Angel Number 222: The Surprising Truth Behind This Number

You seem to be seeing the number 222 everywhere—from phone numbers to receipts, to even the number of likes on Facebook posts.

It creeps you out a little bit. You’re worried there’s a supernatural creature playing a prank on you.

Don’t fret! It’s just your angel trying to communicate with you. Besides, 222 is one of the most reassuring messages you could receive from the universe.

Read on for what angel number 222 really means, and why you’re seeing it a lot now.

What does it mean when you keep seeing the numbers “222”?

Repeating numbers, especially triple numbers, have significant spiritual meanings.

We all know of 666 as the Devil’s Number. Thankfully, 222 is much more benign—it’s an Angel Number, and it is usually associated with cooperation, unity, and harmony.

And while 111 is a signal of change and transformation, 222 is a signal that something new is coming. That means new things are about to come your way (the good kind, of course), and they’re coming really soon!

222 heralds the coming of growth in a certain area of your life so it should definitely be something to be excited about.

222 is a message from your angel that you’re about to experience an expansion of your state of being where it becomes easier for you to take your thoughts and ideas and realize them in the real world.

5 reasons you’re seeing angel number 222 now

There are many possible reasons why you keep seeing the angel number 222. You see, even though our angels want to say something specific to us about our specific situation, they’re only limited to communicating to us through these numbers.

Because of that, it’s up to you to decipher their message based on what’s happening in your life.

If you’re seeing 222 more frequently, here are the possible reasons why:

1) You’re facing a new beginning

222 is simply a message from your angel that says “New things are coming!”

Whether you’re starting over again from something that went horribly wrong, looking for a new job, just trying out something new, the presence of the angel number in your consciousness is a good sign.

You’ve recently decided to make a change in your life—something that took you forever to make— and the universe is now about to reward you for it.

The angel number 222 manifests in your life during times of change to remind you to stay your course. To remain confident in the fact that everything will be alright and that the universe is at your side although it might not seem like it.

But as with other Angel Numbers, 222 by itself does not reveal the whole story to you. It may tell you to stay strong, to keep your faith but you have to watch out for other clues.

Other Angel Numbers will manifest around this time, and it would serve you well to keep a sharp eye out for them as they come.

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So you see? If you’re seeing 222, it’s a big nod or high five from your angel and even if you’re struggling while you’re going through some big life changes at the moment (or the total lack of it), good things are coming and they’re coming really soon.

2) You took the right step

Have you ever made a decision and then, after a while, stopped and wondered if you did the right thing?

Let’s say you had a big argument with someone you thought was your friend a week ago and, in the heat of the moment, you decided to cut them off. But now you’re wondering if you were too harsh. You’d remember the good times you had together, and then feel a cloying sadness in your chest.

Or you just broke up from your relationship of eight years but you really don’t know why. You just have a gut feeling it’s what you should do.

Situations like these are when we’re the most unsure and need the most guidance. Well, if you’re seeing the Angel Number everywhere, that means you should stop going back and forth between clarity and doubt, assessing the pros and cons of your decision for the nth time.

Here’s the thing: You made the right decision. Seeing 222 is just your angel trying to reassure you of that.

Perhaps that “friend” would have led you down a dark path if you continued to be friends with them. Perhaps you’ll end up divorcing your ex 10 years down the road.

222 is associated with goodness and harmony, and by reminding you of this number, the universe is trying to tell you that, yes, your decision was exactly what the universe wanted you to make and that you should continue on the path you have chosen.

You’ve saved yourself from trouble and misery and your angel wants to tell you “Hurray! You’re on the right track.”

3) Comfort and healing will be coming your way

The Angel Number is strongly aligned with love, and it can even be considered a sign that the universe is showing its love to you.

If you have been hurting lately, the numbers 222 are a sure sign that someone—or something—is going to come into your life soon and offer comfort.

As an example, let’s say that you’re in a relationship that has, unfortunately, become somewhat stale. That youthful spark and lightness in your chest when you see your partner seems to have faded. You might even begin to wonder why you’re even together still.

Now, seeing 222 could be a sign that your love with your partner will spring back up to life. You will be reminded of just how much you love each other, and a burst of new energy will make you fall in love all over again.

It could also mean that you’ll find someone new that can give you that kind of love.

Or let’s say that you have been badly hurt. A good friend of yours has betrayed your trust, and you have been spending your days hiding within your shell. Too hurt to open up and trust again.

Seeing the Angel Number in a situation like this would mean that, whether you know it or not, you’re close to healing and something will happen soon that will teach you to trust again.

