Do kindred spirits fall in love? 22 signs you’re in a kindred spirit relationship

Kindred spirits can come in many forms.

The friend who always understands you or the teacher you spent hours after school chatting to. These friendships are based on a deep connection, and they bring back your spark for life.

But do kindred spirits fall in love, and what does a kindred spirit relationship look like?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about kindred spirits in love, as well as how you can find yours if you haven’t already – but first, let’s get back to basics:

What are kindred spirits?

Essentially, a kindred spirit is someone who is on the same energy wavelength as you. This connection, the sharing of energy, allows for a deep sense of understanding between you both.

It’s different from a twin-flame relationship where you have opposite energy wavelengths.

Have you ever met someone and the conversation, vibes, and energy between you just flowed naturally?

There’s no awkwardness, no barriers to overcome. It feels like you’ve known them for your entire life even though you’ve only just met.

If so, you’ve met a kindred spirit.

And when you’re around your kindred you’ll feel more alive, motivated, and challenged than around others, even if you can’t put your finger on the reason why.

So what type of people take the form of a kindred spirit?

The truth is:

You can feel an energetic match with someone you’ve never met.

For example: An artist whose work affects you deeply could be a kindred spirit.

Or, a writer who draws you in with her stories and speaks to your soul in a way that no one else has ever achieved could also be a kindred spirit.

You’ve never met them, but something in their energy has matched with yours and you feel an incredible connection with their work.

And, it doesn’t stop there:

A family member, friend, even your pet can be a kindred spirit — it all comes down to how well their energy matches yours.

So before we get to the part about kindred spirits in love, we need to first understand how kindred spirits come together in the first place…

How does the energetic match between kindred spirits work?

Similar energies attract each other. That’s the basis for how kindred spirits are drawn to each other.

So, when you encounter a kindred spirit, you may feel a deep pull drawing you closer to them, almost like magnets that slowly pull themselves together.


Because we’re all made up of energy. We can’t see it, we don’t always feel it but it’s always there.

And when it comes to a kindred spirit, your energy is what connects you and allows you to communicate and understand each other effortlessly.

It’s not hard to see why finding a kindred spirit is a wonderful thing!

In this type of relationship, you’ll want to be around them all the time. Just their presence uplifts you and makes your day brighter.

You’ll have an unspoken bond.

Now, after hearing about the magic that takes place between kindred spirits, you’re probably eager to find out about whether they can fall in love.

So, do kindred spirits fall in love?

The good news is — yes!

Kindred spirits can fall in love. If you meet someone who vibes on the same energy frequency as you, it’s a good starting point for a wonderful relationship.

Expect the type of dates where you meet for a coffee, which turns into lunch, which leads on to dinner, and before you know it you’ve spent the entire day together.

This happens naturally with kindred spirits.

They have such a connection that everything flows effortlessly (making it hard to keep track of the time!)

But with that in mind, not all kindred spirits fall in love.

As we’ve already covered, they can be in the form of a parent, sibling, teacher, or friend. Anyone in your life could be a kindred spirit — romantic or platonic.

But, the beauty of a kindred spirit is that they have an uplifting effect on your life, regardless of the type of relationship you have.

Are kindred spirits the same as soulmates?

Usually, we think of a soulmate as the person who gives you butterflies and keeps you up at night dreaming and fantasizing. They make you dizzy with love, weak at the knees even.

But it’s different with a kindred spirit. Most of what people feel when they’re around a kindred spirit is feeling understood. There is a sense of “completion”.

When kindred spirits fall in love, they come together as one. Their strengths and weaknesses blend into one, making them stronger together.

It’s also worth noting that soulmates are rarer to come across, whilst you can have numerous kindred spirits in your life.

But the truth is:

A kindred spirit relationship is no less amazing than finding a soulmate, even if they are more common.

So, if you want to know whether you’re in a kindred spirit relationship, check out these signs below…

Signs of a kindred spirit relationship

1) The respect you share is mutual

All relationships are different. Some begin with mutual respect, and in others, respect is earned over time.

But in a kindred spirit relationship, respect is there from the start.

And here’s the beautiful part:

You and your kindred spirit will have individual values, beliefs, and ways of doing things, after all, you’re still two separate beings. But you’ll always show respect and encouragement to each other.

2) You fit like two pieces of a puzzle

When two people get along, it’s clear to see.

Whether it’s kids playing at the park, colleagues working together, friendships, or romance, sometimes two people just hit it off and a wonderful relationship is born.

