Can I have multiple twin flames? The ultimate truth revealed

Not everybody has a twin flame. Those who do – may take a lifetime (or several) to find them.

But what about you? Can you actually have multiple twin flames?

There is a major controversy surrounding this question. Some claim that they have experienced all signs of true twin flames with not just one, but multiple people. Others strongly disagree with even the possibility of it.

Let’s stop guessing and cut to the chase:

I will share with you the truth of why, in reality, there is an extremely high probability that you have only one twin flame.

The story behind twin flames suggests that you can only have one

Maybe the best way to answer whether you can have multiple twin flames or not is to go back to the origins.

The first time the concept of twin flames comes up is in Greek mythology. You are probably familiar with the story but if not, let me brief you quickly:

The main idea is that originally, humans had four arms, four legs, two faces, and two sets of genitalia. Once they became powerful enough to be considered a threat to gods, they got punished and each one of them was split in half.

Basically, that’s what twin flames are – one soul split in two, on the journey of finding each other and obtaining that oneness they have once lost (*goosebumps*).

So, it is safe to say that twin flames really are the same person (soul, if you will) in two separate bodies. Having multiple twin flames would require you to become a different person, which is impossible, at least in one lifetime.

The purpose of the twin flames makes it impossible

When a soul incarnates on earth for the first time, its energy is divided into two. Two different bodies get the same soul and they are desperately looking for unification – a reunion.

Two people feel an intense connection and a pull toward each other. Those who actually met their twin flame, will agree with me that simply being similar to somebody or sharing mutual traits cannot come close to the feeling. Twin flames are spiritually identical, just like a reflection in the mirror.

This is the nature of twin flames.

The whole philosophy behind the twin flames concept is to reach spiritual wholeness and only one person can get you there, not two, and definitely not more.

Of course, the twin flame connection is like no other. Though, it does not necessarily mean that undergoing that journey is a piece of cake.

Usually, it is the opposite because you have to face your deepest fears and insecurities and finally free yourself from them.

Though the road to that destination can be rocky, once you get there together with your twin flame, it will feel like you finally came home after a long, exhausting day.

If you still feel that you have more than one twin flame and you might be the exception to the “only one twin flame” rule, consider some possibilities listed below.

Soulmates and twin flames are not the same

Most of the time, confusion between soulmates and twin flames is what makes people think that they have multiple twin flames.

Yes, indeed there is a fine line between these two concepts. Both soulmates and twin flames share a deep connection, mutual experiences and thoughts, a feeling of belonging, etc.

However, as many similarities as there may be, twin flames and soulmates are not the same. Here is how you can tell them apart:

Multiple soulmates, one twin flame

Your friends, family members, mentors, and others in your life can easily be your soulmates. There is nothing wrong with having multiple of them because they are related souls, but not the same one.

As they say, having a soulmate is like giving a piece of your soul to someone else; In the case of twin flames, you already possess the same exact soul.

Soulmates will make your life better, but because you and they are spiritually independent, you are perfectly capable of living without them. They help you in the process of getting to know yourself better but do not define your wholeness.

This is definitely not true for twin flames.

If you try walking your separate ways, you will suffer. Twin flame “separation sickness” can be so intense that it can cause not only emotional pain but also a physical one.

Purpose of soulmates vs twin flames

Twin flame relationships come in many different forms and shapes. Just as soulmates, twin flames do not have to be romantically attracted to each other. However, most of the time – they are.

Given that not all twin flames end up as romantic partners, it might be hard to differentiate them from your soulmates. In this case, you have to pay close attention to the purpose of the relationship and how it makes you feel.

Soulmates are there to support you, make you feel comfortable, and guide you through the process of getting to know yourself better. Usually, this kind of relationship is about care and support.

On the other hand, twin flame relationships are about finding the truth. It is a lengthy, spiritually complex process and can feel uncomfortable. While comfort is important between soulmates, twin flames will push each other out of their comfort zones to reach their ultimate destination – truth.

False twin flames are also a thing

Naturally, all of us want to find our twin flame and spend the rest of our existence with them. However, sometimes this state of constant search will lead us towards making mistakes.

The good news is, mistakes are not necessarily a bad thing. At least, not in this case.

False twin flame, as the name suggests, is still “a twin”. They are a person with whom you may experience some signs of twin flames but are really there to prepare you for a real one.

Sometimes they are even called catalyst twin flame connections.

Your encounter with your real twin flame might need a little push from the universe in the form of the fake one. This kind of relationship might be challenging, even unpleasant at times. But usually, it helps you become the best version of yourself and welcome your true twin flame with open arms.

There are signs to help you identify the fake twin flame, but chances are that you might not admit they are not real until they complete the mission of bringing the best out of you.

These relationships are also very strong and can last for years.

But remember that a fake twin flame is always temporary, unlike the real one. It is just a preparation, a practice, like an appetizer before the main course.

Sometimes it’s just a wrong person

Soulmates and fake twin flames have their purposes in our lives. Even if these relationships are somewhat troublesome, they serve as a good deed.

With all this, you should not forget that not all relationships fall into these categories. It can be that the person you think is your real or the second twin flame is just pretending.

These are the people you have to be really careful with. Not only can they make you believe that they are your real twin flame, but they can also hold you back and prolong the period of your and your real twin flame’s reunion.

So, if you are torn between two people, trying to figure out which one is your real twin flame. Remember, you should look out for the signs of true spiritual connection, a feeling that goes much, much beyond the surface.

There could be exceptions to the general rule

Nothing is set in stone. As mentioned several times before, human souls are split into two energies and that’s why you can only have one twin flame.

However, there is a small group of people, who think that in exceptional, one in a million cases, the soul can be divided into more parts from the start, enabling them to get to know several twin flames throughout their lives.

Usually, it would not be possible. The case when a person is completing their spiritual ascension in the universe might be an exception.

Still confused? Consider professional guidance

Now, I know what you’re going through is tough. It is extremely hard to identify your true twin flame without hurting the feelings of another person. But would it help to speak to a professional relationship coach?

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That’s why I always recommend their services to anyone facing the question of multiple twin flames.

Their coaches have extensive experience in dealing with twin flame-related problems – their tried and tested methods could be the savior of your relationship too.

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In conclusion

If you hear the words “twin flame” and you automatically think of several people, you may have to pay close attention to details.

Twin flame relationships are hard to find and sometimes even harder to tell apart from the different types of relationships. This often leads to the misconception that some people can have multiple twin flames.

The key is to be patient. Finding the real twin flame can take a long time. There will be many people you will feel the connection with, but you should not consider all of them to be your destined person.

At the end of the day, you can always reach out to experts who can guide you and your twin flame through your journey.

Tatuli Turashvili

Tatuli Turashvili

I’m Tamar, a writer who loves to empower (or at least comfort) others when life gets a tad bit confusing. My secret recipe for doing so? Practicing self-love - everywhere and anywhere! I have an academic background in cognitive and social psychology, and I love to apply that to everyday struggles. I aim to investigate human nature, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness more and share my findings with you. Hopefully, we’ll enjoy the ride!

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