It could be that friend of yours coming clean and apologizing to you, or it could be another friend entirely who would offer you the warmth you need.

The Angel Number 222 is your angel trying to give you a hug, telling you that healing will soon be on your way.

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4) Your efforts are about to bear fruit

Another reason you’re seeing 222 everywhere you go would mean that you’re ready to reap the benefits of the things you’ve sown in your life, from the good to the bad.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, 111 is the signal of change, and 222 is the beginning of new things.

This is a good opportunity to remind yourself your own thoughts and actions are the only things you can truly control in your life.

Whatever you will reap will depend on what exactly it is you’ve done, and the way you did these things. If you have been constantly negative, then life is only going to throw more negativity at you.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been dishing out positivity energy at every opportunity you can find, then all that positivity will make its way back to you. It’s a guarantee.

The Angel Number 222’s presence at this time again signifies that you should hold fast and be confident in yourself. Not everything that you have sown in your life will be positive. There will be some hurt as well as some failures. And this Angel Number is trying to tell you that it’s perfectly alright.

5) There’s something that you still need to change

It might seem odd at first that the very number that signifies goodness can also mean that you need to change. But the universe isn’t always so straightforward.

222 stands for harmony, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that seeing it everywhere means that you’re already in a harmonious state. It can just as easily mean that you need to seek harmony.

If you’ve already been through some transformation yet you still keep seeing the number 222, then it’s probably time to ask yourself if there is still something you truly want… if the changes that are happening are exactly what you want.

Try to pay attention to when the Angel Number is showing up.

For example, if you keep seeing the Angel Number 222 around things that remind you of people you have cut off from your life, it could mean that the universe is trying to tell you that you should try to reconnect with them.

This can be contradictory to #2—you took the right step. The difference between these two lies in how you truly feel inside. And if it still keeps reappearing weeks or even months after you’ve made your decision, then it’s a signal that you might not have made the right decision.

When in doubt, take a moment to close your eyes, reflect, and try to speak with your guardian angel for guidance.

What does religion have to say about 222?

The number 2, as well as the sequence 222 has significance in the Bible. In Genesis 2:22, it is stated that the woman is not separate from the man, as it was there that Eve, the first woman, was made from the rib of Adam, the first man. Thus the number 222 carries with it a meaning of unity and harmony.

But 222 is significant to more than just married relationships. In Deuteronomy 22:2, it was said that if your countryman does not live near you, or if you do not know him, then you shall take his animal home with you and care for it. When he returns, you are to give him his animal back.

As you can see, the ideal of harmony and cooperation, of unity, that 222 represents also applies to platonic, communal relationships.

And finally, the number 22, which is a descendant of 222, is associated with the word of God. This is because the Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letters, and it was the Hebrew Alphabet that was used to write God’s word.

As you can see, the number 222 is not just strongly tied to the idea of unity and harmony, it is also very closely associated with the divine.

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Seeing 222 repeatedly means the divine is trying to put harmony into your life and you should just be patient while everything is being put in the right order.

222 and Twin Flames

Angel Number 222 is related to your Twin Flame and if you think about it, the two have many things in common.

Your Twin Flame is someone whose presence in your life drives you to become the best version of you that you can be. They reflect your best and worst qualities back right at you, and for that reason they drive you to change and grow.

Angel Number 222, on the other hand, is the Universe telling you that you’re on the right path, and also that you’re going to face a lot of change and personal growth. That change is more often than not caused by your Twin Flame, so it’s no surprise that you will see 222 a lot when you’re together with your Twin Flame.

Your relationship with that person is right, even when you seem to be at odds all the time. Both of you are growing in each other’s presence, and should continue to be around each other.

Constantly seeing 222 when you’re with a person who you suspect is your Twin Flame is a confirmation that you should explore this bond because they could indeed be your Twin Flame.

If you have a Twin flame yet you went separate ways, it could mean your Twin flame separation is almost over.

If you still haven’t met your Twin Flame, seeing 222 is a way for the universe to give you a signal that your twin flame is about to enter your life. It’s your angel trying to say “Open your eyes, open your heart, your Twin is already on their way to you.”

Numerology and 222

According to numerology, 222 serves to remind you that you’re on the right path, and that you should continue to pursue your goals.

You might need to change some specific details along the way—life is ever changing, after all—but in the end you will achieve your goal so long as you hold true to everything you’ve been doing so far.

Related to 222 is the number 22, which represents that first, initial step. A willingness to pursue your goals no matter what it may take.

