Is a Cancer woman giving you the silent treatment? 16 things to do

Are you attracted to a woman who is a cancer sign? Is she giving you the dreaded silent treatment?

It can feel horrible to feel thrown to the side. But don’t worry. I have a list of the best things to do when she reverts to going quiet and distant.

Here’s how to win her back. Let’s jump right in:

1) Stay calm

First of all, you know that this situation is not a reflection of your love and affection for her. When someone is silent, it can root back to how they were as a child.

Perhaps they grew up in relationships where they weren’t encouraged to voice their concerns and had to retreat into silence and distance. This might have nothing to do with you at all.

Remember that a Cancer woman may be giving you the cold shoulder because it’s part of her temperament, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you.

Don’t get too worked up about it. You may feel like the most unappreciated person on Earth but why dwell on it? She’s acting this way and you have nothing to worry about. It is what it is.

Instead, try and be as sensitive with your approach as possible.

No one likes being pushed away or forced to engage with someone.

Give it some space and relax. Let it unfold. Stay calm and try to find out what’s going on before getting too worked up about it.

2) Remember that a Cancer woman needs space

Turning to the silent treatment can show that she is stressed out. Not only is your Cancer lady likely to be feeling a little overwhelmed by relationship stuff, but the thing with a Cancer woman is that she also really needs time alone.

Cancer women aren’t naturally domineering and they don’t like being told what to do.

They love being in charge of their own lives so if you can give them some space then they will respond positively.

Be patient and let her know that you’re there for her whenever she needs you.

3) Give her a hug

When a Cancer lady pulls away and gives the silent treatment, remember it isn’t forever and she will be back.

Think about the moment when she returns to you instead of the moment while she is away.

It’s important to make her feel physically welcomed again. A simple way to do this is with a welcoming embrace. A warm smile and some kind words. Create a space that she wants to come back to.

A woman’s body language changes when she’s feeling overwhelmed or angry but she’s still got a soft interior. A hug can work wonders at taking the edge off these emotions.

Try embracing and caressing your Cancer lady with kindness and compassion for her current emotional state. You have the chance to show how strong and caring you can be for her. And this might minimize her being silent again in the future.

Compassion is very important to a Cancer woman. She will appreciate your caring nature.

4) Be patient

You may have some feelings of anxiety, frustration, or jealousy but try and stay as calm as possible.

Remember that a Cancer woman is going through a lot. She’s feeling overwhelmed and confused which can sometimes mean she lashes out at you in anger.

But remember to be patient with her. She genuinely loves you and she loves being with you so give it time.

I know, it can feel hard to hold back how you feel and wait out her emotions.

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5) Work on your love language

The next time your Cancer lady feels distant and alone, and she reaches out, try to show her how much you love her through what you say or do for her at that moment.

Are you being silent when she shows you affection? Do you also pull away?

Do you have moments where you act cold and don’t reach out to her for help?

Is she possibly mirroring your behavior back to you without even realizing it?

This is very common in close relationships. We tend to pick up and mirror the way our partner behaves and relates. She might think you don’t want to deal with what is troubling her. She might not know that her silence even bothers you.

Have you let her know how you feel about her?

Try to find a way to communicate with her in a way that her love language will understand.

For example, if she’s a Cancer woman who feels most loved when you give her kind words then tell her that you’re so proud of her and how much you love her.

Or maybe if she feels loved when you do something for her then do something special for her.

Find a way to talk to her so she understands, it will make all the difference.

6) Don’t be too needy

Sometimes, when a Cancer woman gives the silent treatment, it may seem like the best thing to do is to go back and keep trying again—like calling again or turning up on her doorstep again.

But sometimes this can lead to more drama and make it harder for your Cancer lady to open up to you about what’s going on inside of her mind.

This is because she probably doesn’t want to feel controlled by you and she wants some form of space and independence.

So instead of turning up at her house, try sending her a text or an email or a quick phone call just to say that you’re thinking about her.

That is unless you enjoy drama? It can be exciting and addictive to respond to her silence with antics and grand gestures but it’s hard to keep going in the long run.

Drama can wear us down.

7) Don’t project all your feelings onto a Cancer woman

Sure, it’s easy to assume that the silent treatment is always some kind of punishment but that’s not always true.

A Cancer woman may just need some time alone so don’t take it personally if she’s giving you the cold shoulder. Are you sure that something else hasn’t happened that’s impacting her ability to communicate?

Just give it some time.  Don’t put a story on top of her behavior.

You might not know what she is going through or why she is acting the way she is. She could be busy with work or stressed out about something that she doesn’t want to open up about.

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8) Get busy with your life

Let go of the idea that your Cancer girl is punishing you for something when she goes silent. It can be painful to hold on to it.

Instead, try to relax and be thankful that you have such a beautiful woman in your life. Remember the good times and all the fun that you had together. Stay focused on the positive.

Try to focus on what’s important to you and get things done in your life so that you won’t feel overwhelmed by it all.

Get busy with living your life and stay active in work and in your hobbies and your life.

It’s a great time to give more attention to parts of your life that you might have neglected when you started dating her.

9) Don’t dwell on what’s happening

If she’s giving you the silent treatment, don’t keep thinking about her or telling yourself stories about her which will only make it more stressful for her and for yourself.

This kind of thinking will just make matters worse, not better. Give her space. There is nothing that can be done to ‘make her talk’.

Try to focus on your own life and your own interests. This will either pass or change the nature of your relationship but you will always have your own exciting life to live regardless.

