Twin flame sexuality: The truth about same gender twin flames

‍There are many questions people have about the concept of twin flames.

One of the topics that seem to arise quite frequently is: Can your twin flame be the same gender?

Today, I will give you an answer to this question and tell you the truth about same-gender twin flames!

Let’s start with the basics: What is a twin flame connection?

In order to understand the concept of same-sex twin flames, we need to start with the basics.

A twin flame connection is a soul connection that’s been with you throughout many lifetimes.

Many people believe that in order for there to be a twin flame connection, it has to be someone of the opposite sex.

This is not always true!

Sometimes your twin flame can indeed be of the same gender because you were once connected in another lifetime and it carried on into this lifetime.

In some cases, you will have one partner who was previously of different gender and now they are of the same sex as you.

You can always tell if you’re dealing with someone from your past life because their energy will feel so familiar to you and there will also be an emotional pull between you two when you meet them for the first time.

You see, twin flames are spiritual connections, so of course, they transcend the physical realm.

So, it’s not unusual to meet someone who has been your twin flame before and they are now of the same sex as you, especially if it’s been a long time since you met them.

It’s also not uncommon for twin flames to be of the same gender because many people who have experienced a twin flame connection in another life will go on to reincarnate into this life together again.

Can twin flames be the same gender?

The truth is that your twin flame can be the same gender.

When people talk about twin flames, they are referring to a spiritual connection with someone else.

With that said, there is a misconception that “twin flames” have to be of opposite genders – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many people believe that because you form an intimate, spiritual bond with your twin flame, it has to be of the opposite gender.

But while traditional relationships may have these restrictions based on social norms, the concept of “twin flame” is more about connecting spiritually and having unconditional love for another person – regardless of their gender.

So yes, your twin flame could very well be the same gender as you!

While this may seem difficult in our society at first glance (especially if you’re not queer or part of the LGBT community), it’s important to remember that your twin flame connection is spiritual.

Your bodies and gender aren’t necessarily important aspects when it comes to being drawn towards someone else on a soul level.

Think of it this way: your soul energy and your twin flame’s energy are interlinked.

Now, as you go through your lifetimes, your energy enters different bodies, or “shells”.

Just because in this lifetime you happened to both choose a body of the same gender, doesn’t mean you aren’t twin flames!

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Thinking that twin flames have to be a man and a woman is a misinterpretation

When it comes to twin flames, there are many misconceptions.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that twin flames have to be a man and woman.

This is not true!

The truth is that your twin flame can be of any gender or race.

You will see them as your perfect other half no matter what their gender may be!

There are many misinterpretations when it comes to concepts like twin flames because frankly, it’s complicated and oftentimes, it just doesn’t make any sense to our rational brain.

But for you, if your twin flame is someone you’ve been longing for your entire life, it will make perfect sense.

In fact, when you’re in the throes of an intense connection with someone that’s meant to be with you – no matter what gender they are – it will feel like a divine blessing.

You’ll suddenly feel more connected with yourself and the world around you – and this is completely normal!

When two souls come together to form one complete whole, there are many changes that occur in their energy fields.

Another huge reason for these misinterpretations is that people sometimes don’t realize the difference between man/woman and masculine/feminine.

It’s true, practically all twin flames have one masculine and one feminine partner. But that has nothing to do with their gender!

Let me explain:

It is all about the energy: Masculine and feminine energies and how they polarize

It is all about the energy, masculine and feminine energies, and how they polarize.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter who you are as a person or what gender you identify with, in your twin flame connection you will always have both masculine and feminine polarities.

The difference between same-sex twins is that the partners will have a different polarity match, but there is still that polarity balance between the individuals.

This means that there will be one partner who has stronger masculine energy and one partner who has stronger feminine energy.

The one with the stronger feminine energy can be male or female, so it does not matter if your twin flame is of the same gender as your own – because both partners will have their own type of polarity.

By the way, this is also how same-sex couples work. We, humans, need polarity, but gender has nothing to do with that.

Let’s look at the energies in a bit more detail.

You see, everyone has both masculine and feminine energy inside of them.

However, there is one that is predominant, which is your core energy.

If your core energy is masculine, that means you are all about analytics, planning, rational thinking, providing, being in your head, and being a leader.

If your core energy is feminine, that means you are all about intuition, sensing, feeling, connecting with others, being in the heart, and being a caretaker and nurturer.

In both men and women, there are various layers of energy inside them.

When you meet a partner who represents the opposite energy, that also allows you to drop more into your core energy.

For example, when a feminine being finds someone who plans, thinks rationally, and takes care of them, it allows them to let go and drop more into their intuitive nature and vice versa.

In today’s world, masculine energy is predominant in a lot of people, because our society doesn’t see feminine people who are more creative and nurturing as “productive”.

That’s a huge issue, but something to be discussed another day.