Your skills complement each other — what you lack, your kindred spirit shares in abundance and vice versa.

This relationship will feel like you’re a team, always working together and helping each other through this journey of life.

3) They help you grow and learn

In whatever stage in life you meet a kindred spirit, they’ll provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and tools to improve yourself.

You’ll both learn so much from each other, it becomes impossible not to grow together as well.

But here’s the thing:

Even though you’re both on separate paths, you’ll encourage each other equally and be there to support one another through life’s trials and successes.

4) You need each other

It’s not unusual for kindred spirits to just “know” when the other person is in need.

It could be just a  hunch or a bad feeling but something tells you to pick up the phone and check in on them.

And you’ll find they do the same with you. In a time of crises, or even when you’ve just had a bad day, they’ll appear in one way or another.

5) You long for them when you’re apart

The truth is:

A kindred spirit isn’t necessarily someone who’s around all the time. They could be a friend who you speak to from time to time. It could be a person you’ve lost touch with.

But regardless of how close/distant your relationship is, you’ll always remember them fondly.

And there’ll be random times where you find yourself longing for them.

Even if you haven’t seen them for years, a place, smell, or song might trigger a deep sense of nostalgia for your kindred spirit.

And when your kindred spirit is a lover, you’ll miss them intensely. You’ll count down the days until you see them again and your world feels complete.

6) Everything falls into place easily

But when you are with a kindred spirit, you’ll notice just how easy everything is.

It might seem too good to be true…

But that’s just how kindred spirits work!

And here’s why:

A lot of the hard work has already been done. As kindred spirits, you are connected spiritually. There’s a part of you that recognizes them, way deeper than our superficial, shallow relationships go.

So it makes sense that when you’re together, everything fits together with very few hurdles stopping you from enjoying their company and vice versa.

7) You can feel the flow between you

The flow, the vibes, whatever you want to call it, will be prevalent and clear for you to feel.

Whether it’s the first or 15th date, you’re bouncing jokes off each other, or deep in a conversation exchanging ideas, and the energy between you positively buzzes.

This is what happens between kindred spirits and it’s another reason why everything feels so easy when you’re together.

As well as the energy flow, you’ll feel the love between you.

Being in love is a beautiful feeling but some types transcend the normal and provide you with a bond like no other — kindred spirit relationships.

8) You complete each other

We all have areas where we struggle.

Some of us suffer from anxiety, others a hot temper. Some people are too nice but lack boundaries and struggle as a consequence.

Whatever you find difficult in life, you’ll find your kindred spirit balances you out. They complete you in the sense that they counteract the bad with the good.

Their love and commitment will make you feel whole again, no matter how bad your previous relationships were.

9) There’s no such thing as an “awkward silence”

Ah, the dreaded awkward silence.

The truth is:

They can happen to all types of couples. That uncomfortable lull in the conversation where you desperately search for something else to say.

We’ve all been there.

But with a kindred spirit, you’ll never feel that familiar rise of panic. None of the sweaty palms or talk of the weather either.

In this type of relationship, you’ll be comfortable with the silences. You feel at ease in their presence and there’s no need to fill the silence.

You can simply be together.

10) You can turn any topic into a conversation

On the other end of the scale, you might not have any awkward silences because you’re too busy chatting!

If you find that the conversation flows so well that you lose track of time, and every question, idea, or statement intrigues you both, you’re definitely in a kindred spirit relationship.


Because you’re free to express, talk, debate, disagree, agree, whatever you feel like.

The conversation never gets dull or boring, because you’re both allowing each other to be authentic and talk freely.

11) You share similar interests

Another sign that you’re in a kindred spirit relationship is that you’ll naturally have things in common.

Sure, you may not have all the same hobbies and passions, but in general, there’ll be plenty for you to bond over. This is what makes spending time together so easy.

12) You have similar values and idea on life

And what you have in common won’t stop at hobbies, you’ll also share similar values in life.

This helps you align your goals, especially if you’re in a romantic kindred spirit relationship. There won’t be the usual arguments over how to raise the kids or on what’s important to you as individuals or as a family.

And if there are?

You’ll have enough respect for each other to work through your differences and still retain your compatibility.

13) You feel stronger together

As the old saying goes, “Alone we’re strong, together we’re stronger”.

This is how you’ll feel when you’re in a kindred spirit relationship. You’re a badass on your own but you know with your partner in crime in tow, you’re much stronger together.

