10 spiritual meanings of being drawn to someone you barely know

“What you seek is seeking you.”

― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

Are you feeling an inexplicable pull towards someone, as if it was the most natural thing in the world?

Are you completely enveloped in their aura, even though you barely know this person?

Well, frankly, this is a rare thing indeed.

Sometimes we’re attracted to a persona because they remind us of someone we know.

In other cases, it’s simply a sign that they are meant to complete your life experience and allow you to fully come into your own identity.

But the question remains – why does this happen and what does it mean?

We are here to help!

Why are we sometimes drawn to people we barely know?

There are many different theories on this. Some say that it’s a reaction to the soul’s need for completion and journey.

Others say that it’s because of a “soul contract” we’ve made in another life. It might just be intuition at work.

Regardless, being drawn to someone you hardly know can be meaningful.

And that shouldn’t intimidate you, because new relationships and connections can be a way to heal us. This is because they force us to be vulnerable and show off our emotional baggage.

10 spiritual meanings of being drawn to someone

If you happen to notice an energy force that inexplicably pulls you towards another person, sometimes despite the lack of physical connection or familiarity, it can be triggered for a multitude of reasons.

Below is a list of the most common ones:

1) The Magnetic Attraction

The magnetic attraction is the strongest, and if it’s mutual, can be the most confusing.

You feel pulled to this person for no reason or warning, and no matter how hard you try to pull away from them, it’s as if you’re attracted to a magnet.

Because of the energy exchange between you, it’s as if there was already a connection in another life or in the astral plane.

This is the person you’re meant to be with, in this lifetime or the next.

Like attracts like, and if you’re both on the same spiritual wavelength, it can be difficult to resist.  Either way, the magnetic attraction is something to smile about.

It can be very powerful and is often a way of attracting someone who will become a part of your life journey.

2) The Similarity Effect

Sometimes the reason why you feel drawn to someone you barely know is because they remind you of another person you know.

On a subconscious level, you’re feeling drawn to this person that’s reminiscent of a loved one.

There’s something familiar and comfortable about them, and they resonate with your soul on some level. In some cases, you’ll feel like the two of you were meant to meet.

Sometimes you might even feel protective and possessive of them, mostly because they remind you of a loved one who meant a lot to you.

The two of you will have a similar vibe, and for some reason or another, it’s as if the universe is feeling it and bringing you together for a purpose.

3) The Soul Contract

The soul contract refers to a person that you were supposed to come into contact with, in your current life, and the experience is incredibly powerful and fulfilling.

In fact, it is most likely that at one point in your life, you made a decision to be with this person for whatever reason.

It might have been because you made a contract in a past life and now decided to fulfill your role.

This is something that connects you and helps you see the greater picture.

You might feel drawn to someone not only because you think they’re beautiful and intelligent, but because they remind you of someone who was meant to be near you regardless of the circumstances.

You feel as though you two were destined to meet. You may find that this kindred spirit just understands what you are going through.

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4) The Third Eye Connection

The third eye connection is a lot like the soul contract, but it is usually not as powerful, and in most cases this person is someone you have known before, even if only briefly.

This type of connection is a sign that you are both on the same spiritual wavelength, and that you can see and feel each other’s energy.

It’s an intense feeling, like there’s something between the two of you that can’t be stopped and can’t be ignored.

Both of you will usually know what heavy feelings are going on, and it may seem like magic to the outside observer because they can sense how connected you both are.

These people are hard to forget because they make an impression on you. You may find that they know things about you that nobody else knows.

If you’re lucky, they will come into your life again when you need them the most.

5) The Nurturing Connection

The nurturing connection is when someone completely surprises you and makes you feel at home.

You may even find that your heart soars when they are near, and a sense of safety and peace begins to wash over you.

These people are usually good listeners, and they know when to give advice and when to lend a helping hand. They make you feel cherished and taken care of, and for some reason, you want to stay near them.

They’ll often appear in your life at a time when you need them the most.

They make you feel like you’re not alone in this world, and their support can be invaluable.

You’ll finally be able to let go of all the negative energy that has built up in your life, but the key is to be aware of the gratitude it brings you.

