Can you feel when your soulmate is crying or sad? 6 ways you can

Two different bodies and two different souls with the deepest and strongest bond…

This is what soulmates are.

Have you met yours?

If you do, you will quickly notice if they are emotional—they wipe their tears, have sadness in their eyes, and withdraw from other people, even from you.

But, if you have not met yours, can you feel your soulmate crying or sad?

In this blog, we will share 18 ways you can.

6 ways you can feel your soulmate crying or sad

1) You are confused by your emotions

Unlike twin flames, which are composed of two souls split in half and destined to meet each other for a common purpose or goal, soulmates are not necessarily the same soul split into two.

Instead, a soulmate is a profound connection between two souls who have been in each other’s lives for many lifetimes.

Soulmates are deeply connected souls in two bodies, sharing a chakra system.

While twin flames mirror each other’s feelings and emotions, with soulmates, it is different.

They are two different souls, and they can react differently to events and each other’s emotions.

As a result, soulmates may experience some emotional telepathy and can feel their partner’s emotions even when apart.

This connection is real, as it allows soulmates to feel what their soulmates are feeling.

If your soulmate is feeling lost and miserable, you, as their soulmate counterpart, will feel empathy, allowing you to feel what your soulmate feels.

It comes in a surge of unexplainable emotions, compassion, and the need to help.

This sudden surge of emotions will confuse you, especially if you have not yet found your soulmate, leaving you clueless about what to do after.

Do you know what happens next?

The feeling leaves you empty, off, and hollow.

You will feel sudden frustration because you cannot do anything about it.

So, can you feel your soulmate crying?


If this happens, fight the negative feelings and master your emotions.

Allow your soulmate to breathe in the positivity within you.

If they are close to you or you live together with your soulmate, be in constant comfort.

2) There is a burst of sadness overpowering you

Soulmates are a connection between two people who have the power to influence each other, both emotionally and spiritually.

If your soulmate is hurt and sad, they cry while carrying a load of sadness.

When your soulmate is hurting, it is inevitable that you, too, feel their pain and can often sense their emotions.

You may feel this sudden sadness while watching a comedy film, or you may find something is not quite right in the food you eat.

Sadness dawns on you in a split second and envelopes you in a hug.

It may sound insane initially, but there is a psychology behind all this.

Studies show that couples can quickly determine the level of empathy in their partners. This is known as empathic accuracy.

If you have met your soulmate, it will be easy to interpret and recognize their feelings through their voice, facial expressions, and body language.

However, it is different when you are away from each other.

The feeling of sadness from your soulmate is not enough to make you empathize with and understand their pain, you must also look at where the pain comes from.

You need to focus on understanding the reasons behind their sadness and try to be as empathetic and compassionate as possible to make them feel better.

Now, at times, the pain and loneliness curl up into little tears…

3) You have tears in your eyes

Because the bond between soulmates is founded on a more profound, overwhelmingly emotional, and spiritual experience, you may experience a different rhythm in your heart.

You may feel a thud of melancholy, longing, and an intense desire to get close to your soulmate to share their pain.

The thing is, this feeling might even curl up in little balls of tears.

Suddenly, you find yourself teary-eyed for no reason, and you cannot stop.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to know if you can feel your soulmate crying, the answer is yes.

There is a psychic bridge between soulmates where two hearts meet and intertwine.

Once this bridge is crossed, long physical distances mean nothing between two souls destined for each other.

You feel what your soulmate feels.

Although you have not met your soulmate, sensing their emotions would not feel like a foreign concept.

It would not be something strange—as if your emotions are being amplified in a way that they never have before.

According to the study of Tania Singer, a neuroscientist, the affective qualities of a person’s pain network foster empathy.

This strongly supports the idea that aside from a spiritual connection between soulmates, they could also have an empathic connection.

4) You suddenly think of your soulmate

You might be wondering:

Has it happened to you that your mind is focusing elsewhere when an image flashes right through you?

You could be working in the office, taking a walk, or ordering your favorite frappe when your mind wanders.

You could sense familiarity, alright, but you did not know who it was.

One way you can feel your soulmate crying is when you are drawn to an image of them.

You kept hearing the same name.

You have seen the face of someone you do not know but who looks familiar.

Now, can you feel your soulmate crying, sad, or wrecked?

The fact that you are drawn to a mental image of them makes it possible for you to feel a strong emotional connection to your soulmate.

It would not be hard for you to sense when something is upsetting or troubling them, even if they are not physically present.

This could be due to the close bond and emotional intimacy between soulmates, which narrows the bridge of your connection on a deeper level.

The question lingers:

Can you feel your soulmate crying or sad?

The truth is:

The intensity of the emotional connection between the two of you depends on your relationship.

So if you met each other and have grown your relationship to an otherwise deep level, you may be able to grasp the variety and range of emotions of your soulmate.

5) You can feel them within the room

It is surprising how the human mind works.

I have had a similar experience regarding my soulmate.

Two years ago, I did not know anything about soulmates. At first, I thought it was just an idea to fool the masses into loving stories and romantic movies.

But one day, while waiting for my ride in a mall parking lot, I felt as if cold water had been held over me.

I felt compelled to look over my shoulder, as if looking for something I did not even know existed. I looked around and noticed a man with sagging shoulders.

I kept staring at him until my vehicle arrived. When I get home, I can’t help but worry about him and what happened to him.

I encountered him a year later, and to my astonishment, he admitted to being emotional that day. He had recently lost his job, and his brother was hospitalized.

Right there and then, in my heart, I knew he was my soulmate. It was as if I was drawn to him, and my inability to show compassion and heartfelt empathy to him a few years ago broke my being.

It was something that my heart and every fiber of my being felt compelled to do.

What’s the bottom line?

Can you feel your soulmate crying?


Can you feel your soulmate feeling sad?


When your loved ones require your support and care, it’s natural to want to ensure they are doing well and feeling okay.

6) You suddenly feel the need to reach out.

Soulmate relationships happen despite the distance. As mentioned, you can quickly determine the mood of your soulmate, even their emotional troubles.

Here is a scenario:

You may be silently watching a movie when an image of your soulmate pops up in your mind, and you suddenly need to call and ask how they are.

Meeting your soulmate may give you an overwhelming sense of love and attraction, but it may also make you feel like you cannot hide anything because of your emotional connection.

​​It was like you knew something was up even before they told you.

It was having a solid sense of their feelings without them filling you in—even if they decide not to tell you, you already know.

What should you do if you feel your soulmate is crying or sad?

If you have met your soulmate, it is easy to comfort them and help ease their pain.

However, you must first understand why they are feeling that way.

Once you do, you will finally be able to handle the situation in a way that benefits all.

Keep in mind that while it is healthy to feel certain emotions, it is also essential to let them out.

To move on, it is best to accept everything first, learn from it, and take concrete steps to let it all go.

If you are concerned about your soulmate and believe they may be feeling sad or crying, you can best communicate with them and offer your support and understanding.

However, it is a different case if you have not met them.

Here is an idea:

Since there is soulmate energy between you two, why not reverse the negative energy and try to think optimistically?

Your souls are intertwined, and this may actually be the way for your soulmate to forget the reasons for their loneliness!

Plus, with enough time and effort, they may eventually be able to come out of the darkness and discover the joys of life.

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