The complete guide to what angel number 44 means for you

Is the number 44 appearing in your life more frequently?

There’s a good reason for this – your guardian angels are trying to send you a message. Angels communicate with us in many ways, with numbers being one of the most common.

What does angel number 44 really mean? Is there something good in store for your life?

Keep reading to find out!

What are angel numbers?

First, it’s helpful to understand what angel numbers actually are.

Angel numbers are simply a collection of number sequences that carry with them particular meanings and messages from your angels.

Each number has its own message, though in cases like 44, there can be more than one meaning if other factors are present.

Angel numbers can appear anywhere, although people typically see them on clocks, license plates, addresses and phone numbers.

Numbers like 44 are very powerful and open the door for divine messages from your higher selves.

Is angel number 66 a warning?


If you’re seeing the number 44 everywhere, then this is not a bad omen or a warning from your angels.

Mostly, angels use numbers to bring attention to something that’s been happening in your life. Consider them a cosmic nudge in the right direction.

Angel number 44 can be a wake up call, however, to start making some positive changes in your life to reach your destiny.

The 5 main meanings of angel number 44

This number means that new chapters – and good things – are about to come your way. Before you know it, you’ll be achieving the sort of love and prosperity you’ve always wanted.

While your angels will be steering you towards the path of abundance, you’ll need to do your part.

You have to work hard, manifest, and stay positive to make your dreams come true.

Let’s diver deeper into the 5 main meanings of angel number 44:

1) You need to stay positive

When you see angel number 44, it’s because your angel wants you to be optimistic.

They want you yo focus your thoughts on the positive side of things, instead of the negative.

If all you’re thinking about is the bad, you won’t see the good coming. You’ll end up missing it.

At the end of the day, positivity will help you reach your goals.

That’s why you need to eliminate the things that drain your energies and affect your self-esteem.

When you think positive, great things are sure to come your way.

2) Work hard and manifest

Angel number 44 is all about being persistent and working hard.

So if you want to make your dreams come true, then you will need to do some manifestation. This can help you adjust your mindset so that you take better care of yourself and your surroundings.

Before you know it, the world’s going to celebrate all your accomplishments.

3) You’re about to start something new

The number 44 speaks of a new beginning. A new phase in your life will come sooner than expected.

There may be times when you feel as if the past isn’t in the past at all. You must not let this stop you from pursuing your dreams.

The number 44 keeps on appearing because your angel wants you to know that only YOU can control your future. The past can’t be changed.

Success isn’t only about doing the right things, but knowing that you are worthy of it. Trust your intuition and have faith in yourself.

Focus on the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead!

4) Good things are about to happen

The number 44 is here to remind you that the storm will pass. You’ll eventually find a place to ground your feet soon.

Your angels know you want to be successful, and you’re not alone in this path. Your spiritual team is guiding you along every step of the way.

Whenever you falter in your steps or feel down, know that they’ll be right there. They’ll give you the strength to go on and focus on the right things.

If you’re feeling insecure and fearful about the future, worry not for you’ll eventually succeed.

There’s land on sight. Don’t despair!

5) You’ll acquire wealth and prosperity

There’s financial prosperity coming to you in the near future. That’s because the number 44 signifies abundance in every way!

You’re going to be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Your angels have seen your efforts!

Your hardships will end, and you’ll be able to relax again.

Financial security and a stable income are things that matter a lot for our mental health and wellbeing. The people who encounter the number 44 are lucky enough to be reassured that theirs is coming soon.

Living paycheck to paycheck is a struggle, and debts can pile up faster than we realize. Breathe easy for you’ll enjoy financial relief soon.

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What does 44 mean for love and relationships?

This number has a beautiful meaning when we’re talking about love. There’s going to be support and stability in your relationships.

Overall, there’s a sense of security that allows you to express yourself in all your glory.

If you’re looking for love…

Good news: your spiritual team has come to let you know that there’s a bright future ahead of you.

This is the perfect moment to date and put yourself out there. There is potential for a good relationship around you, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

If you’re currently dating…

If you’ve just started dating someone, angel number 44 means that there’s a new phase of your relationship coming.

On the other hand, it could be a sign that a more serious partner is on the way.

If you’re in a relationship…

If you’ve been together for a long time and you feel like you have both lost the “spark”, this number that you’re about to feel butterflies in your stomach (again).

Before you know it, both of you will be back to the honeymoon phase!

Angel number 44 represents the end of a harmful cycle of mistakes and oversights in your relationship.

Needless to say, relationships and life in general improve when we focus on the positive. Don’t worry too much, for your relationship is as strong as it should be.

Is 44 significant for soulmates?

