What does angel number 66 really mean? (Surprising truth revealed!)

Angel numbers are repetitive or pattern-filled number sequences. While they seem coincidental, they actually hold a lot of symbolism.

Such is the case for angel number 66, whose meanings we have unlocked below.

What does angel number 66 mean?

Angel number 66 is a representation of its root number 6. The latter signifies balance, harmony, and stability – meanings you’ll also find in 66.

It’s your angel’s way of telling you to find balance and harmony.

Likewise, it reminds you to focus on your family, which you might have neglected along the way.

More importantly, angel number 66 is a reminder that you shouldn’t lose faith – no matter how hard things might be. It’s nudging you to stay positive, for things will be better soon.

6 reasons you keep on seeing angel number 66

If you keep on seeing the number 66 wherever you go, it’s your angel’s way of telling you these six things:

1) Find balance and harmony in your life

In this fast-paced world, it’s kind of hard to live a balanced life. So if you always see the number 66, it’s a reminder from your angel to keep your life balanced.

Maybe you’ve been working too hard, which might have drastically affected your personal relationships.

You don’t want this to happen, of course. Family and friends (as you’ll find out next) are more important than your work or career.

That said, the best way to find balance in your life is to:

  • Look after (and take care of) yourself
  • Be organized
  • Set achievable goals
  • Eat right and healthy

Remember, balancing your life will help reduce your stress and improve your mental health. After all, a balanced life is the key to good health and well-being.

2) You need to focus on your family life

Are you so busy with work (amongst many other things) that you forget the people who matter the most: your family?

Your angel is showering you with love, trust, and faith – all of which are instrumental for improving your domestic life.

They’re reminding you to nurture – and be kinder – to your family and friends. You might feel neglected by them – but, as mentioned, you may be the one ignoring them in the first place.

Angel number 66 is a sign that you should put your family and friends on top of the other non-urgent things in your life.

Likewise, it’s telling you to balance your family life – as you would do with your personal life. Maintaining balance is one of the best ways to make your domestic life harmonious and happy.

3) Open yourself up

If you want to receive the positive energies your angel has in store for you, then you need to open yourself up.

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You need to be more accepting of your fate, no matter how bad it may be (at first.)

For one, opening yourself up will give you a deeper insight into things.

Such is the case, especially if you have been so caught up that you fail to see the right path.

Angel number 66, more or less, is a shining beacon in your life. But you’ll only see clarity once you open your heart to this divine message.

4) Don’t lose faith

There may be events in your life that are making you lose hope. Be it a cheating partner or a family feud, number 66 is a sign that you should trust your angel more than ever.

They’re doing everything they can to communicate their love and trust in you. All you need to do is take heed of the angel number they’re showing you.

Likewise, it would help do these things whenever you feel like losing hope:

  • Do whatever you can at the moment.
  • Find a clear path.
  • Look to others who have found solutions.
  • Turn to your religious faith.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Show some kindness.

5) Think positive

Maybe things aren’t looking as promising as they used to be. Angel number 66 reminds you not only to keep your faith – but also to stay positive.

Indeed, it’s hard to keep upbeat when things are going down the drain.

Health-wise, pessimistic people – compared to optimistic ones – have a 20% higher risk of dying within 30 years.

According to experts from the Mayo Clinic:

“Having a positive outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body.”

If you don’t want to cut your life to be cut drastically short, then it’s good to follow these tips on staying positive:

  • Think – and write about – a positive future.
  • Always look at the silver lining.
  • Don’t dwell on things that’ll bring you down.
  • Avoid unhealthy self-talk.
  • Remember your achievements.
  • Keep a gratitude journal or write a gratitude letter.

6) Don’t worry much about your finances

Like most people, you may be too caught up on your finances. Given the crippling economic effects of the pandemic, it’s not a unique phenomenon.

“What’s surprising is that you can feel money stress no matter how much you make,” according to a report.

That said, the number 66 is a reminder that you shouldn’t dwell too much on this. Material things are fleeting; what’s more important are the relationships you have in your life.

