Is your crown chakra opening up? 9 signs to look out for

The opening of your crown chakra is an important event that you should look out for.

However, it can actually be difficult to know if it’s about to happen as everyone will experience different symptoms.

Read on to know the 9 main signs and symptoms of your crown chakra’s opening.

After that, I’ll reveal some practical things you can do it unclog and free it up.

Let’s get started!

1) Your head tingles

If you find yourself having some sort of tingling feeling inside your head, then your crown chakra might be opening. This is one of its main symptoms, if not the top one.

This is because all the emotional and psychological debris that has been clogging up your head are being flushed out. This will cause some sensory chaos as it occurs.

Here’s a more detailed description of the experience:

With all the excess emotional waste being cleansed out of your spirit, your head (if not your whole body) will start to feel light. It’ll almost feel as if your feet aren’t down on the ground!

Cool, right?

Mind that this is an important step for opening the crown chakra. Negative energies must be expelled from the chakra pathways in order to make space for positive ones.

But not only is this a necessary process—it’s also quite the tumultuous one. Our minds and hearts are burdened with toxic thoughts, trauma, insecurity, and negative emotions we’ve accrued throughout our entire lives.

Purifying your system of these contaminants is a core prerequisite for the crown chakra to fully awaken.

2) You tend to self-isolate

The opening of your crown chakra might involve some mental and psychological changes. You might find your mood or behavior shifting so that you prefer to be alone most of the time.

Your chakra is making you move more and more inward as the solitude will help facilitate the necessary psychological and spiritual processes needed for the crown chakra’s awakening.

Take this as an opportunity to learn—especially about yourself. The less we speak, the more we listen. The more we listen, the more we learn.

3) Body and head pains

If you don’t feel a tingling sensation in your head, you may unfortunately feel some pain instead.

As your crown chakra awakens, your mind will undergo a lot of turmoil and chaos. Negative thoughts, feelings, and memories are swirling all around as the mind constantly fights to flush them out.

This will often result in a headache due to internal pressure. This is especially true if you keep dwelling on the same negative thoughts.

Does that sound like you? Then read on…

While your crown chakra is opening up, you may feel it in the topmost area of your brain or even down your neck.

In more extreme cases, the pain can even spread through parts of your body.

However, as time goes on, the process will eventually stabilize and the aches may calm down or plateau at a more tolerable level.

How to deal with that, you may ask?

For the times when the pain is too much, you may want to try closing your eyes and focusing on your thoughts and breathing.

By doing this, you’ll gain a better understanding of the thoughts you’re having and it’ll be easier to stop yourself from dwelling on them.

4) A change in your sleep

One of the other main mental changes you will experience will be a dramatic shift in your sleeping patterns.

As your mind deals with an array of thoughts, conflicts, and changes needed to awaken your crown chakra, everything else about your brain will be affected as well.

For example, you might:

  • Sleep much less;
  • Or on the contrary, sleep more than usual;
  • Have a hard time falling asleep;
  • Feel sleepy even after 7-8 hours of sleep;
  • Have racing thoughts before you fall asleep;
  • Or have a headache that’ll disturb your bedtime.

The changes might be sudden or gradual and, in my experience, such changes will still occur even if you don’t change anything about your bedtime routine.

5) Heightened intuition

All of us have intuition, but only when our crown chakra awakens will our intuition fully mature.

After all, the awakening of our crown chakra means that we will achieve a higher level of spiritual consciousness. This will manifest in stronger and more accurate intuition.

See how someone described how this feels like for them.

6) Physical manifestations

Aside from aches, head tingling, and issues with sleep, your body might experience a whole range of other smaller physical disruptions.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Having migraines;
  • Feeling nauseous;
  • Feeling drowsy;
  • Having brain fog;
  • Feeling fatigued;
  • Feeling electric shocks.

These occur because the body is actively getting rid of all the mental baggage it collected.

From what I’ve heard, such physical symptoms tend to be completely random. You might feel them at consistent, regular intervals or in sudden, unexpected moments.

Read this for a closer look at the experience.

Additionally, some people also report that their voice changes.

More specifically, it will likely shift to a higher vocal register as higher notes are connected to higher tones.

Thus, the more activated your crown chakra is, the more you will tend to use the higher end of your voice.

See how someone shared what it was like.

7) Spiritual and psychological changes

Your crown chakra opening up means that you are about to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness and mental awareness. Your body thus becomes a beacon for all sorts of positive energy.

As you mature emotionally and mentally through this process, you’ll begin to radiate a gentle but powerful aura of love and empathy and start embodying these traits.

What I find interesting about this change is that you will most likely not notice it—however, others will and do so quickly.

You won’t realize that you’ve become a better, kinder person before other people suddenly thank you for being such a positive, helpful presence in their lives.

This is the one of main spiritual symptoms of an awakening crown chakra, but you will probably experience other related symptoms like:

  • Emanating positive energy;
  • Becoming more intuitive;
  • Dreams feeling more real;
  • Having a deeper spiritual connection;
  • Improving the functioning and health of your other chakras;
  • Being able to interpret signs from the universe more effectively;
  • Manifesting more quickly.

