The real reason you keep seeing angel number 666 (complete guide)

While most people believe 666 is a wicked number, it’s actually the opposite! It’s filled with positive contexts, especially when it comes to love and spirituality.

This article will tell you everything you should know about the meaning of angel number 666 and exactly why you are seeing it.

Let’s go.

What are the angels communicating with 666?

Angel number 666, while scary for most, is a symbol of balance and integrity.

It also represents material or earthly concerns. As such, you might often be seeing it whenever you’re worried about your home, work, or money matters.

Given these meanings, seeing the number 666 is your angel’s way of telling you to balance things.

It’s reminding you to take good care of your health, especially if you’re skipping exercise or eating unhealthily because of your busy lifestyle.

In other words, take time to slow down for a while. If not, your fast-paced life will drain you physically – and mentally.

On top of that, the number 666 is also about being positive. It’s telling you to get rid of your bad habits – as well as your negative thoughts. Instead, it would help if you learned to trust yourself.

Last but not the least, angel number 666 is a reminder for you to dream bigger and aim higher.

What does 666 mean spiritually?

Maybe your spirit has been dormant for so long.

So if you’re seeing 666 quite often, it’s telling you that it’s time for some spiritual awakening.

If you don’t know how to, there’s no need to worry. Your angel will help you achieve this by bestowing you with some spiritual energy.

You’ll feel this in the form of positive vibes – and the determination to reach your full potential.

While your angel is more than ready to assist you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be complacent.

The initiative must come from you.

You need to explore uncharted territory if you awaken your spirit.

The point here is that you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

While doing so, make sure to align your thoughts with the divine. It will help you get rid of the chaotic thoughts that may be harming your spirit.

A spiritual advisor’s take on angel number 666

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Angel number 666 for love and relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, seeing 666 is good! Here’s what this number means for you:

Number 666 for singles

If you’re looking for someone to love, then you’ll be glad to see 666 wherever you go. It’s the universe’s way of telling you that love is coming your way.

You need to hold onto your horses, for they’ll be arriving in your life soon.

Additionally, your angels are trying to remind you to reconsider your dating habits. Who knows? Going for your total opposite might be the thing you need to meet ‘the one.’

Seeing the number 666 after a breakup

If you keep on seeing angel number 666 after a breakup, then it’s the universe telling you that you’re reminiscing too much.

On top of that, your angels are prodding you to think hard before doing anything.

It’s normal to feel the urge to return to your ex’s arms because they’re familiar. The question you should ask yourself, however, is, should you?

There’s a reason why you broke up, and your angels are asking you to reconsider before you try to reconcile.

What number 666 means for couples

Are you thinking of taking your relationship to the next level? Well, the number 666 is a sign that you should.

If you’re thinking of moving in or getting married, it’s the best time to do so.

If you’ve gotten bored with your relationship, the number 666 is a subtle reminder that you need to do exciting things.

Perhaps, a trip to an exotic destination is what you and your partner need to rekindle the flame.

Twin flame relationships and angel number 666

If you’re always seeing the number 666, then it means you’ll be reuniting with your twin flame soon.

While they’re right around the corner, you need to be proactive as well.

When you do find them, you’ll feel them right away.

A twin flame relationship is different from your other partnerships.

The power of your mirror soul is so intense that it has the potential to consume you.

If you don’t balance things – as the number 666 suggests – it can make you codependent.

“Codependent relationships signify a degree of unhealthy clinginess, where one person doesn’t have self-sufficiency or autonomy,” explains Scott Wetzler, Ph.D.

So while the number 666 is telling you that a reunion is coming your way, it’s also reminding you to keep things in check.

Sometimes, twin flame relationships can get so passionate that they get out of hand. Maintaining balance will make sure that your partnership is healthy yet harmonious.

What does 666 signify for soulmates?

Angel number 666 is a sign of the deepest relationship with your soulmate. The reason that there are sixes involved in this highly symbolic number is that ‘six’ means, “a new beginning”.

Seeing angel number 666 might be a sign that you’ve found your true love. You might already know it to be true.

But how can you find out for certain that they’re your soulmate?

Here’s the thing:

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What angel number 666 means for your personal growth

See, angel number 666 is not just about relationships. It’s also here to help you grow, as evidenced by its key messages:

1) Be positive

If you’re a pessimist, then angel number 666 is saying that it’s time to change the way you think.