If you’ve got a partner already, this number symbolizes happiness and bliss. It’s a sign that you’re with the right person.

So how can you know that you’ve met “the one”, your true soulmate?

Let’s face it:

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What about 44 and twin flames?

Twin flames will make us shake in our boots since they often come along with periods of intense self-discovery.

If you keep seeing angel number 44, it could mean two things:

Separation is part of the dynamic

A twin flame connection is sure to have some conflicts. This is normal and beneficial for both of you in the long run.

Trust issues and personal insecurities may make you feel ‘unsafe’ in your relationship. Separation is bound to happen, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to be with each other.

So when times get rough, 44 will appear to remind you this: support your twin flame! You’re supposed to be a team, not enemies.

You may feel tempted to run away, but it’s best if you fought the urge to do so. Rather, you should embrace the intense feelings a twin flame might sparkle.

Word to the wise: twin flame turmoil is expected, but you need to make sure that you’re NOT in a situation of abuse. If this is the case, chances are they really aren’t your twin flame.

You’ll reunite soon

As I’ve mentioned, turbulences in your twin flame relationship can eventually lead to separation.

The good news is that your souls have always been destined for each other. So if you keep on seeing angel number 44, it’s a sign that you’ll be reuniting soon.

For this to happen, however, you need to be patient with your partner – and yourself.

Don’t be closed off. Instead, try to improve your communication skills.

Whatever problems you both might have, the love between you is going to nurture your connection for a long time. It will help you evolve – and make your relationship stronger than ever.

Is there a deeper spiritual meaning to 44?

Angel number 44 is a sign to focus on your spiritual goals.

Strictly speaking, it means that your spiritual team is right there with you. They want to help you keep your vibration high – and your energy pure.

As the symbol hard work, wisdom, and balance, 44 also holds these profound spiritual meanings:

1) Strength

Life has stages where you go through all the stress at once. Maybe you’re moving houses. You could be trying to find a new job or trying to exercise more at the same time.

Whatever you’re going through, know that you’re stronger than your difficulties. Your strength is infinite.

Put it this way: no feeling or situation is permanent.

2) Self-discipline

Being self-disciplined is kind of a reward in and of itself. So if you’re seeing 44, it may be sign for you to stop doing everything in excess.

That means addressing vices such as eating, shopping, or dating around (among many other things.)

Think about it: 44 is reminder for you to be more mature – and to trust your intuition even more.

3) Balance

Yes, you’re a hard-working person and your goals keep you on track. But as with all things in life, 44 is a reminder that balance is a must.

Take a break and go out. Enjoy nature and meditate. Find joy in the small things – it’s is an essential part of your mental and physical wellbeing.

4) Determination

Take pride in all your achievements, whether they are big or small. Your dreams are ALWAYS worth fighting for.

The path to success is not linear and that’s okay. Keep working towards your goals and you will eventually prevail.

Seeing 44 whenever you think about someone

Whenever you see 44 while you’re thinking about someone, it’s a sign of good things to come.

For starters, new love opportunities may be coming your way. Keep your eyes open! Always listen to your gut, for your intuition is your best friend.

If you’re still on the process of pursuing this person, just keep on working hard! You’re doing the right thing. Success will eventually come your way.

If you’re having problems with this person, 44 is a sign for you to think positively. Release the negative energy from yourself and your surroundings.

Don’t let the bad things affect you.

Don’t let stress run your life. It will only slow you down and keep you paralyzed.

Just have a little faith in yourself!

Number 44 is a gentle reminder that your spiritual team is with you every step of the way. All you need to do is listen to them – for they’ll guide you on the right path.

Do you see angel number 44 in a dream?

The fact that you see 44 in your dreams is a sign that your angels are trying to get your attention.

The bottom line is that dreams are just one of many forms of communication for angels.

Sometimes dreams are important, other times they’re just completely random.

If you see 44 in a dream, it could indicate your guardian angels are trying to tell you something. The person or situation you saw in your dream in connection with the number 44 might be a message from your angels, or it could be a complete coincidence.

It’s hard to tell!

The best advice I can give is not to fret too much about dreams (I have some very weird ones).

Instead, pay attention to the positive messages the angels are communicating to you through the number 44, and follow their encouragement to live your best life possible.

The biblical meaning of 44

As always, we go into different spiritual theories when it comes to numerology. Now we’ll dive into what the number 4 means in The Bible.

As Genesis 1:14-19 states, on the fourth day, God created the light of day, the stars of the universe, and the soil.

This leads us to the conclusion that the number 4, the root number of 44, is the one symbolizing creation and completion.

When it comes to the commandments, the fourth one is about honoring God’s day, the Sabbath.

