The brutal truth about karmic relationships turning into soulmates

The truth about karmic relationships, soulmates, and the nature of love

When it comes to the enigmatic system of soul connections, there are a lot of complicated but essential ideas and terms, such as:

  • Soulmates
  • Twin flames
  • Karmic relationships

In this article, we will focus on soulmates and karmic relationships and tackle them in detail.

What are soulmates?

A soul connection or being soulmates with someone is an intense, deep, and transcendental connection that two people feel with one another.

This bond goes beyond earthly ideas of love and relationships such as being co-workers, friends, or even lovers.

Something more universal, more spiritual is binding the two of you together.

Perhaps you’ve known each other in a life before this and that your souls have arranged to meet again and bond again in this life.

One misconception people have about soulmates is that the relationship between them is perfectly harmonious at all times.

It’s easy to think such a thing given that their connection goes beyond earthly confines, but the way it manifests into a real-life relationship still involves all the complexities of human love in the physical world.

Two (or more) people are soulmates if their souls share a great destiny that they need to fulfill together in their lifetime with one another. This mission can be on any cosmic level; they can be:

  • Personal
  • Familial
  • Communal
  • Earthly
  • Spiritual
  • Universal

Whatever this purpose is, it has great transformative power to alter something that they themselves may not be wary of.

Soulmates are very similar.

More importantly, soulmates need to achieve it, hand-in-hand, with harmony and happiness that push each other to grow as both human beings and as souls.

You can consider your soul mate as another being who was weaved from the exact same spiritual fabric as you are. This is why you feel like the two of you are almost one being.

Most people think of romantic relationships when it comes to soulmates. However, soul families or kindred spirits are also soulmates that manifested differently into the physical world.

Now that you know about soulmates, what exactly is a karmic relationship—and what is a karmic soulmate?

You’ve likely heard of karma, but what do we mean when we say something, like a relationship, is karmic?

What are karmic relationships?

It is possible that you’ve never heard of this word—or maybe you have, but don’t fully understand what it means.

Either way, we need to understand that all relationships we have are karmic in nature.

Every single human being we come across and form bonds with is caused by pre-life agreements.

These agreements are the cause of us meeting and are based on karmic debts.

Do you remember the first relationship you got into? It was likely a difficult, tumultuous relationship, but it probably helped us by teaching us invaluable lessons that aided our future relationships.

These are karmic relationships, and generally speaking, our first relationship is a karmic relationship.

From the struggles of this shaky connection, we learn tough lessons that we perhaps failed to learn in previous lifetimes.

This is the main purpose of a karmic relationship: to facilitate the learning of crucial lessons about the higher meaning of love during this lifetime.

Karmic relationships are similar to soulmate relationships in the sense that they are a relationship founded on deeper spiritual connections.

However, karmic relationships are different from twin flame or soulmate relationships which are, generally speaking, more harmonious and have a lot of healing energy.

We will all probably get into karmic relationships in one way or another.

And while they’re definitely not without significant hardships, the love that we foster from these experiences will push us to grow into better, more loving souls.

What are karmic soulmates?

So now we know all about soulmates—or do we?

What if we said that another kind type of soulmate existed?

One that isn’t destined to complete our life like how we usually think about soulmates, but one whose purpose is to grow us through hardship?

Remember how we told you that every person we have a significant relationship with is caused by a pre-life agreement we had with that person’s soul?

This agreement was based on karmic debts we had with this person.

A karmic soulmate is a soulmate that you have a karmic relationship with.

Since the nature of your relationship is karmic, these people bring a certain amount of chaos and disorder to the relationship, but you still feel a deeper, more spiritual connection with them as a soulmate and maybe even twin flame.

So if a person is giving you the best time of your life while also peppering it heavily with difficulties, then this person is likely your karmic soulmate.

You have a spiritual contract with them and that is why you are now together as soulmates.

You’ll know a karmic soul connection when you see one.

Couples in such a relationship are usually very intense and emotional—but this also means it is vulnerable to a lot of pain or instability.

Such relationships are often founded on strong sexual or physical attraction and elicit highly romantic affections from people.

People often say “my world stopped when I met him/her” or “I just felt so intensely for him/her.”

These very emotional connections bring these people together, even when it’s not logical to do so. This is due to the soulmate connection.

At the start of the relationship, the newness and intensity of these relationships (like its honeymoon period), make the lovers “madly in love” as they say.

However, as time goes on, the relationship often runs into multiple problems:

  • Jealousy and infidelity
  • Abuse of power
  • Lack of respect
  • Miscommunication

While it is of course difficult when these things occur, these kickstart the karmic process of growth.

Couples will and must learn important things from these struggles in order for their relationship to survive.

Abusive, toxic,  or codependent relationships can be a karmic soulmate relationship. They just can’t leave each other even though their relationship is, by most accounts, an unhealthy one.

Watch out for these eight signs of a karmic relationship

While every relationship is incredibly different, there are common signs of karmic relationships. If you think you might be in one, watch out for these eight signs:

1) There’s often unnecessary drama

Karmic relationships are often filled with drama that is usually unnecessary as well as a heaping of very intense emotions (both positive and negative ones).

Because you two got together so quickly due to such intense attraction, you might not have had enough time to fully know each other, leading to a lot of misunderstanding and drama.

Such drama can even result in the infamous break-up and make-up cycle that is unfortunately characteristic of a karmic relationship.

Of course, any romantic relationship has strong emotions involved and thus causes some drama, but a healthy relationship will only have a manageable amount of drama that is usually resolved quickly.

