Sigmund Freud’s claim.

Personally, I believe there is a much higher power in control of what is happening, and our dreams may serve as messages.

Now, having dreams about your ex may or may not mean that they miss you, but one thing is for sure. Your dream means something.

“Say you’ll remember me. Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset. 

Red lips and rosy cheeks, say you’ll see me again.

Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

–   Taylor Swift

Seeing your ex in your sleep can either be a nightmare or a dream. Most of the time, it depends on how the relationship ended.

You could still be feeling residual anger, frustration, and longing, but on the bright side, you might be on your way toward healing and growth!

But no matter the reason, we cannot deny the fact that having to separate from someone you love or used to love dearly gives you a sense of loneliness.

Then follows the longing to be with them again or simply just see them – and maybe sometimes that’s why certain dreams occur.

Just remember that dream interpretation is a very complex thing.

Despite the many existing theories on why dreams happen, no one at this time can fully identify the exact meaning of dreams.

Ultimately, the real significance of the dream will depend on several factors, including your personal intuition, what actually happened in your dream, and your emotional state when you experienced it.

If you’re still bothered that you cannot decode the dream on your own, it could be really helpful to seek advice and insights from a spiritual expert or therapist who can help you investigate and explore.

Dreams are like windows into our deepest desires and feelings, so you should understand that they would be helpful to you on your spiritual journey. With time, patience, and self-reflection, you can soon unlock the messages in your dreams!

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