10) Be aware of your own insecurities

While being with a Cancer woman may mean that you have been through some difficult times recently, it doesn’t mean she will always tolerate you giving her the silent treatment when she needs you most.

What happens with Cancer signs is that they can get very emotional so over time their emotional selves can begin to muddle their rational thoughts.

But don’t let that make you feel insecure. You haven’t done anything wrong or else you could use that as a moment to reflect and think of what you might be missing. She is likely just going through a rough time and she needs some space.

You can’t force her to talk with you. Just be patient and remember to love her in the way that she needs to be loved. Right now she is telling you she needs some space to sort out her feelings and reactions.

Sometimes we all need some time to reevaluate what we are doing.

11) Don’t let the silence get to you

If anyone is saying that this silence needs to stop, then maybe your Cancer girl doesn’t love you as much as you think she loves you.

But don’t buy into that.

Don’t end up getting so upset and stressed out by her behavior that it makes it hard for her to open up around you in the future.

Give her some space right now, don’t push too hard on her.

Give yourself some space also and try not to worry so much about what’s going on in your relationship. It will run its course and there’s nothing you can force.

12) Focus on your friendships

If you really care about this girl, and it breaks your heart that she pulled away, then the best thing to do is to give her some space and spend time with your friends.

Focus on your friendships right now because they will offer you support.

Having a good network of friends around you is always helpful when things go wrong in your relationship. It’s important to stay connected and to keep your relationships alive and vibrant.

13) Remind her how much she means to you

When a Cancer woman breaks her silence, remind her how much she means to you. Find a way that you feel most comfortable with.

If it seems as though she’s upset that you’re calling and texting her then maybe just drop it for a while and try something else. You could write a small note or check in with her friends.

The message of care will get through. You don’t have to keep trying things that aren’t working for you.

But when she does break her silence, be sure to let her know that you do love and care for her. That is important. Let her know she is loved.

It’s important to let her know that she means something to you and that you missed having her close to you. Otherwise, she might feel like you never noticed or cared that she pulled away and this can affect your future interactions.

14) Impress her with your loyalty

Being loyal to a Cancer woman is something to be proud of, especially when she ruthlessly gives the silent treatment. She might be testing you and how much you are willing to stand by her side.

It’s a cruel game to play but we are always testing each other’s boundaries in our relationships.

She will appreciate that you didn’t give up on her and she will appreciate your loyalty. A Cancer woman wants to feel appreciated and needed. She wants to feel close but will never admit it.

When she finally breaks her silence, be sure to let her know how much you love and care about her. This will help her to see how you feel and help to break down some of her walls.

16) Try being vulnerable

As hard as it is to be vulnerable with your lady when she pulls away, sometimes telling her how you feel can break the silence when you show her how you’re feeling.

Being honest is difficult but also noble.

Tell her how you feel about what’s going on and ask for help if she’ll give it to you. Let her know what you went through when she pulled away. It’s ok.

You don’t have to always be strong and tell her that everything is okay.

She may appreciate your honesty more than words can say. And this might give you a chance to open up to one another and stop playing any unnecessary games.

Use this as a chance for growth

When a woman pulls away and gives the silent treatment, it can feel awful. But remember that every relationship is a chance to look at what triggers you and is a chance to grow as a human. A Cancer sign is likely to do this sort of behavior, so it’s nothing to be surprised about.

Remember that relationships are not all about you. Relationships are about two people learning how to be with one another and learning how to not take each other for granted.

It’s important to look at how you relate and come together and to make sure this is a healthy or needed exchange for both of you.

If you can pull yourself away from your own emotions and worries, then you will be able to give her the space she needs.

If you can remember that this is a chance for growth, it will help you move on without needing her to give up half of herself in return.

It’s always better when things work out than when they don’t, no matter what’s holding them up or what’s going on around them.

Remember to take care of yourself, love her, and love her even more.

Use this as an opportunity to grow by taking a step back and seeing what’s going on in your life from a wider perspective.

Remember that every little thing, no matter how small is still an opportunity for growth and change in relationships, as long as you don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget to take care of yourself first.

This article gives you a lot of insight into how to respond to a woman’s silent treatment. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

It might point out areas where you feel insecure or triggered or not confident with your choices.

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So, as painful as this moment of separation can feel, remember that the silence and feeling of distance will soon pass.

The way I see it is that you have two options in this situation.

1) You can sit and wait for her to open up to you again. You can play a passive role in your relationship and be patient.

2) Or you can be more active and decisive and move on with your life. You can choose to fill it with the love and excitement that you seek. And if she comes around then you can deal with it when it arises.

If this isn’t the type of relationship that you enjoy or feel good in, remember that you always have the choice to end it and find something that is less emotional or painful for you.

The choice is yours always. You don’t have to put up with something that is painful for you, but if you are up to looking at why you feel so uncomfortable, then there is certainly something to learn from this experience.

Now that you’ve read this, I hope you have learned a thing or two about how to respond. Now that you’ve gotten over your initial anger and disappointment, try to look at the situation from a new perspective.

Remember that this is the trial of your relationship. This is a test of your relationship and it might not be as bad as you initially thought.

The situation isn’t always as bad as it may seem and sometimes the signs can be there for others to see but not for you.

So maybe there is something going on in your personal life that prevented or minimized these types of issues appearing in your relationship.

So it’s time to dive in and look deeper and work on the relationship that is closest to you – the one you have with yourself.

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Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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