Colleen Florendo

Colleen Florendo-Svensson is the founder of The Copy Tea, an up-and-coming copywriting studio, currently based in Sweden. She’s always enjoyed writing as a hobby, but it was while she was taking her MBA that she began falling in love with it even more. She has earned her master’s degree and has since been writing professionally. Her written works have been digitally published by Newsweek and she has also completed the Conversion Copywriting course under Copyhackers School. Her fresh and modern writing style has caught the attention of a variety of online clients, mostly in the wellness niche, all of whom were struggling to revamp their brand’s voice. She has successfully made them “cooler online than IRL”, with projects ranging from online sales pages, email sequences, multiple copy for social media and websites, to blog writing. When she’s not writing copy, you might find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen à la Gordon Ramsay, enjoying a nice walk outside with her husband, having a mini Taylor Swift concert in the shower, or pestering her cat with funny hats. Follow her on Instagram at @thecopytea where she drops a ton of useful copywriting tips and tricks!

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