What do vultures represent in the Bible? 17 biblical meanings

Have you seen a vulture recently – in your dreams, at night, or during the day?

I used to get that unnerving feeling that seeing a vulture brings. They can be quite intimidating when I see them circling in the air or flocking dead animals.

I can’t help thinking these vultures are harbingers of death and diseases. Like, is seeing a vulture a bad omen, or should I be worried?

However, vultures have spiritual messages and significance beyond their reputation.

So you will also gain clarity, I will unveil the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture.

What does seeing a vulture represent? 17 biblical meanings

I know you might also have those emotional signals running down your spine when you encounter a vulture based on the things we see in the movies.

Even if vultures have this foul reputation, they are amazing creatures. They have a lot of untapped potential and serve an important function in the Universe, in God’s creation, and in His Word.

That is why we need to open our minds to understand their presence.

Because the truth is, vulture means different things in a spiritual and biblical sense.

1) A cleansing and rebirth experience

It’s amazing to know that seeing a vulture signifies transformations in our life.

It’s common to dream about a vulture when we’re undergoing relationship or career changes or transitions in life.

It might seem scary when vultures circle above us – but they’re just keeping an eye out on their environment.

And this means that we also have to remain vigilant no matter what changes come our way.

The vulture purifies the decaying and stagnant – and reminds us to let go of the “old and dead.” So don’t hold on to the past so you can allow fresh energies to enter your life.

Like a vulture, we can handle this transformation and turn the negatives into positives. That’s how we can overcome any obstacles in our path easily.

2) The messages and wisdom of Jesus

In biblical times, even if these buzzards are seen as omens of death and misfortune, they were used to deliver good news.

And when Jesus spoke to the Jews in parables, one of the animals He used was the vulture.

In a biblical sense, seeing a vulture points to the teachings of Jesus. It’s sending a reminder for everyone to read the Bible and understand the words of the Lord.

The presence of a vulture comes to show us the wisdom of Jesus.

And when we pray and ask God for help, believe that He hears us and gives us what we desire.

3) A sign of spiritual cleansing

I observe that when a vulture feeds on carcasses, they also clear the environment of the rot and smell.

One purpose of vultures in our lives concerns our spiritual atmosphere. They remove the negative energy surrounding our spiritual environment.

When you commit a sin and disobey God because of greed, idolatry lies, illicit sex, or anything else – your spiritual atmosphere gets contaminated.

But God wants our life to remain clean. Sometimes, He will send a vulture (even in our dreams) as a spiritual cleanser.

This is a sign that God is clearing out negative energy affecting our connection to Him.

And this means that God is encouraging us to seek forgiveness, repent, and bring our life back to Him.

4) Danger is ahead

When it comes to seeing vultures, this is that message that resonates most with all of us.

Whenever we see a vulture, especially at night, it’s a warning sign that an attack is coming.

It’s most likely that you’ll experience this when you’re becoming spiritually careless.

The Universe doesn’t want us to lose our path in life and sends a vulture to keep us from falling further. It reminds us to be more careful of our decisions and actions as our current situation is becoming very critical.

God wants us to quench the fiery darts of the enemy.

So the next time you see a vulture, be vigilant and say a prayer of protection against any spiritual attacks.

5) Opportunities are on the horizon

Vulture has a distinctive characteristic of spotting opportunities and taking advantage of them – whether it’s a corpse or a carcass.

Seeing a vulture is a positive sign as it signifies opportunities coming your way. It could be something that has to do with your personal life or career.

God wants to send a message for you to open your heart, take action, and grab this opportunity.

It’s time to become more aware. Also, take this as a reminder to move from your old habits so that those new opportunities can flourish.

6) To keep focus

Sometimes, fear and distractions tend to paralyze my well-being. Those negativities hinder my plans in life.

And in those times, I choose to remember the promises of God.

I focused on the plans that God has laid out for me and not on the obstacles blocking my way.

It’s difficult to hear God’s voice and achieve our goals when our lives are filled with distractions.

