Daily Love Horoscope: April 6, 2023 | Your Zodiac

Another full moon is upon us today, besties, and it spends the day in Libra.

Besides that, other celestial motions are happening that could affect this lunar transit: the Sun, aligning with Chiron and Jupiter are all in Aries. So, Libra and Aries besties might be more affected during this time; the two other Cardinal Signs Cancer and Capricorn are as well.

And remember, Libra reigns over the 7th House of Partnerships—both platonic and romantic—so this Full Moon will affect that sector the most. The full moon will bring realizations, awareness, cooperation, and compromise. Maybe even a culmination of sorts.

Which problems will need fixing is what will differ for each of us so I hope you always aim for breakthroughs and not breakdowns.

Fun fact: this full moon is called the Pink Moon because it coincides with the blooming of moss phlox or creeping phlox—a pink flower native to eastern or central USA.

With all of these said, will this Pink Moon tint your love lives in a sweet, sweet shade of rose?

Let’s find out:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

If you’ve constantly been running away from something that needs to be addressed with your love life, Aries, this full Pink Moon could feel like a door or a wall. Depends on how you see it. It could feel like being cornered as all the existing problems in your partnership will make themselves known. However, it could also be a door if you’re willing to work through the problem—the resolution could be a healthier relationship or a breakup. Either way, it could lead to a breakthrough, into something new and maybe even something better.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Something in your routine might not be working in its optimum quality, Taurus, the full Pink Moon spending the day in your 6th House of Routines, Rituals, Health, and Wellness might shine a light on that. A realignment of your priorities might help in determining what needs changing. Patterns in your relationship should also get a thorough evaluation, take this time to consider if specific patterns are harmful and must be addressed or ended. If your relationship feels monotonous, it’s a good time to stray from the usual routine, talk it out with your boo.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Have fun, fellow Gems, the full Pink Moon agrees as it visits our 5th House of Pleasure, Play, and Creativity. Go out there and do what will feel good, to an extent, of course. Creative pursuits will feel easier to accomplish today, too. Harness the full moon emotions and experiment—in all ways this could apply. New romances will feel extra flirty and long-term ones could benefit from activities that could get the heartbeat up. Just have fun, Gems, and don’t take yourself too seriously today.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Memory is both a blessing and a curse, sometimes it’s all you have left from your past and that could be difficult. I’m saying this because the full Pink Moon is spending the day in your 4th House of Family, Home, and Lineage, Cancer. You might feel extra nostalgic today and it could bring both healing and tension. You might feel fear that your past and your home life directly affect and make you a bad partner, if you need assurance from your significant other, Cancer, seek it.

We become products of our fear from time to time and that’s understandable, we’re human after all. We just need to remember that there are people around us that understand and accept us for who we are and better yet, are willing to accompany us as we grow into the person we could still be.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Thoughts, ideas, and information are reaching you at full speed, Leo, as the full moon transits in your 3rd House of Communication. Perhaps it will be easier for you to solve an existing problem in your relationship because you’re presented with new information. Whatever it may be, remember that emotions are at 200% during full moons, so proceed with newly acquired knowledge with as much calm as you can. If you can sit on this new information for a few days, do so, and think through it before acting. Remember: aim for breakthroughs, not breakdowns.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Your 2nd House of Income, Assets, and Value is getting a visit from the Pink Moon, Virgo. Little luxuries will make you feel loved and appreciated. However, this can also bring up frustrations if this desire is not met, especially if you’re expecting this from a partner. Emotions are also running high so be careful about big purchases, splurging might feel great now but be realistic about your (shared) finances.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The Pink Moon might bring up problems in your relationship that you weren’t aware of or have been avoiding. The need to fix these problems will also feel very urgent during this lunation.

The urgency might feel energizing, Libra, almost to the point of intoxication—like you can fix *everything* now. Don’t let it get to your head, and don’t forget to weigh the scales before putting your two cents in. You’ve always collected all the pieces before deciding on anything, don’t let today be the first day you let impulsiveness win.

Identifying a problem in your relationship is already the first step, don’t hurry to the next few ones. Involve your partner in the solution. Attract breakthroughs, not breakdowns.

Single Libras, if you think running headfirst into a new relationship just so you could feel something is the best way to go, think again.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

It might feel too much for you today, Scorpio, as the Pink Moon shines a light on your elusive 12th House. It might bring up past traumas and heartaches that you thought you have healed from. As you will be spending a lot of time with your thoughts, interacting might feel like a chore, partners included. Give yourself time alone to process your emotions and to heal. Healing is as unsightly as it is rewarding so emotions might go haywire for you, better not have anyone around you as you may say something you don’t mean.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You will feel very involved in your friendships during this lunation, Sagittarius, and like everything, this could trickle into your relationships. If a friend has been expressing their feelings to you for some time, your answer might come to you during this transit. People around you needing you could cause friction in your romantic relationships as well.

Your hopes, dreams, and wishes also take center stage and it will feel very urgent to complete them. However, take these breakthroughs as hints and suggestions rather than concrete action plans. Your emotions are heightened, let them settle down before taking action.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Rewards or recognition from your professional life is in the cards this transit, Capricorn, boosting your self-esteem; the Pink Moon stands tall in your 10th House of Reputation after all. This work win might make relationship problems glaringly obvious and could lead to frustrations (“Why can’t it both go well?”) You can’t be everything to everybody, Capricorn.

An evaluation of your relationship is necessary to not exhaust yourself. It’s important to not let frustrations get the best of you though, one step at a time, bestie. Breathe.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

AQUARIUS! The Pink Moon travels in your 9th House of Exploration. If you’ve been feeling like your love life is just on a narrow path to nowhere, maybe going elsewhere is the answer. Whether you have a partner or not, doing something you’ve never done might bring you something you’ve never had. Try something new, Aquarius, you and your love life could just benefit from it. Explore and you might just discover what exactly it is you need.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Shared financial resources are part of your worries today, dear Pisces, as the Pink Moon spends the day in your 8th House of Shared Resources, Debt, Taxes, Transformation, and Psyche. You will spend a lot of time introspecting whether or not the current status quo in your relationship is working or you’ve just been enduring the circumstances.

Single Pisces, a date might sound good right about now. The connection that could form might be extra spicy if you allow it.

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