The 15 best Mindvalley courses: The complete list (2021 updated)

Mindvalley is an online learning platform dedicated to spirituality, self-improvement, meditation, and holistic health.

The site features over 40 courses on an intuitive, easy-to-use online platform.

Mindvalley has partnered with the leading names in performance and productivity including Robin Sharma and Dr. Michael Breus.

With dozens of courses to choose from, how do you find one the best one for you?

I’ve compiled my 15 favorite courses on Mindvalley so you can pick one and start your journey to self-improvement today.

1. Superbrain

What’s the course?

The Superbrain Quest by Jim Kwik, which has the singular goal of activating the limitless potential of the brain by maximizing your memory, productivity, and focus.

Who’s behind it?

Jim Kwik, a leading expert in brain performance. Jim Kwik has helped countless people in the most demanding industries and positions (including billionaires, CEOs, celebrities, and athletes) get more out of their overall brain performance, by teaching them how to accelerate their learning, speed reading, memory, productivity, and focus.

What makes it great?

Superbrain might be the best course on the internet for those looking to adopt habits and practices that put their brain into overgear (I’ve also written an epic review of Superbrain.)

How much you know and how well you can perform depends on the strength of your brain, which like the rest of the body, is no more than a muscle that can become weaker and stronger.

Jim Kwik has spent a lifetime putting together the best ways to maximize their brain power, and students of this course can learn how to memorize entire speeches and texts, learn languages with ease, and actively engage their brain in all areas of their life.

Check out Superbrain here.

2) Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

What’s the course?

The Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest by Marisa Peer, which focuses on “unprogramming” your mind from the invisible walls holding you back from your potential.

Who’s behind it?

Marisa Peer has spent the last 25 years working in therapy and motivational speaking and has been voted as the top therapist in the United Kingdom after working with a number of leading figures in multi-billion dollar companies.

Her teachings always revolve around getting past the internal barriers keeping you from achieving the goals you want.

What makes it great?

The secret behind this course lies in its authenticity and relatability: anyone who takes it can relate to Marisa Peer’s lessons and can benefit from turning on the “Abundance Switch” in their brains.

Essentially, this course teaches you how to unlock your subconscious, allowing you to push away the negativity that society programs in you and reach heights you never thought were possible.

Check out Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy here.

3) The Longevity Blueprint

What’s the course?

The Longevity Blueprint Quest by Ben Greenfield, which puts together Greenfield’s extensive understanding of body performance science with the goal of maximizing your energy levels and overall longevity.

Who’s behind it?

Ben Greenfield is a master of physical performance, who has a biological age nearly 20 years younger than his normal age.

He has spent a lifetime working with various world-class endurance competitors and professional athletes to help them get every bit of performance out of their bodies.

Greenfield has won an Olympic gold medal for the long course triathlon and is one of the leading fitness experts in the world.

What makes it great?

Aside from the fact that the course is designed by someone who understands everything, there is to know about physical performance, the Longevity Blueprint Quest makes its mark by focusing not only on performance but also living longer.

This course is for everyone out there who feels that their body seems to be slowing down, and who want to feel young and strong for as long as possible.

Check out Longevity Blueprint here.

4) Hero. Genius. Legend.

What’s the course?

“Hero. Genius. Legend.” by Robin Sharma aims to improve the overall productivity, self-mastery, and impact of its students, by unlocking the disempowering beliefs and self-imposed limitations keeping you where you are.

Who’s behind it?

Robin Sharma is the author and leadership expert behind the bestselling book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Sharma has served as a consultant and speaker to influential people all over the world, and understands how to help people unlock their absolute selves.

What makes it great?

What’s great about Robin Sharma’s teachings is that they’re all things you can keep doing long after the course has been completed.

He teaches you why you have stubborn habits and how you can break out of them, and what you can do to make sure you continuously actively work towards attaining your goals and “supercharging” your impact, or making your presence felt in everything you do.

Check out Hero. Genius. Legend. here.

5) The Mastery of Sleep

What’s the course?

The Mastery of Sleep by Dr. Michael Breus, which aims to solve the lifelong problem of insomnia and help students wean themselves off the addiction to sleep aid medication.

Who’s behind it?

Dr. Michael Breus is the most trusted sleep expert and doctor in the United States, with several bestselling books on the topic of mastering sleep.

Dr. Breus understands how sleep is the crucial determining factor behind your everyday emotional wellbeing, work performance, and health and weight.

What makes it great?

So much of the success in our lives is determined by sleep, although most of us don’t really recognize this.

