Can a spirit guide be a person? The 7 main types of spirit guides

Can your spirit guide be a person?

Yes. But a departed one reaching out from the other side. They can also be many other things.

In fact, a spirit guide can be anything that holds energy and has the ability to communicate impressions, feelings, thoughts, and healing.

We take you through the different types of spirits guides and offer tips to help you establish a relationship with yours.

6 types of spirit guides

While some spirit guides are with you from the moment you’re born. Others simply enter your life when you need them the most.

When it comes to finding your spirit guide, it could be one, or all, of the following.

1) Archangels

When it comes to the hierarchy of angels, an Archangel sits at the top. You’ll have likely heard of a number of different Archangels throughout history.

  • Archangel Raphael: The Divine Healer of Physical Ailments
  • Archangel Azrael: The Benevolent Transformer of Mental and Emotional Anxieties
  • Archangel Chamuel: The Divine Benefactor of Unconditional Love
  • Archangel Haniel – The Divine Healer of Families and Relationships
  • Archangel Ariel – The Great Earth Mother
  • Archangel Metatron – The Great Instigator of Powerful Change

Each Archangel can work with countless humans at the same time. When you call on the help of an Archangel, you might feel a shift in the energy of the room you’re in. They’re said to be full of pure love, and send us messages in our time of need.

2) Guardian Angels

Unlike Archangels, a Guardian Angel is yours and yours alone.

You don’t share them with another living soul. They devote themselves to just helping you.

Once you get to know your Guardian Angel, it’s easier to call on them in your time of need for guidance and direction.

It can be difficult to determine when your Guardian Angel is nearby. Over the years, a number of people have reported different signs that they were visited. Some of these include:

  • Being visited in a dream.
  • You see coloured orbs.
  • Finding a white feather.
  • Your baby sees something you can’t.
  • You see angels in the clouds.

3) Spirit Animals

Spirit animals can also appear in a number of different forms. It might be an old pet who has passed on and now offers spiritual guidance.

It could also be another animal that has something important to teach you.

Once again, different animals symbolize different things:

  • The Butterfly: this is one of the most symbolic signs of transformation and change.
  • The Spider: they act as a reminder to create the life you want to lead.
  • The Crow: they bring magic and mystery to offer a heightened awareness.
  • The Owl: a true sign from the universe, bringing wisdom, connection, and knowledge.
  • The Hummingbird: full of light, connection, and speed.

It’s about learning how to stop and be completely aware of any animals that cross your path. Be open to seeing the same animal time and again and taking the message they’re offering.

4) Departed loved ones

Family members or loved ones who have passed on may choose to take on the role of spirit guide to actively support you from above.

Whether you change directions in your career or make some personal choices that almost come unexpectedly, but feel so right. This is often the work of your departed loved one, helping you.

They could also send people into your life when you most need them. The signs of a departed love one at work as a spirit guide as subtle, but there.

5) Ascended Masters

These are enlightened beings here on Earth who ascended. They were once human and led lived of spiritual growth and influence and now continue doing so as spirit guides.

They all work in harmony, no matter what their religions or beliefs here on Earth.

Here are some great examples of our Ascended Masters:

  • Confucius, born in 551 BC, was a well-educated scholar who taught growth towards perfect virtue in every thought, word, and deed.
  • Gautama Buddha, one of the great enlightened ones.
  • Christ Jesus, the world’s Savior and teacher.
  • Melchizedek works towards establishing heaven on earth.

6) Goddesses & Gods

Goddesses, Gods, and other deities have become a part of the spirit team that surrounds us on a daily basis.

They each represent different virtues and will come to help you at different stages of your life when you most need it.

  • Amaterasu the Japanese Sun goddess
  • Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune
  • Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility, sexual liberty, abundance, and war
  • Isis, the Egyptian mother goddess and matron of nature, magic, and creativity
  • Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion

10 ways to communicate with your spirit guides

Now we know how many different forms spirit guides can appear to us in, it’s about opening ourselves up to hearing their messages.

We tend to have different spirit guides at different stages of our life. There is actually no limit to the amount of spirit guides we can have.

While some are there for just one moment. Others have followed your journey from the day you were born. You might even outgrow your spirit guide along the way, due to decisions or choices you make that set you on a different life track.

You’ll find new spirit guides who will step in and take over to help you out.

Knowing this, how do you communicate with your spirit guide and make sure you’re open to receiving their help and support?

For some people, this is easy. It can be as simple as acknowledging their presence and starting a conversation with them.

If you’re having trouble connecting with your spirit guide — or even working out what form they have taken on in your life, here are some tips to help you out.

1) Be present in your own life

It’s funny how often we can let life literally pass us by, as we’re so busy concentrating on getting from A to B.

If you want to be able to notice your spirit guides and let them into your life, then the first step is actually slowing down and paying attention to your surroundings.

If you’re always in a hurry and over-scheduling yourself, then you’re going to miss important messages along the way.

Of course, this is often much easier said than done, so let’s look at some practical tips that can make this possible.

Start off with some meditation. You can even choose one specifically aimed at helping you connect with your spirit guides. All it has to take is five minutes out of your day.

For example, if you’re about to leave work to do the school run, then pop this on. It will help pull you out of work mode and make you more present to this next stage in your day.

