The surprising truth about what angel number 3 really means

You may have heard of guardian angels who lead and protect mortals throughout their lives. These spiritual beings are likely to communicate their messages by constantly bringing particular numbers called angel numbers to your attention.

This article covers the significance of the angel number 3 that most people prominently come across.

Keep reading to find out whether this number might hold a deeper hidden meaning within your life.

What does Angel number 3 mean?

The angel number 3 in general, focuses on a flow of positivity and optimism through the gifted traits of creativity and self-confidence. It depicts a good omen ahead of you filled with prosperity and success.

It signifies that you are a divine person and that your strong spiritual beliefs are finally encouraging things to happen in your favour. You simply need to be patient and prepare yourself to embrace this period of abundance.

Your prayers and desires have been heard and noticed by the Universe and all that matters is maintaining a positive attitude throughout the next stages of your life.

9 Reasons you keep seeing the angel number 3

1) Assurance of your guardian angel’s support

A repeated vision cycle of the angel number 3 is a definite sign of your guardian angel assuring you that your wishes and dreams have already come to their attention.

You may come across the number 3 almost randomly whenever you read a piece of paper, check the time or you may even notice it on a simple price tag!

It isn’t necessary for you to come across the number all the time, but you will feel that there’s something more than just mere coincidences. And that’s your guardian angel doing all the magic!

The number 3 you come across often could mean that during the journey you currently progress in, your guardian angel will support you with the messages they carry from the Universe to guide you along.

The protection and assistance of your guardian angel will push you towards achieving any accomplishments you have in mind, and you may find it easier to get rid of the obstacles you face on the way.

Additionally, having your guardian angel look over your journey will provide you with a strong sense of spiritual protection and thus makes room for you to develop the connection you share with the universe.

2) Make way for romance

The angel number 3 might be the sign you’ve been waiting for patiently, to spark new romances and relationships.

This is your guardian angel’s signal depicting that you’re finally ready to find your twin flame and settle down in a relationship filled with joy and a deep sense of meaning.

If you have someone in your mind that you feel you have a strong connection with, your angel might be urging you to approach that person with open feelings.

You may have had mixed feelings over the past few stages of your life but the best thing to do right now is to listen to your gut and do what feels right.

You need to open your heart and reveal your true unique self to attract a personality that can twin with yours. Being expressive is key but the will to love and receive love in return is equally important.

3) Move forward with confidence and courage

If you’ve been hesitant to take certain steps in your life that always felt like a huge leap, the angel number 3 definitely assures you that now is the best time.

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Amidst the reassurance from your guardian angel, this angel number urges you to build confidence and be willing to take certain risks. This is mostly because you’re likely to succeed as long as you keep your head high.

It might be time to finally gather up the courage to try out new things including new hobbies or schedules that guarantee your path towards success.

Your guardian angel is trying to convey the importance of being ambitious and opportunistic when moving ahead with your life.

4) Signal to finally take the wheel of your life

With all the positivity that flows your way, there’s almost nothing that you could do wrong. The angel number 3 you’ve been seeing is a convincing sign that you’re ready to take some responsibility and make thoughtful decisions.

With 3 being an auspicious number, the universal energy is drawn towards you. All the energy and power that is reflected upon you is enough for you to be fearless.

The angel number 3 insists that you use this stage of optimism to try out creative ideas and hobbies that you think will bring you peace, emotionally and spiritually.

You will no longer be viewed as someone who is weak but rather with the positive energy you illuminate, you will be able to take leadership opportunities and responsibilities quite swiftly.

5) Sign of being rewarded

The higher entities that watch over you never fail to witness the battles you’ve fought and the problems you’ve faced in the past.

You may have had certain restrictions and obstacles, but angel number 3 might be constantly appearing within your vision to remind you that you will be rewarded soon.

The angel number 3 might be a depiction of peace for you after a series of difficulties and your guardian angel might finally encourage you to sit back and relax while everything falls neatly into place.

If there is something in your life that you’ve waited for; a certain accomplishment you’ve been looking forward to, the angel number 3 is a clear sign that your hard work will bring fruitful results soon.