You will not realize that you’re already changing because of how natural such changes will feel.

In my opinion, you won’t feel any different because it’s hard to see our own spiritual growth. However, other people will definitely notice it.

8) You’re able to detach

The crown chakra awakening process is a turbulent one because it involves you going through many different emotions.

You’ll find yourself thinking and behaving in a new, different way because you’re in the middle of shedding away the negative aspects of your past self.

As a result, you’ll slowly detach yourself from the shallower, more earthly pursuits of your old self and embrace a deeper spiritual life instead.

You’ll also set yourself free from the unhealthy friendships and relationships you once considered valuable. Overall, you’ll be unlearning many of your past beliefs as you instead focus on acquiring proper wisdom.

And now that your crown chakra is awakened, you’ll be fully capable of receiving such wisdom.

9) You eat better

‘What does food have to do with my crown chakra?’ you might ask.

Here’s the thing: greater spiritual awareness leads to greater maturity, affecting and improving all aspects of your life.

If your past self was obsessed with fast food and binge-ate on junk food every other day, you’d be completely different once your crown chakra awakens.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

As you grow spiritually through cleansing your chakras, you’ll fully realize that your body is a sacred temple for your soul.

A fully opened crown chakra will naturally draw you to healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

You’ll also start eating fewer junk foods like fast food and sweets in mindful moderation.

You might even be proactive about taking supplements like taking vitamin B-12 if you’re vegan.

Finally, you’ll exercise more and actually enjoy it!

These healthy habits will improve both your physical and mental health and contribute to the fact that you emanate positive energies to everyone around you.

The crown chakra’s functions

The crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra, is responsible for our universal consciousness.

This means that it is an essential factor in our mental processes and brain functions, such as our psychology, intelligence, and memory.

Thus, the crown chakra and its awakening are absolutely vital.

To picture it better, read this.

Symptoms that your crown chakra is blocked

Your crown chakra is almost synonymous with your mind. So a blocked crown chakra more or less equates to a closed mind.

Thus, the number one sign of a blocked crown chakra is close-mindedness as well as being too narrow-sighted on material and earthly pursuits.

The biggest challenge of the Crown Chakra is on a mental level. It’s when someone is too attached to the materialistic pursuits of existence and stuck in their way of thinking.

It may also result in more extreme effects, such as psychosis or disassociation. The consequences also depend on the crown chakra’s activity level.

A crown chakra that’s too active will make a person:

  • Cynical;
  • Apathetic;
  • Addictive;
  • Have self-destructive tendencies;
  • And be easily overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, an underactive crown chakra will make you:

  • Confused and unsure;
  • Uninspired and lethargic;
  • Feel tired;
  • Vulnerable to physical symptoms;
  • Have poor coordination skills;
  • Have headaches.

Here’s some valuable knowledge from an experienced chakra-opener.

How to unclog and free up the crown chakra

With a fitting name, the crown chakra is “served” by the other six chakras. They provide the crown chakra with energy to fulfill its duty of guiding our mental and spiritual intellect.

Thus, working on the crown chakra also requires working on the other six chakras.

Read the answer below for more information.

Helpful essential oils to open the crown chakra

Certain essential oils can greatly help your attempts at activating the crown chakra.

You can either use them with a diffuser or apply them directly on your skin at the chakra’s location. (Feel free to also get creative!)

Two essential oils stand out in particular:

  • Chinese Rice Flower (Aglaia Odorata): Stimulates spiritual growth and opens your mind to be more receptive to wisdom.
  • White Lotus Flower (Nelumbo Nucifera): Enables you to more fully absorb lessons from the other six chakras, aiding you in developing a more complete spiritual consciousness.

While breathing in the oils’ odors, imagine connecting with your true inner self, other people, and the greater universe.

It is an amazing practice for your crown chakra.

Yoga Asanas for the crown chakra

Because the crown chakra is located on your forehead, yoga poses where it touches the ground will directly benefit this chakra.

Seated poses will also achieve a similar effect.

Three yoga asanas, in particular, will do exactly this, and they are easy to perform by most people.

Headstand | Shirshasana

The Shirsasana is arguably the best way to make energy flow through the crown chakra all while building strength and stability in your core muscles.

Start holding this pose for at least five easy breaths if you’re a beginner.

Performing the Shirshasana regularly will help you develop clarity of mind and balance in your body.

Rabbit Pose | Sasangasana

The Rabbit Pose allows for deep relaxation of the head, shoulders, and spine. This allows energy to flow through the crown chakra, stimulating it in a powerful yet relaxing way.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to perform the Sasangasana:

  1. Get into a seated position. Then, kneel, bow forward, and rest the crown of your head on the floor.
  2. Reach back with your hands in order to cup your heels.
  3. Make light contact with the floor with your forehead. Don’t apply a lot of pressure.
  4. Hold for several breaths.
  5. Lower your hips down into your heels, release your grip on your heels, and gently roll up through your spine back into a seated position.