It would be best if you had a positive mindset, now more than ever.

That means you need to be optimistic and focus on the good in every situation.

It doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring reality or taking your problems with a grain of salt. It’s about approaching everything in life with the belief that things will get better.

What’s excellent about positive thinking is that it’s not only good for your mental health. It comes with a bevy of physical benefits as well:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk for heart disease
  • Better immunity
  • Improved pain tolerance
  • Lesser feelings of stress
  • Longer life span

2) Trust yourself

When you’re a pessimist, you end up doubting yourself more.

That’s why angel number 666 is telling you to think positive – for it’s a way for you to trust yourself.

Self-trust is all about believing that you’re doing all the right things. It’s being respectful and kind to yourself regardless of the possible consequences.

So how do you trust yourself more? According to authors and social workers Linda and Charlie Bloom, it’s all about being precise, confident, and interdependent.

It’s about being a reasonable observer who speaks with authority – not arrogance.

More importantly, it’s learning from your life experiences – whether it’s good or not.

3) Be aware of your thoughts

Angel number 666 is also the universe’s way of reminding you to be more aware of your thoughts.

It’s telling you to stay away from things that give negative vibrations, such as fear, anxiety, or worry.

You can liken it to curbing pessimistic thinking, which is another reason why you’re seeing the number 666.

Likewise, it’s the universe’s way of saying that you shouldn’t be too engrossed with money. It’s only going to disrupt the harmony and balance in your life.

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4) Slow down – even for a while

Life’s so fast-paced that everything becomes very stressful. If you’re seeing the number 666, your angels are reminding you to wind down for a bit.

As therapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. puts it: 

“If you keep going at full speed every day, it can be hard on you, both physically and mentally. We were not designed to go 24/7/365 (even though that’s become a popular modern-day mantra).”

That’s why he recommends everybody to take a well-deserved break.

Having some downtime – no matter how brief – will allow your mind, heart, and body to ‘recharge.’

It doesn’t matter what you do – as long as it’s not destructive, reminds Dr. Goldsmith.

All you need to do is pick a time and location that works best for you.

He adds:

“You owe yourself the gift of a deep breath…

“And if you tell yourself that you’re being unproductive, remember that you can’t function well if you’ve exhausted all your resources by never stopping to take a rest…

“By committing to take some time for yourself and for those you love, you are giving yourself and your family a gift.”

5) Reconnect with nature

Angel number 666 is telling you to slow down – and spend your ‘downtime’ in nature.

Like other people, you’ve been too busy with your life that you have entirely forgotten about nature.

Seeing the number 666 is a reminder that you have to reconnect with Mother Earth.

While it’s good to spend some time in forests or national parks, you can still ‘reconnect’ without leaving the city. You can take a stroll down the park or visit your nearby botanical garden.

Tending your plants proves to be a good way too!

Unsurprisingly, communing with nature is good for your mental health.

Research shows that those who connect with nature feel happier. They view their lives to be more worthwhile too.

Add to that, nature lovers tend to have lower anxiety and depression levels as well.

When you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that 666’s messages are interconnected. It wants you to spend time in nature, for it can help you be more positive – and more aware of your thoughts.

Angel number 666 and manifestation

If you’ve been trying to manifest things but can’t, 666 is a sign that you need to do more.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking negatively, which is why you aren’t dreaming as big as you should be.

In essence, 666 is the universe’s way of reminding you to manifest the right aspirations.

According to author Arthur C. Brooks, “Goal setting seems to raise our well-being modestly in the short run, by increasing our optimism and sense of direction.”

As you see, dreaming is one way of thinking more positively. But when it comes to concepts, some ‘dreams’ work better.

According to Brooks’ article, a 2008 German survey showed that “Goals involving family, friends, and social and political involvement promoted life satisfaction.”

On the other hand, goals focused on career, success, and material gains proved calamitous.

The same findings were seen in an American study, where “Aspirations for personal growth, close relationships, and community involvement (what most psychologists call “intrinsic goals”) led to increased well-being when those goals are attained.”

Expectedly, goals relating to material possessions, fame, and attractiveness – also known as “extrinsic goals”- predicted ill-being.

Is angel number 666 good for your career?

When it comes to work, angel number 666 works more as a reminder.

Through this, your angels are encouraging you to drop your bad manners – and engage in more positive working habits.