If there is often drama in your relationship, then you just might be in a karmic one. It is crucial to reflect on the issues and patterns that cause the drama in order to solve them.

2) The relationship brings out both the best and worst in you

As aforementioned, karmic relationships usually aren’t the healthiest of relationships—far from it. In a truly healthy one, people become and want to become the best versions of themselves for their partner, as each one also lifts the other up.

While it can feel like your partner brings out the best in you, if they also often bring out the worst in you, this is most likely a karmic relationship.

This is because emotions often run high, which can result in toxic impulses such as:

  • Jealousy
  • Possessiveness
  • The urge to control your partner
  • dishonesty

3) A gifted advisor affirms the karmic relationship

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about karmic relationships.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can determine the type of relationship that you are in.

The problem is finding someone you can trust. 

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with unique insights into different aspects of my life.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

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Not only will a genuine advisor explain if you are indeed in a karmic relationship, but they can reveal all your love possibilities too.

4) There are red flags everywhere

Because karmic relationships are generally unhealthy in more ways than one, it’s inevitable for multiple red flags to appear in the course of the relationship.

These can take the form of controlling behavior, unsettling emotional outbursts, or even outright manipulation.

It can seem like the both of you go out of character regularly, and show their darker sides.

Unfortunately, the unstable nature of a karmic relationship is a conducive environment for people to show their nastier sides.

5) There’s a lot of repetitive behavior and fights

The unhealthy behavior in karmic relationships can take the form of repetitive behavior.

The most typical example of this is having the same fights over the same unresolved issues again and again.

People in karmic relationships are usually incompatible in several areas, inevitably leading to mismatched expectations and the unwillingness to compromise on many things.

Even highly compatible couples will still inevitably have their moments of disagreement and friction, what more incompatible ones?

6) You miscommunicate a lot with each other

Sincere and open communication should be one of the main pillars of any relationship. In a karmic one, however, there is often a struggle to truly understand each other despite honest efforts from both sides.

These moments of miscommunication can help you learn how to mend problems in the relationship.

But this is if you eventually find out how to communicate effectively in the first place.

Unfortunately, for people in karmic relationships, there might be fundamental differences in communication styles.

This leads to miscommunication being quite a common occurrence in your relationship and why you may be fighting over the same issues over and over again.

7) You find yourself fearful of the relationship’s end

The intense emotions in a karmic relationship often lead to very high highs but also to very low lows.

This is why the relationship feels unstable and rocky, and there is a constant feeling of not being settled in.

This is why the partners are often fearful of when or how the relationship might end.

Volatility is the name of the game when it comes to karmic relationships, and you fear that a little fight (which happens often) might be the nail in the coffin to end the relationship for good.

If you always feel tense, like something is about to explode in the relationship, then you’re likely in a karmic relationship.

A healthy relationship, despite intense love and romance, should always make you feel at peace with your partner.

8) The relationship drains your energy

The intense yet fickle nature of your relationship constantly drains your energy, and this will eventually burn you out.

It all just takes a toll on you and it’s no wonder then that you constantly feel exhausted around your partner.

It’s hard to overstate the stress that unending drama and fighting with your partner can bring you.

Your mental and emotional health are often compromised as you struggle to keep the karmic relationship afloat.

Can you turn karmic relationships into healthy soulmate relationships?

The primary difference between a karmic soulmate and a non-karmic soulmate is that a karmic relationship, even if with a soulmate, will have major difficulties that will facilitate growth and development.

This is despite any and all high points that the relationship may have.

On the other hand, a soulmate that isn’t karmic will be and remain more fluid, positive, and just generally healthier throughout the entire relationship.

Of course, any relationship will have its fair share of hardship, but it is particularly worse with karmic relationships.

A karmic situation that you should be aware of is when you notice that you generally end up with the same type of relationship.

They all end up hurting you in one way or another, and you ask yourself what you did to deserve such bad luck when it comes to love.

You can fail to realize that these are actually lessons that you need in order to grow as a person.

Different experiences can teach you different lessons, so it is smart to reflect deeply about each relationship.

Unfortunately, karmic relationships do not usually last.

As amazing as the good moments may be, the relationship is simply not sustainable for both people involved.

Remember that the main purpose of such relationships is to teach both partners a lesson.

Once this purpose is fulfilled, we are meant to “graduate” spiritually and it is best for us to move on to the next chapter in life.

Of course, the relationship still has its amazing parts, and it is hard to let go.

When you refuse to accept that there is an expiration date for the relationship, the universe will do what needs to be done and “cut the karmic ties” that bond the two of you.

Only when you’re out of the relationship can you truly process the experience from a detached third-person point of view. It is here where we realize the lessons that we were taught.

It’s important to remember that you can have a karmic relationship with any person; it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner.

You can have them with family members, friends, even colleagues.

We will all undergo karmic relationships in some form or another. You may think that the universe is punishing you for being in such a toxic relationship.

But do not fret and remember that everything has a purpose.

Wrapping Up

Within every human being is a soul whose destiny is to grow and to evolve.

We all have different kinds of darkness in our hearts that we must grow out of and that necessitates different experiences for us to truly grow.

Karmic relationships are surely tough, but if they learn the lessons being taught to them, and act upon them urgently enough, then the unhealthy nature of the relationship can be cured.

With enough effort from both partners, they can both grow as individuals and work on turning their relationship around into a truly healthy and harmonious soulmate relationship.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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