6) The Learning Experience

The learning experience is almost always an exciting one, because you will most likely learn something new about yourself or life in general.

You might find that the person you’re drawn to will create a learning experience for you, and it may change your life for the better.

They might even be a teacher or someone who is knowledgeable about a certain topic.

You might be surprised at what happens when the two of you are together, and the things that are revealed about yourself.

In any case, you’ll feel as though you’re growing from your relationship with this person, and it will serve to encourage you to go out into the world and continue to learn.

These relationships are often very fun because of the way they make you think about life in general.

In some cases, they will teach you things about yourself that you never knew. You might also learn about their weaknesses and fears, which can help you better understand yourself.

This person will provide you with an extra breath of life.

7) The Soul-Searching Connection

The soul-searching connection is the one that we feel when something has gone wrong in our lives, and we don’t know why. We feel as though there is a reason behind our suffering, and we want to figure it out.

You might feel as though someone has abandoned you, or that you’ve been treated unfairly in some way.

Your subconscious will start to draw people into your life who can help you figure things out and get you through the hard times.

You might find that people are drawn to you out of the blue, and they have nothing to do with your situation.

Their presence will give you a sense of relief, and you will begin to see that there is a purpose to your loneliness.

You might even find that this person is there for the sole purpose of helping you get through whatever it is that you’re going through.

This will help you heal from the inside out. You may find that everything else in your life is coming together for a reason, and this person is a key part of it.

They can help you find your way to keep going when times are tough.

This relationship will teach you about compassion and unconditional love.

8) The Soul-Mentor Connection

A mentor helps us connect with our soul or higher self, and it passes on information to us. For some people, they may see a teacher in a physical form.

You may find that this person has wisdom and knowledge that you need to learn in order to understand some things about yourself and your path.

This person won’t necessarily give you the answers, but they will help guide you towards finding them out on your own.

They will help you discover yourself, and their presence will help you keep your feet on the ground as well.

Whatever your connection is, you’ll usually feel as though this person has been in your life before.

The reason for this is that you two were drawn together because it is time for you to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

This relationship will help you understand who you really are and why you’re here on Earth.

9) The Intense Emotion

The intense emotion can be a beautiful thing as well as a painful one. It can bring you closer to a person you barely know in a shared experience or in sadness and despair.

However, it is always a two-way street. It can also serve to remind you of what’s important in life.

It may come about after you’ve experienced a difficult time in your life, and you need to take a step back from it all.

You might feel as though this person is experiencing something similar. The two of you can help each other to heal from the experience.

It might even be hard to pinpoint the exact intense emotion that drew you closer, because it involves a lot of things at once.

Nevertheless, this person is there to remind you of your purpose.

10) The Weaving Connection

The weaving connection is when you feel like you are coming together with someone who you will eventually be tangled up with for a long period of time. It is your destiny.

There is a strong feeling that you will see this person again, and there is a sense of inevitability.

You may think that you don’t want to get involved with this person, but you will feel a strong attraction regardless.

You may feel as though the past, present, and future are all connected in some way.

Your emotions will be on high speed as you begin to get closer to each other, and the more you interact with them, the more your connection will grow.

There’s also a feeling of comfort in knowing that they have already been part of your life.

This can be interpreted in several ways, but it often comes down to accepting the mystery of it all, rather than questioning it.

Final thoughts

Being drawn to somebody you don’t know very well, ultimately, isn’t about two people being together. It is rather about two souls that were destined to unite.

Two people with a strong spiritual connection can experience synchronicity more than most people would normally.

When this happens, remember that the universe seems to be telling you something by placing a small event directly in relation to something else you are thinking about or feeling.

Whether or not you are aware of it, your soul is always doing a sort of spiritual math to determine whether someone is good for you.

We call these soul assessments “vibrations.” The more vibrations that align with your soul’s highest potential, the more likely you are to be led in a particular direction.

It’s easy to bond with someone when your souls are in tune with one another. You won’t need words or physical contact to feel connected because your energy will already be in sync.

But if there are any doubts about this being a spiritual experience or not, then don’t force yourself.

Hopefully, these explanations above will shed some light on the spiritual meanings of being drawn to people you barely know.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

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Nevena Glogovac

Nevena Glogovac

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