Whenever you feel down, know that your angel is working out ways for you to get through this financial storm.

You’ll encounter lucky breaks and opportunities soon.

As previously mentioned, don’t lose faith – always stay positive!

Angel number 66 meaning in love

66 is one of the best numbers to see, especially in romance. For one, it’s linked to positive events in love and relationships.

For one, it’s a sign of harmony and stability in your romantic relationships.

1) Great things are about to happen

Whenever you see the number 66, it’s a sign from your angel that great things are about to unfold.

Maybe some issues have profoundly affected your relationship.

The good news is things are about to change – especially if both of you are committed to making things work.

As therapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. puts it:

“Every successful relationship needs the care and nurturing of two committed adults giving to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection. Giving your relationship what it needs to thrive is a truly loving gesture.”

To make things better, the number 66 is a sign for you to take the next level in your relationship – whether it’s getting married or trying for a baby.

2) The changes in your life will affect other people, too

What’s great about these positive changes is that they’re not limited to you. They’re sure to involve your family and friends as well.

It’s your angel telling you to use your talents to affect other people’s lives.

The number 66 also points to social connections. There will be a lot of celebrations that will occur – and they will inspire you greatly.

3) Leave the relationship if it doesn’t suit you anymore

While the number 66 is auspicious when it comes to love, it’s a reminder for you to stay focused. If some people, things, or events aren’t making you happy, you need to leave them.

You need to let go of your fear of losing them, for doing so will eventually give you the joy you deserve.

As experts put it:

“You can make it through this (losing someone.) Humans are incredibly resilient. We bounce back! People have been suffering from grief and loss—and overcoming it—for as long as we’ve existed.”

Angel number 66 for twin flames

Angel number 66 is not only good for lovers – it’s ideal for twin flames too.

1) Your mirror soul is reaching out to you

Seeing angel number 66 signifies that your twin flame is trying to reach out to you. This sign may not be evident at first, but you’ll eventually realize its meaning as time goes on.

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In other words, this angel number is telling you that a twin flame reunion is near.

Apart from seeing numbers, other signs of an impending reunion include:

  • You feel excited and peaceful.
  • You feel a different kind of self-love.
  • You’ve ‘united’ with yourself.
  • You can’t help but gravitate towards your twin flame.
  • You recognize your mirror soul – even if you haven’t personally met them yet.
  • You keep on dreaming about your twin flame.
  • You’re drawn towards specific locations.
  • You know – but can’t seem to explain it.
  • Your psychic has told you!

Amid these signs, you must learn to grow as a person FIRST. It’s when you love yourself fully that things will fall into place.

2) Your twin flame is offering their support

Maybe you’re trying to unleash your creative potential to no avail. Angel number 66 is a sign – and a nudge – that you’re headed in the right direction.

It’s your angel and twin flame’s way of telling you to chase your dreams. They’re offering you their unwavering support, no matter how far they may be.

They’re reminding you to listen to your gut, even if people say otherwise.

3) You’re on the right twin flame path

If you’re separated from your twin flame right now, then you may be doubting the number’s powers.

You shouldn’t.

Seeing angel number 66 is a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. It’s telling you that the separation phase is almost over.

You’ll be together with your twin flame again.

Angel number 66 is not the only sign, though. Here are some other events that say that the separation is almost over.

  • You feel great.
  • Everything seems to be coming together pretty well.
  • You feel it within your heart (literally and figuratively.)
  • You feel them – and hear them.
  • You keep on dreaming about them.
  • You don’t feel any anger towards your twin flame.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 66

Spiritually, seeing angel number 66 signifies that your prayers will be answered. It’s a matter of opening your mind – and spirit – to receiving your angel’s dedicated messages.

The number 66 is also associated with these three spiritual symbolisms:

1) Compassion

Angel number 66 encourages you to show compassion to your family and friends.

This message focuses on mindfulness, especially when it comes to your domestic relationships. Understanding your relationships will help you show more love, after all.