Corpse Pose | Savasana

Awakening the crown chakra requires genuine detachment. The Savasana is one of the most effective yet simplest ways to help you detach. Performing this pose will greatly help you let go of desires, expectations, or negative emotions.

To specifically target the crown chakra with this pose, do this. As you inhale, picture white light entering the crown of your head and making its way down your spine. When you exhale, visualize it going back up your spine to the crown of your head.

Meditations for the crown chakra

No specific meditation practices are outstandingly effective for the crown chakra—because all of them are.

I have tried countless meditation methods and always felt that my crown chakra is healthier no matter what method I use.

After all, all forms of meditation centrally involve mental awareness, emotional harmony, and relaxation.

Meditation in general will always open up and align your crown chakra (and actually all the seven chakras).

Meditation can be practiced in countless different ways. However, if you don’t know where to start, here’s a simple way to perform crown chakra meditation:

  • Take a comfortable seated position;
  • Ensure that your back is straight and your feet are resting flat on the floor;
  • Get into a “mudra” position: rest your hands on your knees and turn your palms upward;
  • Close your eyes;
  • Take deep but relaxed breaths: inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth;
  • Maintain relaxed breathing as you visualize lotus petals unfurling against a peaceful white backdrop;
  • Visualize white spiritual energy spreading from the crown of your head down into the rest of your body;
  • Do this for five to ten minutes, then sit in silence for a while;
  • You may also opt to chant the seed mantra AUM to deepen your meditation session and facilitate the healing of your crown chakra.

Here’s what a veteran practitioner had to say about meditating for the crown chakra.

Affirmations for your crown chakra

Affirmations are incredibly effective for balancing misaligned and malfunctioning chakras.

By boosting your self-esteem and cleansing yourself of overly judgemental or egotistic thoughts, your crown chakra will be purified.

Here are a few affirmations you can try using if you don’t know where to start:

  • I am one with divinity;
  • I am open to new ideas and new knowledge;
  • I will receive the information that I need;
  • I am ready to learn from the world;
  • Higher powers guide my path;
  • Inner wisdom empowers me.

Foods for the crown chakra

Different chakras are represented by different colors and will also respond to foods of that color.

For instance, your root chakra is symbolized by red color, so we should eat red foods like berries or tomatoes if we want to awaken it.

However, the crown chakra is a little different. It leans more towards the spiritual side of things instead of the physical.

Thus, eating for your crown chakra actually means not eating at all—you will need to fast or detox.

Fasting for even a short time will be effective for rebalancing your crown chakra. Detoxing through detox juice is also a good alternative.

While it is safe for most people to fast, ask your doctor first if you are in doubt.

Another option is to simply drink pure water or consume herbal teas associated with meditation like lavender.

Why do I feel tingling in my crown chakra?

As aforementioned, a tingling in your head is a strong symptom that your crown chakra is beginning to open.

Your crown chakra will likely be overly active as a lot of energy is flowing through it.

You may also experience dizziness or even painful headaches.

This is only the first part, however.

You will then begin to think and behave differently as your crown chakra opens up more. You will feel detachment from your earthly body and your earthly concerns.

Online forums are filled with people expressing awe and wonder, asking if their crown chakras are finally awakening for good.

Here’s an interesting message from one of the practitioners.

How can you protect your crown chakra?

Awakening your crown chakra is not the end of the process. We should all strive to continuously protect, maintain, and balance our chakras.

You protect your crown chakra by regularly opening and rebalancing them through meditation, yoga, and other healing exercises.

Make sure that you also maintain psychic boundaries and always fight off harmful spiritual energy.

Some people also wear protective head accessories such as scarves or turbans in order to protect and stabilize the skull where the crown chakra is.

Healing stones and crystals are also quite an underrated option. You can use them in many different ways: placing them on your chakra locations while you meditate, having them around your house, or using them as jewelry.

Personally, I simply just bring them around with me wherever I go, and I still feel their great effects.

The three main crown crystals that will protect your crown chakra are:

  1. Clear Quartz: Wards off harmful energy that might cause imbalances in your chakras.
  2. Lepidolite: Functions as a bridge to divinity and higher spiritual consciousness, allowing for the flow and reception of greater wisdom and spiritual energy.
  3. Labradorite: Touches all higher chakras, allowing a deeper connection with the truest and highest form of yourself.

How can you tell if your crown chakra is open?

Having a properly opened and balanced crown chakra will result in one main experience: feeling at one with all of creation.

Your spiritual self will be greatly enriched, and you will develop great and intense empathy for others because you will feel one with everyone and everything.

You will cease to be overly concerned with material pursuits in the wake of greater self-awareness.

Here’s one person’s experience as they list down all the things that they physically and spiritually felt.

Crowning it off

Each of our chakras is responsible for different forms of spiritual energy and will help us better understand ourselves in different ways.

Our crown chakras or Sahasrara chakras, being at the head, represents our mental self, and its awakening is necessary for complete self-realization.

While potentially chaotic and tumultuous, the crown chakra’s awakening is a necessary and beautiful process.

It allows us to conquer challenges, unclog emotional debris, and mature toward our true and best spiritual selves.

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