6) Indication to stay positive

This is the main purpose of angel number 3; to influence an optimistic attitude within you through constant reassuring signals.

The Universe showers blessings on those who are both grateful and hopeful and the resonance of the angel number 3 encourages you to embrace this mindset.

When you build faith in your goals and your own capabilities and show gratitude for the things you have in your life, the entities that watch over you will reward your efforts.

Now that you’re completely aware of the successes and what the future has in stock for you, what’s left is to believe in the possibility of a positive transformation that lies ahead.

7) Choose your community wisely

While this angel number does spark a favour for communication, interacting with the right people is equally important. The association with people with healthy mindsets will immediately send unexpected blessings your way.

Since the angel number 3 encourages you to be positive and hopeful, anyone who disrupts this mindset of yours should be avoided.

You will likely be at a stage where you hold a lot of the universe’s divine energy and thus noticing the angel number 3 might indicate a strong spiritual awakening within you.

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This transformation of yours should not be disturbed or weakened through the bad influence of another.

You need to focus on building a supportive group of friends or colleagues that you feel will strengthen you on your journey towards your goals. A positive community of people will align with the divine energy you hold and thus make your journey cheerful and uplifting.

8) Encourage communication

Communication is a key symbol of angel number 3. Your guardian angel is leading you towards becoming more expressive than you already are.

It could be the way you communicate with your friends and family or the way you express your feelings in front of your soulmate.

If you’ve had a fear of being misunderstood or didn’t want to feel vulnerable in the past, this angel number will keep appearing persistently until you learn to let your guard down.

As a person who’s looking forward to embracing transformations, you will find it easy to convey your thoughts and opinions better with the people around you.

This is a sign that confirms that if you let yourself socialise with people by being your authentic self, you have a high chance of being adored by those around you.

9) Be prepared for plenty of adventures and humour

The uplifting effect that the angel number 3 has on you will spark a childish excitement for fun adventures and activities filled with enthusiasm.

Perhaps after the mental exhaustion you’ve faced recently, the thought of everything working out the way you wanted with just the essence of hope and positivity will rid you of any worry and put you at ease.

You may feel light-hearted and find yourself being able to enjoy life more than you wanted to or could before.

You will feel inspired to engage in environments that you can grow in. This is partially due to the spiritual awakening your guardian angel is helping you to go through but also due to the positive attitude you develop over time.

You’ll feel the need to meet new people and discover different perspectives of the society while exploring the opinions of others on interests you share mutually.

Angel number 3 meaning in love

The angel number 3 is believed to be closely connected to the energy of love. Your guardian angel might be uncovering the fact that now is the right time for new romantic relationships and new beginnings for other bonds that are based on the notion of deep love.

The ideal twin flame might be someone who’s been around you for a while, but your guardian angel will save you the confusion by giving you a spiritual spark that makes you confident about who your twin flame truly is.

The angel number 3 is more of a signal for you to open your heart and let it take the lead when it comes to decisions involving love and romance.

This prominent number is also associated with combating episodes for romances and other love-based relationships that you cherish close to your heart. The angels that watch over you don’t expect you to be rebellious but instead they may be encouraging you to never give up on love.

The angel number 3 holds a message that encourages you to express the love you hold within yourself towards other people. And likewise, you can most definitely expect them to love you back.

If you’ve been keeping your feelings to yourself for a while, now might be the right time to take the next step with confidence. Frequent visions of the number 3 provide you the reassurance you need to look forward to heart-warming romances filled with joy.

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Angel number 3 for twin flames

Twin Flame Reunion

Just like a connection fuelled by love, the angel number 3 will likely reveal an opportunity for you to unite with your unique twin flame.

If you’re walking along difficult paths, the Universe will identify the importance of twin flame support in your life and tie you with a compatible personality accordingly. What matters is that you keep your heart open and be your own authentic self.

This way your twin flame will be able to recognise you and make your meeting a lot easier.

When you come across your twin flame, you will feel as if your heart beats in sync with theirs. The pure feeling that is likely to conquer you along with your heart sparking with positive vibrations will lead you to undiscovered layers of your soul.

