10 ways empaths feel when someone is thinking about them sexually

Being an empath can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, being able to sense other people’s emotions and understand what they are feeling is a shining example of how wonderful empathy can be.

On the other hand, being an empath means constantly being bombarded with other people’s thoughts, feelings, and desires—whether we like it or not.

The fact that empaths can sense when someone is sexually attracted to them can be both a blessing and curse; depending on the person who is feeling those things about you.

But how can an empath actually tell if someone is desiring them? Here are 10 ways empaths feel when someone is thinking about them sexually…

1) They sense an increase in adrenaline

When someone is sexually attracted to an empath, an increase in adrenaline can be felt by the empath.

Adrenaline is often referred to as being the “fight or flight” hormone.

This hormone is used when we are in a dangerous situation or feel stressed out.

However, adrenaline also pumps through the body when you are excited, or sexually aroused!

This is why adrenaline will be very present whenever someone is sexually attracted to you.

When an empath senses the adrenaline of another person, it can make them feel nervous and anxious.

They may feel like they need to move around more or go for a walk. This is especially true when they don’t understand yet that this adrenaline is “positive”.

But they won’t just feel the adrenaline:

2) They feel the sexual tension

The sexual tension that empaths can feel from someone’s sexual attraction can be overwhelming at times.

This can make an empath feel like they are being consumed by another person’s desires for them.

If you’ve ever felt sexual tension between you and someone, multiply that by 100 and you’ll get closer to what an empath feels in that situation.

Many empaths describe this sensation as feeling like they are caught in a thick, sticky fog.

When empaths are around people to whom they are sexually attracted or who are sexually attracted to them, they can feel this tension in their bodies.

It can be hard to concentrate on anything else but the desire to release this sexual energy.

They may find themselves thinking about having sex frequently.

While this sensation is usually in the mind, it can sometimes be felt as a tightening in the body. This can cause empaths to feel like they need to stretch or exercise more often.

This energy is very potent and it can easily get too much sometimes.

That brings me to my next point:

3) They feel a sudden need to shower and clean themselves

When empaths feel someone else’s sexual attraction, they may feel a sudden need to shower and clean themselves.

You see, this is especially true if the sexual attention they are receiving is unwanted.

They may become self-conscious about themselves or feel dirty without knowing why.

This can be a sign that their superpowers are working extra hard to get rid of other people’s energy.

While this sudden desire to clean oneself may seem strange, it’s actually a common feeling experienced by empaths who feel sexual attraction from others.

The desire to bathe is a way empaths can release the energies of others from their bodies.

When they feel dirty, it’s a sign that they have taken on too much.

It also helps empaths feel more in control of the situation. And having more control can help reduce the amount of energy they are taking in.

Think about it: by taking a shower or a bath, you can metaphorically clean yourself from these thoughts and feelings that feel very dirty.

But that’s not the only way empaths cope with that kind of energy:

4) They need to be alone to regroup and recover from sensing all those emotions

When empaths notice the sexual attraction of another person, they may want to get as far away from that person as possible.

This is because they have taken on too much energy and need to regroup and recover.

This sudden desire to be alone can cause empaths to feel embarrassed or guilty, especially if they are interested in that person or don’t want to seem weird.

They may worry they are being rude or sending out negative vibes to the other person. However, empaths must remember that their sudden desire for solitude is not their fault.

It’s their superpowers working even harder than usual to get rid of the extra energy.

While empaths are alone, they must try to ground themselves. Grounding is a technique that allows empaths to get rid of extra energy and stay balanced.

You see, empaths need to ground themselves more often than other people anyways because other people’s energies can get a bit too intense.

Now: if that energy includes sexual attraction towards them, that can be really overwhelming really quickly.

No wonder that they often need to take a moment to themselves and simply return to their own energy.

Sometimes, an empath might cope with picking up on these energies by having certain dreams:

5) They get erotic dreams

Erotic dreams are another sign that an empath has taken on too much energy from another person.

When empaths experience sexual attraction from another person, they may dream about that person in a sexual way.

These dreams can be extremely vivid and enjoyable.

They can occur while the empath is daydreaming or while they are sleeping.

Erotic dreams are usually a sign that an empath has taken on too much energy from another person.

These dreams are a way for the empath to process and release that energy. Erotic dreams are most common when empaths are in a relationship with another person.

They can also happen when empaths are single, but it’s more common when they are in a relationship.

Now: this can be a bit confusing, especially if the empath isn’t super attracted to that other person.