In other words, being more compassionate towards these people is sure to bring more happiness to your life.

2) Harmony

Number 66 also conveys the spiritual message of harmony.

Be it at home – or work – harmony will bring happiness to your relationships. More importantly, it can help strengthen your bonds with them as well.

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3) Unconditional love

Angel number 66’s message of unconditional love is not only reserved for your romantic pursuits. It holds profound spiritual meaning as well.

It’s a reminder for you to hold unconditional love – and faith – towards the higher power.

Maybe you’re feeling spiritually lost – as if you’ve picked the wrong path. This number is a sign that your angel is with you to guide you – despite the uncertainties you feel in life.

Biblical meaning of angel number 66

In the bible, the number 66 doubles the power of the number six.

As many believe, the number six symbolizes Satan’s powers. It’s a sign of temptation and man’s weaknesses.

However, the number six (and its resulting number of 66) is not always alarming.

For one, humankind was created on the sixth day.

Jesus proved that He was the son of God after being asked six times.

Jephthah, the judge of Israel, served his post for six years.

Angel number 66 in numerology

When reduced, the number 66 equals three – a number that represents creativity and completion.

Angel number 66 is also one of the famed master numbers – double digits where a specific number repeats itself. Because of this, the power of a single ‘number’ gets magnified.

In other words, it’s a ‘stronger’ interpretation of the number six, which represents:

  • Love and harmony
  • Beauty
  • Charity and generosity
  • Social responsibility
  • Accelerated growth

As a master number, 66 is all about giving.

It describes key elements in relationships, such as balance, harmony, and reciprocity.

It also symbolizes gratitude, a vital component of romantic fidelity.

As an intuitive number, 66 is said to be linked with the sixth sense (Third Eye chakra.)

Angel number 66, according to Doreen Virtue

According to metaphysician Doreen Virtue, angel number 66 is a sign that your mind is out of balance. You’re dwelling too much on material things, which shouldn’t be the case.

For Virtue, angel number 66 is a sign that you need to pause and take time to reflect on things.

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As author Erica Marks puts it:

“Taking time to reflect means slowing down enough to stop, enjoy the adventure and figure out what is important to YOU. Learn what you like and dislike.”

It’s your angel’s way of reminding you to reorganize your otherwise chaotic thoughts.

In other words, your guide is asking you to focus on two things: spirit and service. Doing so will make all the right things fall into place.

Other angel numbers related to 66

66 is not a standalone number, especially when it comes to angelic messages. More often than not, they’re related to other angel numbers, such as:

Angel number 6

Like 66, angel number 6 alludes to your home life.

It’s a sign that you need more security and stability in your life.

The best way to do so is to develop good habits, such as exercising, eating right, and sleeping well.

Angel number 6 is also a sign that bad things are about to end. Whether it’s a career snafu or a relationship gone wrong, your struggles will be over soon.

Angel number 666

While it sounds devilish, 666 is a triple number that holds profound meanings.

It’s a warning number telling you to take heed in your life.

It’s telling you to pay attention – and slow down for quite a bit.

It’s reminding you NOT to deviate from your current path – or be distracted by the shiny things in front of you.

As such, it’s all about focusing on your aspirations – and the things you love.

Remember: always be kind to yourself. It’s the best way to develop self-love, which is what you need to serve others more effectively.

You keep on seeing angel number 66, now what?

If you keep on seeing angel number 66, you should be glad.

It reminds you to find balance, harmony, and time for your family.

It’s a sign that you shouldn’t lose faith – and that you should stay positive, even if the going gets tough.

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When it comes to love, the number 66 signifies that great things are about to happen.

That said, it’s also a memo of caution: you should leave the relationship if it doesn’t suit you anymore.

As for twin flames, it means that a reunion is underway. Although your mirror flame is far away, they’re guiding you to the right path.

Although the number 66 holds a barrage of meanings, they’re mere guides to how you should live your life.

At the end of the day, you hold the power to steer your life to the path you deem fit.

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