Do twin flames think of each other all the time? 5 profound truths

If you think of your twin flame, perhaps you’ve been asking why you feel like you’re running in each other’s minds constantly?

You’re also wondering whether your twin flame is missing you and communicating with you at the same time that you do.

In this article, I’ll share with you some universal truths about twin flame relationships – why twin flames think of each other all the time and why your twin flame is constantly thinking of you.

Let’s start.

5 twin flame truths you need to know

Like you, those who are on this twin flame journey you’re spending time pondering this twin flame connection. And whether twin flames accept it or not, they will always be in each other’s minds constantly.

1) It’s more than just thinking

Twin flames don’t necessarily think about each other constantly. It’s more of being constantly connected and being in each other’s energy.

The kind of energy and connection that twin flames share is something that you can’t ignore. Naturally, that’s how it works.

Because of that connection, twin flames tend to be part of each other’s lives at every level, be it physical, emotional, or energetic.

Twin flames are the other half of your soul. They are united in every aspect and need to evolve spiritually.

With your twin flame, you always have that divine union and share that divine purpose.

The signs your twin flame is communicating with you while you’re communicating with your twin soul will make you understand the supreme connection this bond has.

The universe will give you signs for it will always work for you to be together.

Twin flames communicate as they need each other to evolve spiritually. When this happens, you’ll enter into perfect harmony with the universe.

It’s all about twin flame energy

Everything is made out of energy, including our thoughts and emotions.

We give off vibrations –  and those vibrations affect our world, our circumstances, and the people around us.

Two people gravitate toward each other when their energies match and align. There are signs that the other half of your soul is coming.

And twin flames come from the same energetic source, even if for all the different types of twin flame relationships.

The energy that twin flames share is so strong and unmistakable. They’re connected at a higher level and share a bond of unconditional love.

This is why when twin flames merge, it is extremely powerful.

When you’re in the presence of your twin flame, you’ll feel a wave of emotions or a “jolt” of energy.

And even when the other isn’t present, you can still feel the same energy. There’s an intense euphoric feeling that you know is coming from them.

Twin flames energy is something you’re both aware of, especially when one of you is thinking about the other.

This energy manifests in many different ways from feeling their presence to what the other feels. They may even experience telepathy and shared dreams.

The unbreakable bond that twin flames share makes them reach out to each other in some way or another – and keeps them in constant contact.

So whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you’re on your twin flames’ minds just as they’re always on yours.

2) Know that your twin flame is thinking of you too

Twin flames are always connected and are guiding each other. They have this unexplainable tie that makes them feel more connected to one another.

This happens when your twin flame tries to send you telepathic messages.

You know that your twin flame is thinking of you constantly when you feel the energy pulling at your heart.

When you resist that, you’ll lose your focus and feel irritable. You would feel that there’s something that you’re hiding from part of yourself.

Understanding that you’re in your twin flames thoughts makes you understand that your twin soul plays a much bigger part of your energy.

You’ll always be on their mind  (even if they’re the runner) just as they’re always on yours, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

Your runner flame is experiencing the same signs – usually at the same time.

Here are common reasons to believe that your twin flame is thinking of you too.

  • You feel a familiar energetic presence
  • Your heart starts racing at random times
  • You have a lingering subconscious smile
  • You feel a sudden surge of emotion that doesn’t feel like yours
  • You have shared dreams of them
  • A feeling of warmth and comfort surrounds you
  • Synchronicities like strange coincidences and number patterns remind you of them

Sometimes these signs will be the ones that can provide you comfort and support during difficult periods of separation.

And you can see signs your twin flame is thinking of you at every step along the way towards union or when the twin flame reunion is approaching.

Some signs would convey the message that your twin flame is actively reaching out to you. Other signs reveal that their energetic body and soul are reaching out to you on an unconscious level.

No matter what’s going on between you in the physical realm, these signs are gentle reminders that you’re always going to be on their mind in some form.

3) Twin flames think about each other constantly

Yes, it’s natural that twin flames think about each other even at the same time. You’ll be on their mind just as they’re on yours.

It’s because you’re sharing that intense level of soul connection with the person. So when the other person thinks of you, it will trigger a connection that will make you think of your twin soul too.

This usually happens in periods of high emotion or energy.

There’s also a possibility that twin flames share the same emotional or energy-related issue.

There’s telepathic communication whether they are in the same room or during physical separation. This is something that makes twin flames connect and reach out with each other.

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4) You’re on a true twin flame journey

Don’t worry if it feels like you’re spending too much time thinking about your twin flame. It’s perfectly normal. It’s a sign that you’re experiencing the true twin flame journey.

Twin flames have a special cosmic connection, and they do think about each other on some level.

The truth is, even before you’ve known each other, you’re already sharing a special bond and calling out to each other.

This twin flame journey is the endurance of the spirit.