And it makes sense:

What’s better than one energy finding its place in the world?

Two energies doing it together and having a great time in the process.

14) They encourage you to do better

In a kindred spirit relationship, you’ll want each other to succeed.

Your kindred spirit will encourage you to push the boundaries and to reach your full potential. They’ll never feel envious or intentionally try to hold you back.

They know that the brightening of your life will only bring positivity into theirs and they want to see you do well. Quite simply, you both have each other’s best interests at heart.

15) You have a gut feeling about them

Your gut feeling comes during times of need, doubt, and worry.

It’s the little voice inside you that doesn’t need a rationale to make a decision, you just know it by the knot in the stomach and the way you feel.

But just as the gut feeling can warn us of danger, it can also confirm when we’ve found something (or someone) great.

You don’t need to make a pros and cons list of them, your instincts tell you from the very first meeting that this is a person who is meant to be in your life.

16) It feels like you’ve known them forever

Have you ever met someone at a party and within the first five minutes you already feel like you’ve known them for years?

This could be because kindred spirits have already met in another lifetime or just simply because your energy vibes so well together.

And the great part?

Even though you feel like you already know them, there’s still so much to discover and learn from each other.

So even though you might be in the early stages of your relationship, it’ll feel like they’ve been in your life for many years already.

17) You don’t have to hold back around them

Whatever you want to say or do is safe when you’re in a kindred spirit relationship.

You can talk about anything with them. If there’s an issue, you don’t have to tiptoe around it because you know that they’ll be willing to work through the problem.

The reason why?

You have a deep level of understanding and this allows you to be open and honest with each other — without the fear of your kindred spirit rejecting you or overreacting.

And it doesn’t just stop there:

You don’t have to hold back that whacky, weird side of you anymore either!

Your kindred spirit will love you for your craziness, and all those other funky parts of you that other people just don’t get.

18) They make your life better

Quite simply, being in a kindred spirit relationship will make your life light up.

Your partner will add so much joy and happiness to your life that you often wonder what you’d do without them. Sometimes, you’ll struggle to remember what life was like before they came along.

A kindred spirit partner will make you realize how great life can be; they’ll open your eyes to the beauty around you and within you.

19) You can communicate without words

As your connection runs deep, you’ll find that you and your kindred spirit know each other’s thoughts or feelings just by looking at each other.

Your energy matches, therefore, words are futile.

They can sense when you’re feeling down or when you’re in an uncomfortable situation. Equally, they can tell instantly when you’re in a good mood, hungry, tired, or relaxed.

And you know just from their body language, the way they breathe, the look in their eye, how they’re feeling.

20) You will often think of each other when you’re apart

If you’re in a romantic kindred spirit relationship, you’ll still miss each other when you’re separated, but you’ll also know that your connection still runs strong.

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t matter how much physical distance is between you.

When you’re apart, you still get vibes from them and they’re always there in the back of your mind regardless of what you’re doing.

21) You know they’ll always be there for you

A huge aspect of any relationship is being there for your partner.

Whether they need a hand with something or they need your support whilst they go through a busy period at work, everyone wants to feel like their partner has their back.

And in a kindred spirit relationship, you’ll know that your friend/partner/family member will also be there for you, regardless of the situation.

Not to mention — you’ll always be there for them too!

22) You never need to doubt the relationship

One of the best things about a kindred spirit relationship is that you will always know where you stand with this person.

It started from the moment you first met — your energies connected you.

And from there, you’ve developed into a wonderful relationship or friendship, whereby you don’t need those annoying anxieties that usually pop up.

You know the type, where you lie in bed wondering how they feel about you and whether you’re coming on too strong or not.

The truth is:

Your bond is different from normal relationships. You share a level of understanding that doesn’t need to be questioned or doubted.

So by now, you’ll have worked out whether you’re in a kindred spirit relationship…and if you are, that’s wonderful news!

Whilst kindred spirits aren’t rare to come across, they should be celebrated nonetheless.

But just because you’re in a kindred spirit relationship, it doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and relax…

Are kindred spirit relationships easier than others?

Now, a kindred spirit relationship will certainly feel like it’s easy, especially in the beginning.

As we’ve covered, there’s none of that awkwardness or doubt that comes when you first fall in love with someone.

But does that mean you can sit back and take it easy?

No — when kindred spirits fall in love and start a relationship, they must both work at it.

Yes, you’ve already got a great understanding of each other, and yes, you both feel secure and loved in the relationship. You have a strong connection.

