16 ways empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually

Would an empath be able to feel a sexual feeling that was meant for them?

Being an empath means being more aware of the thoughts and feelings of others, whether happiness, despair, anger, or joy.

Even if those emotions are not physically communicated or expressed in any way, an empath can still sense them.

In this blog, we’ll share some ways empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

Read on!

1) An unexplained feeling of excitement

Sweating palms.

Excessive sweating on the head

Goosebumps—as if someone touched them on the back of the neck as if there was cold water running through their spine.

To say that they feel like a piece of meat would be an understatement.

Since they are empaths, they can feel what the other person might be thinking. However, if it’s something sexual, it might get a little complicated.

Since they can be overly sensitive to these feelings, they can be either uncomfortable or excited.

If it’s the former, it just means that their mind, body, and feelings fight off the sexual tension.

But if it’s the second one, it will definitely surprise and attract them so much that they’ll feel a sudden burst of life and energy.

2) Having a sudden burst of energy

It may seem like they’re caught off guard, but suddenly they feel a rush of energy within them. As empaths, their heart rate might go up for no reason or they might feel more heart palpitations.

There’s a change in the frequency of their heartbeats, leaving them out of breath, and they might feel as if they’re going through an anxiety attack.

This sudden energy may pass through them like electricity; or as if there’s a sudden shiver of pleasure within them.

The feelings might increase if they’re suddenly in physical contact with the other person.

It’s essential to understand that they can “feel” the energy of others, which is one of the ways empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

They sure are not crazy.

Empaths just experience very real feelings that can be overwhelming if they don’t go away.

It could be worse, though: they might feel confused or frustrated because they don’t know what to do with these feelings and thoughts.

3) Feeling a sudden wave of understanding

If one is not an empath, one may be able to recognize the signs, such as body language or specific words being used, that suggest someone has a sudden sexual interest in them.

Empaths, however, feel the emotions that the other person is projecting, along with some cues they give off. Ultimately, they may feel that someone has a sudden sexual interest in them, and they may feel that they understand what’s happening.

I realized that, as an empath, I had to first understand my situation before I could handle it with such passion.

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Empaths tend to absorb every kind of energy without realizing it. That’s why I realized that in order to face my doubts and discomfort about the whole ordeal, I must first understand them and accept them as part of my identity.

That way, I can handle them much better. I can get the peace of mind I wanted, controlling my abilities as an empath.

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4) A sudden wave of emotion

We know empaths are good at absorbing the emotions of others. An unexplainable rush of emotion could be one of the ways empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

If someone is sexually interested in them, they might be able to feel the emotion they’re projecting onto them.

They may experience hot flushes or chills running through their bodies, going from feeling calm to being agitated or feeling angry or upset. They may wish they could make the feeling stop!

And it gets better:

Empaths may want to make physical contact with the other person without knowing why or how to do it! They may feel the desire too much and want to get closer to the person so they can express what they think about the whole situation.

5) A tingling sensation in the back of their neck

Empaths are often highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent.

However, emotions tend to get the best of them. They can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

Most of the time, they feel tingling in their bodies, especially around the heart and chin. They may also have a racing heart and butterflies in their stomach.

It’s like their bodies react to the emotions projected at them.

But this ability to feel other people’s feelings can also make you feel too much anxiety or anger.

6) Feeling a sense of déjà vu

There may be positive feelings an empath can feel when they’re in someone else’s thoughts.

It gets worse, though.

If an individual has a history of trauma, they may have flashbacks triggered by thoughts of them in a sexual context,

Even if those thoughts are from someone who was not involved in the traumatic event, the memories of a painful sexual altercation they’ve experienced will keep coming back to their senses, leaving them in constant fear when sexually enticed.

If their mind is in a vulnerable state, they may become frightened or even panic-stricken.

If they are empathic to someone who has negative feelings towards them, they may also pick up on these energies and feel threatened or unsafe, especially if they don’t know the person well or at all yet.

7) A feeling of warmth

Heat rises in their faces. Their bodies may feel hot. They might feel a warm sensation in their chest or something warm shooting from their heart.

Empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually, and whether they like it or not, their feelings may heighten if they are touched.

If an empath is married or romantically involved, they may feel a sense of warmth, comfort, or familiarity about the whole situation. For an empath, the body may be a great source of emotions and feelings.

They can easily understand how other people feel, and they may feel a strong connection to the feelings and sensations that happen in their own bodies.

At times, it come to them as painful physical pain.

8) They could have headaches or migraines

If you had consumed too much alcohol, you could have felt your head throbbing.

On the same note, when someone is thinking about them sexually, an empath might feel sexually aroused and have physical symptoms like a throbbing head or a fuzzy feeling.

An empath absorbs the feelings of others, and there’s a possibility that they will feel aroused or turned on by others’ sexual thoughts of them.