Without proper sleep, it can be difficult to perform the way we need to, and we end up in an endless cycle of sleep deprivation and missing our goals that can last for years, decades, and our entire lives.

Dr. Michael Breus provides actionable advice on fixing your sleep, breaking his science into a step-by-step process you can actually follow every night.

Check out Sleep Mastery here.

6) Life Visioning Mastery

What’s the course?

The Life Visioning Mastery Quest by Dr. Michael Beckwith, which aims to help students climb through their spiritual awareness and discover their true purpose and meaning in life.

Who’s behind it?

Dr. Michael Beckwith has been a major presence in the spiritual teaching and speaking scene for the last several decades, and has worked with people like the Dalai Lama and Dr. Oz in spreading his teachings around the world.

He leads the Agape International Spiritual Center, a congregation including thousands of members which helps individuals with their spiritual journey.

What makes it great?

Dr. Michael Beckwith will blow your mind if you’re open to it. His ideas about the Universe and what life really means are incredible, and they can be life-changing if you are willing to truly listen to what he has to say.

This course is meant for anyone who doesn’t really feel like they are doing what they were meant to be doing with their life, but don’t know what their purpose really is. Dr. Beckwith will help you get to a place where you can finally discover your purpose.

Another course from Mindvalley which also helps figure out your plan in life is Lifebook online by Jon and Missy Butcher.

Check out Life Visioning Mastery here.


7) WildFit

What’s the course?

The WildFit Quest by Eric Edmeades, which aims to help students finally break through the loop of wanting to lose weight, trying exercise and diet plans, and ultimately failing to make any long-lasting changes, by changing the way you understand your body and fitness.

Who’s behind it?

Eric Edmeades is the founder of WildFit and has spent a lifetime studying nutrition and human evolution.

He sought to answer the question: how did pre-modern people get fit and stay fit without having all the fitness and nutritional expertise that we do now?

What makes it great?

WildFit is a crazy effective course because it helps people who just can’t lose weight “the normal way” through diet and exercise.

WildFit specializes in changing a person’s relationship with food, without the need to burn out in the gym or starve yourself in the kitchen.

Check out Wildift here.

8) Money EQ

What’s the course?

The Money EQ Quest by Ken Honda which revolves around answering the problems surrounding money, and how you can position yourself to think about and earn money with ease.

Who’s behind it?

Ken Honda is one of the leading experts in Japan, selling millions of books around the topics of transformational leadership and personal finances over the last two decades.

With nearly 60 books published translated in 15 languages, millions have benefited from the studies and teachings of Ken Honda, who has studied self-made millionaires and their habits and behaviors all over the world.

What makes it great?

Ken Honda may be the top course on the internet when it comes to learning how to properly think about money.

Too many courses discuss money IQ (investment strategies and business practices) but ignore money EQ (the emotional intelligence we have when it comes to money), and Ken Honda specializes in money EQ.

This means that it doesn’t matter what your money-making strategies are, because he helps improve how you feel and think about money.

Check out Money EQ here.

9) Conscious Parenting Mastery

What’s the course?

The Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, which aims to help parents be the best parents they can be by understanding their children by looking within and remember their own childhoods.

Who’s behind it?

Dr. Shefali Tsabary is a bestselling author who is considered the foremost expert in conscious parenting, a new paradigm in parenting she created herself.

She understood with her own parenting experiences and expertise in clinical psychology that her frustrations with her child were not a result of her child’s actions, but because of the unfulfilled needs and expectations of her inner child.

By merging traditional easter philosophy with modern western psychology, Dr. Shefali has helped countless parents become better with their children through a kind of connection never before explored in the parenting world.

What makes it great?

Our favorite course on Mindvalley about parenting, the Conscious Parenting Mastery course is meant for every parent and expecting parent who is uncertain about whether they are giving their children the best parenting possible.

Dr. Tsabary teaches you how to become a better parent by reconnecting with your own inner child, thus understanding their needs by bringing forth the needs and wounds of your inner child.

Check out Conscious Parenting Mastery here.

10) Conscious Uncoupling

What’s the course?

The Conscious Uncoupling course by Katherin Woodward Thomas which aims to answer the age-old problem for most of us: why do my relationships go wrong?

Who’s behind it?

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a licensed therapist and bestselling author who has taught thousands around the world the lessons of conscious uncoupling, helping people all over figure out why their relationships go bad, what they are doing to sabotage their relationships, and how they can have positive relationships moving forward.

What makes it great?