However, those dreams are simply a way for them to process this sexual attraction that they are receiving from this person.

Dreams like that can be incredibly confusing, and it’s no wonder that empaths sometimes don’t know what is right or wrong anymore.

The good news?

There are people who can help with that, like Psychic Source. You see, these gifted advisors are experts in dream interpretations and know everything there is to know about empaths.

If you want to figure out more about your dreams and how to interpret them, you can go to Psychic Source and talk to one of their gifted advisors.

They will be able to help you understand what your dreams mean, and they will also help you process this energy that is coming from another person.

This can be incredibly helpful for empaths, especially if they’re in a relationship or if they’re simply trying to figure out what’s going on with them.

It’s no wonder that empaths are misunderstood sometimes. They are very sensitive people who have to deal with a lot of energy from other people.

But the dreams aren’t the only thing they notice:

6) They notice the other person’s body language around them

Empaths can notice the subtle changes in another person’s body language when they are sexually attracted to them.

They can see the signs of sexual attraction in the other person’s posture or facial expressions.

They can notice things like the other person standing a little closer or tilting their head to the side. Empaths have the ability to pick up on other people’s subtle changes whether they are intentional or not.

This can be both a blessing and a curse. When empaths notice the subtle changes in another person’s body language, they can begin to wonder if they are sexually attracted to them.

This can lead to questions like, “Do they like me?” or “Do they want to be more than friends?”

Of course, all of that can be confusing, but it also helps an empath to know what another person’s intentions are.

They might also sense this person’s feelings:

7) They can sense the other person’s anxiety

When empaths notice the sexual attraction of another person, they may also pick up on their anxiety.

Anxiety is often a sign that the person is nervous about moving forward with their attraction or desires.

Empaths can sense this anxiety by noticing the person pacing or fidgeting. Their voice may also become more tense or shaky.

When empaths notice the anxiety of the other person, they may feel the need to comfort them.

They may want to give the person a hug or provide reassurance that everything will be okay.

Empaths may also worry that they are causing the other person to feel anxious. They may feel a sense of responsibility to do something about it.

The thing is, as an empath, you might not always understand where the anxiety is coming from, whether it’s positive or negative.

In that case, empaths might not even realize that the other person is sexually attracted to them, they can only sense this anxiety exuberating from them.

Unless, of course, they feel an attraction:

8) They feel the attraction between them

When empaths are sexually attracted to another person, they can actually feel it throughout their entire bodies.

This feeling can make empaths feel like they have been hit by a freight train.

This attraction can cause empaths to lose their balance and stumble over their words in conversation.

They may feel suddenly tongue-tied or unable to think clearly. The attraction can cause empaths to feel extremely aroused and have a hard time controlling those emotions.

When empaths are sexually attracted to another person, they can actually feel that person’s sexual energy in their bodies. This is a sign that the attraction is real and not a misunderstanding.

This is pretty confusing, but also beautiful. You see, when the attraction is mutual, the empath gets to feel this excitement and arousal even more intensely!

9) They feel a tingling in their lower belly

The tingling sensation in empaths’ bellies when they are sexually attracted to someone is a clear sign that they have encountered someone who is sexually attracted to them.

When empaths are sexually attracted to someone or notice someone desires them, they may feel a tingling sensation in their lower bellies.

The thing is, your lower belly is where a lot of nerves from our sexual organs run along, and so when you feel this tingling sensation, you are actually feeling the other person’s sexual attraction to you.

Your body is literally responding to their sexual energy!

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

10) They feel an intense desire to be in the person’s company

When someone is sexually attracted to an empath and they don’t feel opposed to that person, they may want to be in that person’s company a lot more.

They may just want to be around them all the time and take every opportunity to do so.

Empaths may feel a strong desire to be in this person’s company. This can cause empaths to become more extroverted and talkative around them.

They also might spend more time than usual getting ready for this person or even dress up more than usual.

This is because a part of them knows that they share a mutual attraction and so they will feel this immense desire to be together, one way or another!

Final thoughts

When empaths are sexually attracted to someone, they are taking on their emotions, desires, and sexual energy.

Taking on someone else’s energy can make empaths feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

This can make empaths confused about what’s happening inside of them.

They may become suspicious of their feelings and wonder if their desires are their own or if they are being manipulated by the other person.

However, when the attraction is mutual, this can also be a beautiful thing.

You see, being an empath comes with its upsides and downsides – it’s not a bad thing to feel other people’s emotions, it can simply be a bit overwhelming at times!

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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