One energy is dominant because it is more developed than the other one – but they both exist within each individual just as much as the other one does.

To make a long story short, your twin flame will most probably have the opposite core energy as you, which makes polarization possible, even when you are the same gender.

Are twin flames with the same gender common?

The concept of a twin flame is an ancient, universal love.

It is said that when you are with your twin flame, the other half of your soul, you have everything you need to be happy in life.

Many people have asked themselves if their twin flames can be the same gender.

The answer is yes! Twin flames can be the same gender and are more common than you would think!

Some people believe that they were born as one gender but identify as another later in life.

Others believe that they were born with a mismatch of physical and spiritual genders.

Yet others believe that there is no such thing as a gender at all.

Whatever your beliefs, it does not change the fact that same-sex twin flames are possible and are more common than one would think.

In fact, it is getting more and more common for twin flames to realize that their partner is of the same sex.

But nevertheless, it can be a confusing situation.

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Is there such a thing as platonic twin flames?

We have already established that if you are wondering if your twin flame could be the same gender, then yes, it is possible.

In fact, there have been many cases where this has happened.

There are many reasons why this may be the case.

One of these reasons is that some people are not attracted to the opposite sex and are instead homosexual or bisexual.

When that is the case, same-sex twin flames are obviously no issue at all because their sexual polarity will not be affected at all.

Additionally, in other situations, the twin flame relationship can just be platonic with no romantic feelings involved whatsoever.

Yes, you heard that right! There is such a thing as platonic twin flames.

This means every part of their connection is the same, minus the romantic feelings.

Believe it or not, these types of friendships tend to have a much better chance of surviving over the years than romantic relationships!

You probably know that twin flame relationships can be very triggering for people.

The romance factor plays a big role in that.

So, if your relationship with your twin flame is platonic, it might be a bit less triggering and have a better chance!

Does it make a difference for your twin flame journey?

The question that persists is does it make a difference for your twin flame journey when your partner is the same gender?

If you and your partner are homosexual or bisexual, there is virtually no difference between twin flames of opposite genders and twin flames of the same gender.

However, for those who are heterosexual and not attracted to their twin flame, the differences can be very significant.

As mentioned above, platonic twin flames do exist.

So, if you are not attracted to your partner of the same sex, it may make your twin flame journey harder.

I know, I just explained how that can actually make things easier – am I contradicting myself?

No. As I said, you won’t trigger each other as much if there is no romance involved.

However, this can make it harder for you to progress on your twin flame journey!

Why is that?

Well, your twin flame triggers you for a reason, they are meant to do that because that is what will force you to grow and progress.

Sure, a calm and peaceful relationship is nice and comfortable, but it doesn’t challenge you to grow.

When there is romance involved, it can be a bit harder to progress in these ways.

So: in case you have a platonic relationship with your twin flame, you will have to put in some extra work in order to grow as a person and work through the issues you have.

How do you know if you have a twin flame connection?

If you have been in a relationship with your twin flame, then you are most likely aware of the connection that you share.

You will feel an extremely strong emotional and physical connection with your twin flame.

This can be hard to understand when first entering this type of relationship because the relationship is so different than any other type of relationship you have ever experienced before.

It is also why people often ask if their twin flame can be the same gender.

To know for sure if it is a twin flame connection, you need to look at some other characteristics that are different from other relationships:

  • a feeling like you’ve known each other forever
  • intense magnetism
  • feeling a sense of home with them
  • having similar past experiences
  • synchronicities happen
  • you feel like you can read each other’s thoughts

When you experience these signs, you can be pretty sure that you have met your twin flame, same gender or not.

There is no limit to how twin flames can exist

There is no limit to how twin flames can exist.

As the saying goes, opposites attract, and it is true for twin flames as well, but only energetically.

Two halves of a whole, of one person.

What we deem as gender in our culture is simply an idea that has been ingrained in us since birth.

The truth is that there are many different ways people can experience their twin flame connection and that it doesn’t always have to be with someone of the opposite sex.

You might find your twin flame in a best friend who you’ve known your entire life or someone you’ve just met.

Life brings two people together, regardless of what they may look like or which gender they identify as.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no limit to how twin flames can exist.

Gender, age, race, cultural background, religion – these are all factors that can have an influence on normal relationships, but with twin flame relationships, they don’t matter.

No matter what the relation between you and your twin flame is, if you’re wondering “is it possible that they are my twin flame, even though…”, then yes, it is possible!

Don’t limit yourself

When it comes to the twin flame journey there is one thing to keep in mind: don’t limit yourself.

Sometimes, we stress over things more than we need to.

Who cares what gender your twin flame is, the most important part is that you love each other unconditionally and want to see each other grow.

If that’s not enough, then I don’t know what is!

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of same-sex twin flames. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of how twin flames of the same gender work, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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