But you still need to make an effort to hold up your side of the relationship and continue to make your partner feel valued and appreciated.

Here’s how:

  • Continue to grow and build on yourself…you’ll continue to bring positivity to the relationship
  • Avoid taking your partner’s understanding for granted
  • Approach your relationship with the same enthusiasm you did from the start
  • Never stop trying to learn about your partner
  • Follow your soul purpose and keep your energy vibrations high
  • Continue to make the commitment to love your partner every day

The bottom line is:

A kindred spirit relationship is like all others — it requires commitment, hard work, and a lot of compromise and patience.

And one of the best ways to keep that amazing spark going is to continue investing in yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

But what if you’ve yet to experience one? How can you open yourself to finding your kindred spirit?

Let’s find out:

Are you still waiting to find your kindred spirit? Try these tips…

Stay true to yourself

In today’s age, with the massive influence of social media, it’s easy to put on a fake-mask for the rest of the world to see.

We want to emulate the lifestyles of people we admire, like celebrities, but it’s taking us away from who we truly are.

And to manifest kindred spirit relationships, you need to remain authentic and be yourself.

If you don’t?

You won’t attract a kindred spirit. They’ll recognize that your energy doesn’t match with the personality you’re putting forward and that you’re not truly embracing yourself as you are.

So, put all the insecurities and self-doubt to one side for a minute and work on just being you.

Practice plenty of self-care

Look after yourself. Practice self-love. Be kind to yourself even when you feel like you’re failing in life.

When you practice self-care, you’re sending a signal that you value and love yourself.

You know your worth even when you’re going through a rough patch and it’s not going to stop you from being your fabulous self. All of this will attract a kindred spirit into your life.

When you allow yourself to put yourself first, you’ll attract similar energies who also value themselves as well as their relationships.

So how can you practice self-care?

  • Spend time doing things that you love!
  • Be around friends and family who make you feel good
  • Live healthily – practice good hygiene, exercise, eat and sleep well
  • Allow time for relaxation. Read a book, meditate, go for a walk, just allow your body and mind to unwind for a while

In doing all these self-care tips, you’ll nourish your soul, body, and mind.

That’ll bring you to a place where you’re ready to start welcoming kindred spirits who can further enhance your life for the better.

Keep growing and learning

Your kindred spirit will challenge you. They’ll question your thought process and pull you up on areas in your life where you’re lagging.

So before you meet one, it’s important to start doing this by yourself.

Invest in yourself, learn new skills, improve the ones you already know, and remain open to new challenges.

By doing this, you’ll open the door, inviting kindred spirits in who’ll come at your time of development to help you along.

It might be a friend you make on that new course you’re taking or a love interest you meet as you take part in a challenging charity run. The possibilities are endless.

But to come across these possibilities, you’ve got to be open to them and willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

A final tip:

Set yourself goals — short-term and long-term.

Break them down into little steps, and each day work towards your goals. This will keep you progressing forward, even when you lack motivation, which happens to all of us.

Work on bringing positivity into your life

Before you wait for a kindred spirit connection to come along and make your life better, it’s best to work on that yourself first.

How are you bringing positivity into your life?

Do you sit around waiting for it to drop on your lap or do you go out and look for it?

Do you challenge your mindset when you’re feeling negative?

Do you surround yourself with people who are loving, sincere, full of energy, and bring happiness into your life?

Do you pursue passions that bring you peace and joy?

There’s so much you can do to allow positivity into your life, and the more you do it, the more likely you’ll attract kindred spirits.

Reconnect with your soul purpose

Your soul purpose is what your mission in life is.

We all have a reason that we’re here — part of the energy that is life — so reconnect with it and put yourself on that path of discovery.

What are you passionate about? What gives you motivation in life?

Find what makes you feel energized and alive and run with it.

This is one of the best ways to attract kindred spirits, as you’ll naturally come across them along your journey. Some will help you along for a short period, whilst others will stick with you for the long run.

Final thoughts

By now one thing is for sure — kindred spirits do fall in love.

And when they do, they embark on a beautiful journey together of love, understanding, empathy, and growth.

If you’ve already found your kindred spirit, cherish what you have and don’t take it for granted.

But if you haven’t found your kindred spirit yet, don’t despair. Continue to work on yourself and find your purpose in life. When you’re ready, the universe will bring you love.

In the end, it’ll be worth it when you find someone with whom you not only share a unique connection but love as well.

Kiran Athar

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter - @KiranAthar1.

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