Similar to vultures, they never get distracted by the things around them. They remain focused on identifying opportunities in the environment.

So when you’re seeing a vulture, know that it’s sending a spiritual message to help you stay focused and away from distractions.

And this means putting God in the center of our lives.

7) A sign of abundance

When you are feeling low or suffering – and a vulture makes an appearance in your life, it’s reminding you that by hurting, you will grow and evolve to a higher self.

Seeing a flock of vultures symbolizes abundance on the horizon.

It indicates that you’re about to experience prosperity and financially abundant life. This means that God is sending His blessings and favor.

So expect, be hopeful, and be thankful that a breakthrough is around the corner.

8) To value spiritual sensitivity

I learned that vultures are highly sensitive animals. And that’s the reason why they can perceive carcasses that are far away from where they are.

Seeing a vulture is an encouragement for us to be more spiritually sensitive.

When I start to become spiritually aware, I find it easier to communicate with God, feel His love, and know His messages.

Don’t worry as it’s easy to be more spiritually aware.

Here are tips that helped me embark on my journey of spiritual development:

  • Practice daily mantra-based meditation
  • Lean and acknowledge my emotions
  • Focus on the positive aspects of myself
  • Deepen by connection with the people I value most
  • Appreciate and give thanks for all that I have in life
  • Enjoy the present moment

9) Symbolizes the judgment of God

Judgment is coming on the world and this will teach us about God’s perfection, generosity, and mercy.

But know that God redeems His people and there is no good reason for us to fear that judgment to fall on us.

The Scripture shares that a flock of Vultures will gather to fight against people who rebel against God’s judgment.

“Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, shouting to the vultures flying high in the sky: Come! Gather together for the great banquet God has prepared. Come and eat the flesh of kings, generals, and strong warriors; of horses and their riders; and of all humanity, both free and slave, small and great.” – (Revelation 19:17-18, NIV Translation)

10) A sign of God’s providence

When a vulture sees its food, I take it as a sign of God’s providence.

Even when things get tough, I know that God is always guiding me throughout my journey in life.

As I continue to set goals, I make sure that it’s what God wants me to work on based on His ways and His will.

So when you encounter a vulture, take it as a message of God’s provision working in your life. And instead of seeing a vulture negatively, look at it as something that will inspire faith in your heart.

I believe that God provides and wants to fill our lives with blessings.

Everything that God does in the world is beyond the scope of our knowledge or comprehension. But it’s enough to experience the fulfillment of His promise and that all will be well in the end.

11) It teaches us to be patient

Most of the time, it pays to be patient in our impatient world.

The power of patience can’t be overemphasized – and this is what the vulture teaches us.

We need to open our hearts as the Universe is blessing us with the virtue of patience.

See, vultures don’t harm or kill animals, instead, they will wait patiently before taking action. They are capable of practicing self-control and patience.

When we often get things with the push of a button, we become impatient when we don’t get our desires easily.

Most people I know have become impatient too. The next thing they knew, even late pizza deliveries can trigger the hell out of them.

Being patient isn’t just about waiting for a reward – but it’s changing our attitude toward waiting. And it is realizing that true rewards in life are the ones that bring us the most meaning.

12) To be committed to your purpose

I can see how vultures value their sense of commitment.

If the appearance of a vulture comes with a sign, then it could be warning us against our lack of commitment.

We could be lacking commitment especially when it comes to our spiritual purpose.

My spiritual commitment reflects the depth of my faith. I take this commitment to myself to change and challenge myself.

Yes, I can say that I am committed to my marriage, my family, and my health. And I am to my faith in the Creator.

Being committed means that our actions should be manifested in both our attitudes and behaviors. Our actions have to reflect who we are and what we believe.

And the vulture spirit animal deliberately reminds us to fulfill our spiritual purpose.

13) A call to be vigilant

Most of the time, we neglect to engage our spiritual senses with God.

Seeing a vulture teaches us about vigilance. God wants to ensure that our spiritual senses are active and heightened.