True enough, bad habits (be it at work or otherwise) are hard to change since they’re hard-wired to the brain.

“The brain networks associated with self-control (e.g., the prefrontal cortex) are the first to go “offline” when faced with triggers such as stress,” explains Dr. Judson Brewer.

Although ‘breaking up’ with your bad habits may be hard to do, Dr. Brewer believes it’s more than possible. It’s just a matter of:

  • Mapping your tendencies. What are the triggers that make you engage in bad habits such as being late to work?
  • Trying a new rewarding habit. Maybe you find yourself skipping work because of the immense pressure you feel. Why not blow off your frustration with something more positive, such as yoga?

The meaning of 666 in religion

Of all the angel numbers in the world, 666 bears the most significance in religion.

It’s the number of gold talents King Solomon used to collect every year.

It’s also the number of Adonikam’s descendants who have returned from Babylonian exile.

While these representations are widely positive, 666’s meanings for early Christians pointed to something vile.

Its ‘bad’ reputation can be traced back to a passage in Revelations Chapter 13, verse 18:

“One who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

As Joel Schorn explains in his article:

  • The number is a product of the processes an attentive reader would understand.
  • It stands for a specific person or a historical figure.

Add to that, many view the number 7 as something that denotes completeness. So if someone is called 666, it’s saying that they aren’t the real thing.

Early Christians also believed that the number 666 represented Nero.

The fifth Roman emperor remains infamous for his evil doings and assassination plots. He was also responsible for sentencing several Christians to death.

To make things worse, the name Nero, when written in Hebrew, equals the number 666.

Because of these connections, the emperor – who was alive when ‘Revelations’ was written – was thought to be the Devil personified.

Number 666’s interpretations according to numerology

For the Chinese, the number 666 means ‘things will go smoothly.’

For the Mayans, 666 represented the Lord – and the Devil.

Despite these varying beliefs, numerology views 666 as a sign of knowledge – and the subconscious changes that occur when one absorbs information.

After all, when you look at the digit – it appears as a spiral that can absorb a lot of things.

As for word associations, the number 666 has been linked with these keywords:

  • Love
  • Power
  • Dreams
  • Balance
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Passion
  • Health
  • Philanthropy
  • Connection to nature

While angel number 666 holds a lot of power, it’s not the only number that can guide you.

In fact, just your name and birth date can reveal a lot about your life and the decisions you should make.

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Doreen Virtue on number 666

Metaphysician Doreen Virtue believes that 666 means you’re connected with the ‘Divine Being’ and the Ascended Masters. The latter’s role is to guide humans toward enlightenment.

In other words, seeing the number 666 means your spiritual ancestors are guiding you – so you can fulfill your dreams.

When it comes to love, the number 666 is the angels’ way of saying that you’re not alone.

So if you’re resigned to the fact that you won’t find a partner, don’t. As mentioned above, the number 666 is a sign that love is about to blossom soon.

Other angel numbers related to 666

If you’re constantly seeing the number 666, then there’s a chance you might be seeing these figures as well:

  • Angel number 69 is a friendly reminder that all things will eventually come to a close.
  • When you’re noticing Angel number 333 all over, it’s encouraging you to trust your true inner self.
  • Angel number 444 is a reminder that you need to gain inner peace right now.
  • Number 11 means that you’re being guided by the Divine to have a clearer purpose in life.
  • New beginnings await, according to the essence of angel number 111.
  • Angel number 1221 is urging you to make a big decision and pursue your dreams today.
  • Whenever you feel sad, angel number 611 will appear to remind you to be happy.
  • The presence of Angel number 5555 signifies that better things are coming your way.
  • Angel number 999 is a reminder for you to forgive – and to forget.
  • Be inspired by the special message that Angel number 909 brings as it’s reminding you to consider things carefully before making any life-changing decisions.

Seeing 666: What to do next?

You shouldn’t be fearful whenever you see the number 666.

Remember, it’s your angel’s way of saying that you need to bring more beauty and enjoyment into your life.

It’s also about balance.

Seeing the number 666 is a reminder to stay positive. You need to dream bigger and be more aware of your thoughts.

Likewise, it’s telling you to let go of things that can potentially harm you. From bad habits to a fast-paced lifestyle, saying goodbye to these will help you live a better, healthier life.

Final thoughts

We’ve covered the various meanings of angel number 666 but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of this situation and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source.

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