With an open mind, who knows what you might notice along the way.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask

A spirit guide is there to help guide and support us through our lives.

Even if you can’t see or feel them, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for the help you’re looking for. It’s the first step in opening up that connection with them.

Start making a habit of voicing your needs out loud. Find yourself in a quiet room and start listing out loud all the different areas of your life that you’re looking for some extra support.

Whether you’re needing help trying for a baby, thinking about a big career change, or looking to move to another country with your family, this is what your spirit guide is there for. The more you ask, the more likely you are to receive.

3) Watch for signs

Signs from your spirit guides will come in many different shapes and forms.

Instead of chalking something up to coincidence or ignoring it altogether, start considering whether these things might be signs from your spirit guide that you are missing.

The easiest way to do this is to think about something you’re looking for help with. Think about it throughout the day.

When you’re in the shower, while you’re driving to work and when you’re eating lunch. Keep telling yourself you need help with this particular problem. Then be on the lookout for signs along the way.

It’s amazing how much you notice when you’re actually looking for it. That peacock at the zoo that then appeared in your dream isn’t a coincidence. Your spirit guide is trying to send you a message.

4) Keep a journal

Once you start reaching out to your spirit guides, another way to open those lines of communication is through journaling.

Start off with an open invitation to them, such as:

“Thank you spirit guides for revealing to me whatever you want me to know”.

From here, you want to let the pen flow with all your inner thoughts. Open up and get it all out onto the paper. It can be anything you like, such as a drawing, a poem, your thoughts, dreams you’ve had.

The important thing is not to stop to think about it. You want to allow your subconscious to take over for this process to truly reflect your thoughts and feelings and open up that door to communication.

5) Get to know your guides

If you truly want to try and connect with your guides, then it helps to give them a name. This will help make them sound much more real to you, which can have the added benefit of allowing you to connect on a deeper level.

Think of a name you love and adore. A name that has a special meaning to you is important. Start using that name when you’re talking to your guide. You can also use the name when you journal in the step above.

It’s about building that closer connection and making it easier to visualize your guide and the help they’re giving you. A name brings that personal touch to the relationship.

You might have a few guides watching over you. In this case, name them all. If you’re unsure, then go with your gut feeling. It’s more important than ever to trust in that gut feeling of yours and listen to what it’s telling you.

6) Ask for a sign

We can spend so much time looking for signs or trying to notice our spirit guides around us, that we forget the obvious – such as asking straight out for a sign from them.

Spirit guides are good-natured and enjoy playing games, so feel free to get playful with them to strengthen that bond you have together.

If you’ve never asked for a sign before, you’re not alone. But it’s nice and easy to do.

The direct method is the easiest:

“(Insert name), please send me a clear sign that you are listening to me. Please make this sign as obvious as possible so I know it’s from you and can trust in it. The more you can show me this, the better I will understand. Thank you!”

7) Pay attention to the signs

It’s one thing to openly communicate with your spirit guide or guides but if you aren’t ready to listen to what they’re saying, then all will be lost.

Whether you’re asking for a sign, or simply on the lookout for them, you have to be able to read the signs for what they are and what they’re telling you. This is the best way to actually open those lines of communication.

It will truly help you.

You have no control over how your guidance will appear to you. Or when it will come. The one thing you do have control over is accepting it once it arrives.

It could be a song on the radio, it might be a sign on the road as you drive, it could be a beetle crawling across your lap in the park.

It’s about recognizing these signs and the messaging they are telling you, to ensure you get the most out of your conversation with your spirit guide.

Don’t forget to thank them once the message is received. Let them know how much you appreciate it to truly keep those lines of communication open between you.

8) Listen to those around you

We mentioned above that our spirit guides don’t come in the form of humans — unless deceased. But this doesn’t mean our spirit guides can’t send messages to us through other humans.

Do you feel like you have a strong connection with a particular person?

Did someone give you some news that seemed like a sign?

Your spirit guide is working through others to get the message across to you loud and clear. It’s important to always listen to those around us, to make sure we don’t miss a message in the process.

It could be your best friend, your family member, a doctor, a teacher, or even a stranger. Be open to all the different ways your spirit guide might be trying to reach you with a message.

9) Offer yourself to your guides

When you’re in a place of conflict and are looking to your guides for help, then offer yourself up to your guides.

Take a step back from the issue and let your guides know that you’re leaving it in their hands.

By taking that crucial step back and giving yourself some much-needed space from the issue, you might be overly surprised at what comes from it.

10) Trust your intuition

Everyone has intuition and it’s something you can improve on and listen to with a bit of practice.

Here are some steps you can take to achieve this:

  1. Listen to your gut: Don’t just listen, but trust in it as well and what it’s telling you.
  2. Make note of your energy levels: If something or someone is taking that energy away, it’s best to make some changes.
  3. Capture your flashes: These are your moments of clarity that make you feel rejuvenated and excited. Make sure you remember them and follow through. Ie, I should call my mum!
  4. Meditate: There is no better way to find your inner calm and settle your thoughts than with meditation.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your guides, it can be disheartening. Just remember, you’re guides are always there helping, whether or not you’re aware of their presence.

It’s up to you to refocus your energies and re-establish that connection with them, but it isn’t crucial to your relationship.

Your guides will follow your lead when it comes to communication. Just know that the more you communicate with them, the more they will share back,

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