While in most cases, this twin reunion is about romantic love in the physical, it’s more about unconditional love on the spiritual level.

Here are the most important things about this journey:

  • The lessons and experiences you’ll learn
  • The karma and karmic relationships you’ve decided to balance
  • The perseverance towards the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Your soul is working to show you that everything you experience is a mirror of what’s going on inside you.

See this as a journey of unconditional love, learning, self-mastery, and unity.

You’re an energetic being, and you can manifest anything you desire. So if you desire happiness with your twin flame, you need to uplift and match it.

And your life is a reflection of the energy you’re holding inside.

Your twin flame pushes you to reach your higher self without conflict and tension.

It’s also a journey of letting go.

This letting go is a means to release attachments, blocks, limiting ideas, and negativity. This way you can move from a place of peace and positivity.

This twin flame journey realigns you into worthiness.

It’s a means of reuniting with yourself and opening the doors to unity with your twin soul.

5) You have that gut feeling

If you feel that your twin flame is thinking about you and are missing you at the same time you do, you’re probably right.

There’s a certain connection that ties your souls together that can’t be explained.

There are signs, and even if you don’t look for it, you know in your gut that they’re thinking of you the moment that you’re thinking of them as well.

It’s like an invisible thread that ties these two souls to one another.

Whether your twin flame is thinking about you or missing you, the universe is doing its way so you would know and feel it.

Since you share the same soul and have that strong bond, you’re going to feel it within yourself.

Follow your intuition.

After all, there’s a reason and a purpose you and your twin flame were brought together.

The reason why twin flames think about each other constantly at the same time

A twin flame journey is a deep soul connection of unconditional love.

One of the noticeable signs of twin flame connection is always being in each other’s thoughts.

And when your twin flame pops into your mind out of nowhere, then you know that your twin flame is thinking of you.

When you think of your twin flame and the other person thinks of you at the same time, it means something.

There’s a logical reason and a serving purpose behind this.

Twin flames are placed and exist in our path to help us evolve, find and fulfill our mission.

And most of the time, constantly thinking of each other is a sign of a twin flame reunion.

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The twin flame reunion

We do not meet our twin flame by chance.

Even if you’re not aware of it, you’ve probably met your twin flame at some point in your past. But for a reason, you two weren’t ready to be with each other yet.

This twin flame separation is a difficult twin flame stage, but it’s part of the whole journey.

However, your path is destined to cross again eventually and have a divine twin flame reunion.

When this happens, the universe sends out signs your twin flame reunion is approaching.

Here are some twin flame reconnection signs you might experience or feel as your twin flame reunion draws near:

  • You feel whole and complete
  • You feel their energy nearby
  • You dream about each other
  • You feel like you’re on a mission
  • You’re excited but also relaxed
  • You see symbols everywhere you look
  • You feel an urge to do different things
  • You’re surrounded by synchronicity
  • You can interact with them on a deeper level
  • You feel excited

When you feel a twin flame reunion approaching, your mind and body sense it. Your soul and your twin flame’s soul start to resonate on an immense level.

This divine twin soul reunion is an underlying reason and purpose why twin flames think about each other at the same time.

What to do? Open your heart to this twin flame connection

Twin flames constantly think about each other at the same time during periods of high emotion or energy.

Remember that this happens to bring light and rekindle the fire within each other.

Twin flames are a rare phenomenon. They inspire and give each other the reason to live a happy, meaningful life. Not everyone knows that it exists, and not everyone will meet them.

Every relationship we have in this universe has a purpose. It has something to teach us, and we have a lot to learn from it.

You might feel that your twin flame journey is both demanding and challenging. Yes, it can be the hardest thing people ever go through.

While the twin flame journey can be overwhelming, this relationship teaches us the most.

But it can be healing, and ultimately rewarding.

Meeting your twin flame is the most powerful soul experience there is.

Let your twin flame be the guide to your true North. That’s their purpose and that’s the gift they’re giving you.

But, don’t let it replace the connection you have with yourself. You are the star of your life – and you will always be.

Embrace your twin flame journey

Most of the time, understanding this cosmic connection and why twin flames think about each other at the same time will bring you the truth and clarity you desire.

And as in everything else, inside of yourself, you already know the answers.

Embrace your twin flame journey as an opportunity to change, to learn, and to move forward.

Work on a conscious partnership and your individual growth.

When you do, you’ll realize the amazing and rewarding experience that you never knew existed.

So I’m sending you light and love in your twin flame journey.

Just enjoy every moment of it. You have this deep, beautiful bond – and you deserve this bliss.

Nothing is worth it more than this.

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma is a content strategist and copywriter with a purposeful mindset. She finds fulfillment in crafting content for entrepreneurs and life coaches. In a place of love and growth, she's raising a tribe of three with her husband - and writes to inspire people to create impactful relationships.

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