This course is a simple 5-step guided process that can help you at any point of your post-relationship state, whether you’re fresh out of a broken relationship or struggling to heal old wounds.

Too many of us try to move forward too quickly, without properly healing from our old relationships, leaving us dooming our next relationships before they even begin.

Conscious Uncoupling helps you leave those wounds behind, so you can properly love your next partner the way they deserve.

Check out Conscious Uncoupling here.

11) Be Extraordinary

What’s the course?

The Be Extraordinary Quest by Vishen Lakhiani is a 30-day course designed to inspire personal growth in preparation for an elevated form of self-mastery.

Who’s behind it?

Vishen Lakhiani, the CEO and founder of MindValley. Vishen Lakhiani is a distinguished entrepreneur and author of two books, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass. Vishen Lakhiani is a sought-after motivational speaker with a focus on self-improvement and achieving your best potential.

What makes it great?

This course is designed to help people level up their life. It discusses stagnancy, and how to move forward from feeling stuck and aimless.

Be Extraordinary summarizes Vishen’s years of ups and downs into a 30-day course, teaching students everything they need to know to transform their minds to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Check out Be Extraordinary here.

12) Psychology of Winning

What’s the course?

The Psychology Of Winning is a performance-enhancement course by Denis Waitley aiming to help its students perform optimally, especially in stressful, high-stakes environments.

Who’s behind it?

Denis Waitley is a top American performance coach who has worked with executives from big companies like Mercedes Benz and Microsoft, as well as Olympic athletes and NASA Astronauts.

Waitley is the writer of award-winning books such as The Winner’s Edge and Seeds of Greatness. He has been inducted to the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame for his work as an executive consultant and a motivational speaker.

What makes it great?

The Psychology Of Winning takes the mystery away from success and successful individuals and breaks it down into actionable, replicable steps.

Waitley aims to transform winning and success into habits instead of goals. The Psychology Of Winning unpacks what it takes for normal individuals to rise to the top and become a high-achieving individual.

Check out The Psychology of Wining here.

13) Super Reading

What’s the course?

Super Reading is a brain training exercise designed to help you absorb anything and everything you learn, teaching you how to make the most out of your life through knowledge acquisition.

Who’s behind it?

Another course by Jim Kwik, the international brain performance leader who has trained high-performing individuals in the most stressful of positions.

His focus on speed reading, productivity, and focus makes him one of the best sources for unparalleled speed reading and speed learning.

What makes it great?

Super Reading introduces a new dimension to reading, leaving participants with a superhero-like approach to reading and learning.

Super Reading provides an actionable approach to enhanced learning and elevated reading, through scientific evidence and exercises for comprehension and focus.

Check out Super Reading here.

14) The M Word

What’s the course?

The M Word by Emily Fletcher, which is a holistic meditative training course designed to uplift every aspect of your life, from sex to health to work to love.

Who’s behind it?

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of the Ziva Technique, a renowned meditation manifestation, and mindfulness technique.

She is a pioneer in online meditative learning and has been helping online learners unravel their best potential.

What makes it great?

The M Word demystifies meditation and helps students who have problems with meditating and the meditation philosophy in general.

The M Word is all about meditation as an everyday practice, teaching its students how to stay awake during meditation and enjoy the process without getting bored or distracted.

Check out The M Word here.

15) Becoming Limitless

What’s the course?

Becoming Limitless is an advanced training course on tapping into the unexplored aspects of the human mind to live an incredibly extraordinary life.

Who’s behind it?

This course is another one from Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley’s very own CEO and founder.

In this course, Vishen unravels his personal secrets to success, including how to go beyond the Law of Attraction, in creating multi-million dollar businesses and becoming a pioneer in anything you set your sights on.

What makes it great?

Becoming Limitless is one of the most extensive courses in Mindvalley.

Here Vishen gives you clear-cut instructions on how to grow into the individual you need to become to make your dreams happen, and get the most out of the Level 3 Conscious Awareness.

Check out Becoming Limitless here.

Mindvalley: A Buffet For The Brain

Mindvalley has an impressive roster of trainers and speakers, from award-winning thought leaders like Marisa Peer to self-starter-uppers like Vishen Lakhiani himself.

We highlighted just 15 amazing courses, but Mindvalley has dozens more in store, each one offering a unique value designed to help the student achieve their best self.

More importantly, Mindvalley is completely bingeable.

For just $600 a year, you get access to all of the courses through The All-Access Pass and learn from the world’s best and brightest, with courses that you could take up and finish at your own pace.

Check out the Mindvalley All Access Pass here.

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