How could I possibly know this?

Earlier, I mentioned that I asked for the help of a psychic advisor. I had a strong feeling that someone I liked was also thinking about me sexually, and I had to understand that first to know how I should react.

Empaths like me can be vulnerable in emotional situations, so I knew I had to be cautious when picking up and processing emotions.

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9) Feeling a shift in energy

Are you aware of the crown chakra?

It’s something empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara chakra, is the seventh and highest chakra in the human body. It is said to be the point of connection between the physical body and the spiritual realm.

The pineal gland, the central nervous system, and the brain are all linked to the crown chakra. When this chakra is balanced and open, individuals may feel a sense of inner peace, unity with the universe, and a deeper understanding of their purpose in life.

This chakra also gives you a sense of ownership over your own soul.

If there’s an increase in the activity of the crown chakra, there’s a shift of energy in your soul, and as an empath, it’s impossible not to miss it. When an individual’s crown chakra is activated, they may have heightened intuition.

10) Heightened intuition

Empaths can sense when someone is thinking about them sexually and may have a heightened intuition for such occurrences.

This is because empaths often have a stronger sense of energy than other people, which lets them pick up on subtle signs in the environment that other people might miss. They may have a sense of being watched, which can elicit feelings of goosebumps.

Additionally, empaths may be able to detect changes in the energy around them, such as when someone is flirting or even thinking about them.

11) A feeling of being connected

Empaths might feel the sensation of being touched, even if they aren’t. That’s because an empath can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

Not to mention, they may feel more drawn to that person. Obviously, it’s because the person who has sexual feelings for them is drawn to them as well.

They might feel a static shock in their body. They may also experience physical sensations that are a result of these, if there’s a magnet pulling them together.

For that reason, it’s pretty obvious that you are aware of the emotions of the other person…

12) Knowing what the other person is feeling and thinking

An empath feels the other person’s sexual desire for them. They can see an aura around another person that reveals their thoughts or feelings. They may sense or even imagine the person’s inner sexual fantasies.

As was already said, empaths are people who can pick up on feelings or energies that other people would typically miss. A strong intuition about someone is usually what empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually.

Empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them that way. It is not uncommon for empaths to feel like their partner is experiencing sexual feelings for them without them realizing it.

When all’s said and done, it’s possible to feel a sudden urge to connect with a person in a sexual manner or to understand someone else’s desires better.

13) Feeling a sudden urge

There are many things an empath might attempt to do after establishing a sexual connection.

Whether it’s a strong desire to call or text, they may feel a strong desire to drink because they are thirsty for no apparent reason. They may even feel slightly nauseated.

The body and mind of an empath suddenly become in sync.

If the real feeling of connection is pushed down, it can lead to feelings of isolation and confusion, as well as physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and the urge to drink too much water.

14) Hearing a voice in your head

No, you’re not dreaming. You’re not imagining things.

Empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them sexually, and they may experience uncomfortable thoughts.

They may have a sudden thought or idea, or they may have bothersome thoughts that come to them at random times.

Sometimes, it comes when you’re dreaming.

15) Having a dream that reveals the connection

Sometimes, we receive signs from the universe about something that’s about to happen. Whether good or bad, they find a way to send us that message.

When you’re an empathic person, you may receive messages in a dream, featuring the other person.

In other words, wet dreams may be something empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them.

There may be multiple dreams about the same person, and those dreams may be sexual in nature—sex positions, hot and steamy sex all day long (or night)!

I’m not sure if it’s the worst or best, an empath may imagine what it would be like to have sex with that person.

It may be satisfying that you feel tingly all over.

Some of our dreams, however, do not favor any empath.

Some hot dreams may trigger memories of sexual harassment or past assaults.

A hot dream for one person may just be a nightmare for another.

16) Sensing a presence in the room

Empaths are highly sensitive people who feel what others feel, think what others think, and see what others see.

Since there is a heightened sense, they may also feel an approaching energy somewhere.

An empath may be sitting still somewhere else, and then their eyes may shift across the room—only to find out the bearer of energy is someone who has a sexual interest.

An empath may have a sudden awareness of the other person’s presence—a subtle change in the atmosphere. That’s because you can sense others’ feelings from a distance, even without words or actions.

I’ve mentioned empaths’ increased awareness a couple of times. If an empath can sense someone staring at them even with their eyes closed, they can also feel the heat of someone’s eyes on them and be touched by the words someone says to them.

In a way, the feelings of an empath when someone is thinking about them sexually will depend on their relationship with that person and whether the person has positive or negative feelings towards them.

What do you need to do as an empath?

An empath may be overly sensitive and may easily absorb the feelings of others. That’s why an empath must recognize what they are and what they are capable of.

They must understand, take charge of their feelings, and learn to take care of themselves emotionally.

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