44 also represents the ways we keep time, which are explicit in the other commandments: the four seasons, the days, and the years.

The number is also representative of God’s chosen people. The number 22 stands for the sons of light – the descendants of Levi, Judah, and Benjamin. If you double the number it amounts to 44: the chosen ones.

44 is also the number of days between Jesus’ crucifixion and his ascension to Heaven.

His trips to preach and teach the people extended over 44 months, and his Passion and crucifixion lasted four days in total.

Furthermore, the New Testament gospels are four, and they tell us about Jesus’s life, his teachings, and his mission on Earth.

44 in numerology

Numerology studies how numbers build our reality and what they mean for us.

Number 4

The number 4 in 44 speaks of working hard and building foundations, whether they are in our habits, or in our spirituality.

A solid foundation is a good start to being successful. Hardworking individuals are also down-to-earth and practical, and this is another aspect of the meaning of this number.

When you see it in an angel number, it’s because your spiritual team — guardians, guides, angels, and even ancestors—  are with you every step of the way.

Number 8

Reducing the number 44 to a single digit, we come to the number 8. Angel number 44 also contains an aspect of number 8 in it.

Eight is the number of success, whether it be material or spiritual. You’ll achieve your goals because you’ve worked hard and laid good foundations for them.

Similar to the number 4, 8 is a sign that your spiritual team is supporting you to get what you want. They’re here to give you the strength you need to achieve your goals.

What does Doreen Virtue say about angel number 44?

Doreen Virtue is a pioneer in the world of numerology. She started interpreting numbers and publishing their meanings to others.

She is a gifted person in this matter. Guided by her spiritual team, she’s more than willing to share what she found.

Financial abundance

According to the metaphysician, number 44 is a sign that you will be rewarded financially. You’re about to be blessed with money unexpectedly by your spiritual guides.

If you’ve been looking for a job, it’s a sign that you’re about to find one. Get ready! It’s coming sooner than you think.

Grab the opportunities when they come. They’re just waiting around the corner to enter your life, trust your intuition and follow it.

Your career will take off and you’ll be abundant financially very soon.

Hope and joy

Apart from financial wealth and career prospects, 44 is also a representation of hope and joy.

According to Virtue, 44 is a sign that your hardships are over. Good news is on the way. You can finally catch your breath.

Don’t forget to lean into your support system!

What does angel number 44 mean for your career?

Angel number 44 means you need to stay positive, work hard, and manifest what you really want in life.

This is all very applicable for your career.

Your angels want you to manifest your dreams and goals in business, so you can achieve financial abundance in life. You need to stay motivated and on track, even if it seems that everyone else is getting ahead of you.

Angel number 44 means that all your efforts will pay off one day, because the universe is listening and responding to you.

Other angel numbers related to number 44

Do you want to find out the other numbers that relate to financial prosperity – just like number 44? Then keep on reading!

  • If the angels are showing you angel number 888, it’s a massive sign that your luck will change for the better. You’ll experience a profound spiritual change – like an unexpected promotion, inheritance, or even winning the lottery.
  • Angel number 444 is a sign of spiritual change. Great things will lie ahead of you. Listen intently, for messages of love and encouragement are being sent your way.
  • Seeing number 844 is very promising. Your spiritual guides are telling you that your relationship will be smooth sailing. In fact, it will stand the test of time!
  • Just like 44, Angel number 808 manifests abundance and blessings. It’s a sign that you’re about to achieve your goals in life – whether it’s personal or professional.
  • The presence of number 1144 is a sign that a bright future is in front of you. Your angels are working to fill you with ambition, determination, and achievement.

What if you ignore angel number 44?

We’ve all been there – ignoring signs such as angel numbers.

While nothing bad will happen to you, you’re essentially letting your blessings slip through your fingers.

The angels, as always, want you to be successful. That’s why they’re sending angel numbers – to let you know that you’re on the way to that.

If you keep on ignoring them, you won’t know where you need to be right now.

You keep seeing angel number 44, now what?

Needless to say, angel number 44 is a great number to see.

There is a lot of power in this number. Your spiritual team shows it to you to let you know that you are manifesting your dreams into your life.

Perhaps you’ve taken a long time to mature. Your need for stability and a strong ground to plant your feet isn’t something you should ignore.

Look for a place where you can be yourself and have space to grow at the same time. Find your refuge, the place where your problems are left at bay for a bit to gather your strength back.

Don’t forget to nourish your body and nurture your mind too, for both are important. There’s no need to burn out because you’ve been working too much!

At the end of the day, 44 is a reminder that you’re about to enter a better phase in your life. So get ready!

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