Twin Flame Separation

If you’re with someone who you believe is your twin flame, this angel number may signify a challenging period for your relationship.

Your guardian angel might be warning you of disagreements between you and your twin flame and obstacles that you may encounter within your relationship.

However, if you manage to sort things out with your partner wisely and practice patience throughout, you can eventually overcome these problems.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 3

In spirituality, the angel number 3 is closely intertwined with emotions that revolve around hope and positivity. It assures the viewer of a bright future that they can look forward to, filled with the essence of good news flowing their way.

When it comes to your spiritual journey as a whole, the connection you hold with the universe is being protected and fuelled to make way for improvements.

Constant prayers and complete attention to the divine energy can be a good place for you to start if you’re looking for spiritual enhancements.

The angel number 3 also encourages you to display affection openly and put your heart and soul into everything you do. The close depiction this angel number holds with love will encourage you to be kind to those around you and embrace a life full of joy and pleasures.

Meaning of Angel number 3 in Numerology

If your guardian angel insists on communicating with you using the angel number 3, it means that you’re a person who is expected to have leadership qualities and good communication skills within your personality.

The angel urges you to form a close relationship with your own self and socialise with people around you accordingly.

The angel number 3 will open your heart and soul towards understanding the purpose you hold through your life and will push you to achieve your goals through the power of spirituality.

Biblical meaning of Angel number 3

The number 3 is prominently associated within the Bible and many important events related to Christianity hold a strong connection to this number.

For instance, the creation of man is related to the number 3 as Jesus is said to have created a Universe on day 1 and completed the creation of Earth on the 7th day. Thus, the middle number being 3 depicts a sense of completeness, for the world would be at lapse without the presence of mankind.

Additionally, the first mention of the number 3 in the bible is addressed while discussing the Holy Trinity which states that God is a distinct combination of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Therefore, the angel number 3 has always been a holy number.

Meaning of Angel number 3 in dreams

In your dreams, you can either have the number 3 in your vision or dream of 3 objects, people, settings, and other elements.

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Since the number 3 plays a major role in a variety of religions such as Hinduism, traditions and myths that relate to Egyptian and Greek mythology, it generally consists of an active nature.

In simple terms, it often depicts change that is yet to happen unconsciously; a disruption to the normal which could possibly be a spiritual enhancement within yourself.

Other angel numbers related to 3


If you’re constantly noticing the angel number 3, then you might want to look out for angel number 333 as well. Angel number 333 is a depiction that the path you’re moving on is clear. And despite the problems you face on the way, you’re on the right track.


Angel number 3333 in simple terms refers to God’s three attributes: all-knowing, all-powerful, and supremely good. It gives you reassurance that your guardian angels are supporting you for a future that feels complete and allows space for you to grow emotionally and spiritually.


Angel number 1133 holds a divine message that a promising future is ahead of you and that in order to manifest it, you need to let go of your worries and choose to continue along your path. Giving up shouldn’t be an option for you and all your hard work will be rewarded as long as you remain passionate about everything you do.

You keep seeing angel number 3, now what?

Now that you’re aware of everything that’s related to the angel number 3, it’s time to allow yourself to embrace these changes.

This might just be a signal to stop worrying further and be prepared for all the happy moments you’ll likely get to celebrate later in life. All you need is self-confidence and the courage to outshine your capabilities.

If you’re someone who is waiting patiently for their twin flame, the wait might finally be over. The angel number 3 might be promising you a joyous relationship filled with the love you’ve been longing for.

Don’t be afraid to open your heart and let all the love and the beauty of your emotions flow out while welcoming the adoration of those around you.

The world always reflects on your behaviour and this number definitely gives you the reassurance that if you do and show good to the world, you have an indefinite chance of receiving it back.

Last of all, your guardian angel is probably out there hoping that you take their messages seriously. Make sure you acknowledge the signs that are sent your way. This will strengthen the bond you share with the universe and improve your spiritual wellbeing in general.

When the higher entities feel that you’re quick to notice the signs, they will be keen on sending similar signals for the various upcoming stages of your life.

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