This way, we’ll get to spot dangers and temptations before it comes to reach us.

We get to discern who to trust and who not to believe.

Most importantly, our heightened spiritual sensitivity allows us to receive the teachings of God and feel His presence in our lives.

That’s because it is only through opening our spiritual senses that we can discover the spiritual realm and experience God in our lives.

14) To get rid of negative energy

We always associate vultures with negativity, but the truth is – they don’t deserve the bad press.

While seeing a black vulture is regarded as a sign of negativity and a bad omen, take it as a warning sign of the presence of negative energies around you.

When life becomes too stressful and overwhelming, it can fill our minds and souls with too much negativity.

So if you see a vulture, it’s time to get rid of every negative energy that surrounds you.

Here are some ways that helped cultivate more positivity and good vibes in my life:

  • Clear the clutter in my home and workplace
  • Open the windows to let the fresh air circulate
  • Do a sage smudging ritual
  • Add houseplants as it creates an environment of calmness
  • Light candles to purify the home with good energy
  • Soak the positive energies of nature
  • Meditate to release stress and anxiety
  • Smile to improve your mood
  • Take a deep breath to relax
  • Practice daily gratitude and kindness

15) To be courageous

I know how important it is to be courageous when I need to make major steps in my career, finances, and relationships.

Seeing a vulture seems nerve-wracking, but the real thing is – it reminds me to face my fears.

Vultures are symbols of strength and courage.

The Universe is showing a token of support by sending the vulture to you.

When you see a vulture, take it as a sign that God is pushing you to take charge of your life and exhibit strength amid the challenges.

Even when things seem unmanageable and scary, know that you have the resources to make it through.

This is because your life will be better and you will experience fulfillment when you become courageous in taking major decisions in your life.

16) To be aware of your divine insight

The vulture is a symbol of spiritual insight.

This means that this animal can leverage their power to spot future occurrences before they happen.

Having divine insight means seeing intuitively, knowing, and understanding what to do in any situation. It’s a force that works within us.

And we need to get this from God who knows what is going on in this world.

God wants us to navigate the most treacherous waters of our journey by fortifying the evils of this world through wisdom and insight.

Usually, when your dream involves a vulture, it has to do with insight and purification.

Seeing a vulture in your dream shows how your experiences can become a pillar of insight that will help you solve the conflicts in your life.

17) To work on being resourceful

Vultures are scavengers that embody resourcefulness.

The Universe wants you to match this ability to make the most of any particular situation so you can go ahead and move forward in your life.

God doesn’t want us to waste our precious time on temporal things. He wants you to know that your life is valuable.

Seeing a vulture is a sign that doors are being opened up that you have never thought of exploring before.

So when you feel that your energy is getting exhausted, let seeing a vulture remind you that your life is brimming with resources.

The vulture will persuade you to hold the reins of your energies and embrace the support that God is extending to you.

Final thoughts on what a vulture represents

Seeing a vulture seems to be an indescribable experience.

The Bible speaks about vultures in a positive light. And when you feel that this spirit guide has visited you, remind yourself of all the Biblical meanings that God wants you to know.

The presence of this animal helps you see life with fresh eyes – a new beginning that carries rebirth and purification.

When a vulture glides into your life, understand that it brims with positive energies. So keep your minds open as we vultures can teach us lessons about life and spirituality.

It’s time that you reap the benefit of everything it spawns and fabricates for your destiny.

You are being reminded by God to use the positive traits of a vulture – patience, loyalty, courage – as your weapons to sail through life.

Know that you can break free from all the chains that weigh you down so you can channel your energy in the right direction.

When a vulture makes an appearance in your life, it brings with it the personal energy you need to go on your journey.

God wants you to know that your pains and sufferings aren’t permanent. Sooner or later, you’ll experience transformation and a sense of renewal.

Like a vulture, you are always free to choose your path but always go with the one that God wants you to go.

Here’s the truth – God wants to give you the best, happiest, and most rewarding life you so deserve to have.

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