So keep at it, whatever it is you’re doing.

222 and the Spirit

Have you taken good care of your soul lately? Have you been connecting to the divine?

Maybe you got too busy with life that you’ve forgotten about your soul.

If you keep on seeing 222 wherever you go, it means that the angels and the universe are trying to contact you, reaching out to you to tell you that you should go inward because there’s something that you need to hear within you.

Since 222 is a number of harmony, unity, and the “new”, it could mean that you need to reach to the divine to soothe you while you ride the highs and lows of your transformation.

You’re being urged to focus on positive thoughts and to greet everything that comes your way with positivity and a clear mind, instead of worrying where life will take you.

You need to enjoy the moment and learn to trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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Numbers related to 222

The universe is mysterious, and it’s never quite as straightforward as we wish it were. But it does try to speak to us, and it does so by making us notice the Angel Numbers.

They all mean something slightly different, but at the same time, they’re all related and have meanings that overlap and intersect in different ways.

You’re likely going to see more than just one angel number, and understanding the universe’s intentions means trying to understand what these numbers mean, and especially when they’re together.

Angel Number 444

The Angel Number 444 stands for honesty and inner wisdom. Both of these are closely tied to the ideal of balance and unity that 222 represents. After all, you can’t be truly confident and in harmony if you aren’t being honest with yourself.

Angel Number 555

The Angel Number 555 means that there are significant changes on the horizon. And in the trying times ahead, the number 222 manifests to help you anchor yourself and your convictions.

Angel Number 777

The presence of the Angel Number 777 in your life tells you that good fortune is on its way. You might find yourself surprised or caught off guard by exactly what that good fortune is, but 222 will tell you that you need to trust whatever is to come.

Angel Number 999

The Angel Number 999 represents an ending of some sort, whether it be a friendship or your job. The Angel Number 222 sometimes shows up with 999 to reassure you that the ending is for the best. Trust in your decision, and in the direction the universe will bring you afterwards.

What should you do if you keep seeing Angel Number 222?

1) Embrace change

Change is an inevitable part of our lives, and it’s perfectly normal to be wary of it when it comes. But when you’re seeing the Angel Number 222 all the time, that means the universe is trying to tell you that everything is going to be alright.

There are good things coming for you—though perhaps not entirely painlessly—and that you should embrace them with all your heart as they come to your life.

This might be easier said than done. Change can be downright scary sometimes, after all. But it’s worth reminding yourself that it’s necessary, and that if it seems all too much to bear, you don’t have to handle it alone.

Whether it be friends, family, or some anonymous people on the internet, company makes it easier to deal with change.

And with your angel at your side, constantly reminding you of their presence, you need not worry about a thing at all.

2) Be more confident with your decisions

It’s very easy to miss out on something good simply because you chickened out at the very last moment. There are times when turning around and changing course at the very last moment is the wise thing to do.

But when you’re seeing the Angel Number 222, you can rest assured that there’s no need to change your mind. Be confident with the decisions you chose, because they’re the right ones.

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Building confidence isn’t going to be easy, but nothing in this life ever is. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help yourself, like reminding yourself of the things you have done right in your life, and surrounding yourself with people you like.

Constantly seeing 222 is your angel’s way of giving you a thumb’s up.

You will see soon enough that this transformation you’re experiencing right now will lead you to a much better path that you’d wonder why you even felt scared in the first place.

3) Trust the universe

The Angel Number 222 is, first and foremost, about trust and reassurance.

You should stay your course and trust the universe that everything is happening as it should.

This is easier said than done, especially if you have never been one to give your trust freely. The presence of the Angel Number 222 in your life isn’t going to magically teach you how to trust, so you’re going to learn how to trust all over again.

For starters, it helps to think back to the times your trust was broken, and to try and understand the big picture. To figure out the motivations between the people involved, and where everyone—including you—went wrong.

But try to recall when you’re a kid. We all believed that anything is still possible, we believe in true love and fairies and magic. As we got older and “wiser”, we started to shrug them off.

Seeing angel numbers is there to remind you that yes, magic can still happen…and in fact, magic is happening every single day. Trust that the universe is working for you and something great for you and it will happen much sooner.

4) Keep working

In the end, Angel Numbers are just messages from the universe.

Just as an email from your boss isn’t going to make your work magically complete itself, then Angel Numbers aren’t going to give you the life you’ve always wanted on a platter.

If you get lazy or complacent simply because the universe has been telling you that good things are coming your way, then all those good things will just slip through your fingers like sand.

Angel number 222 is a nod from your angel and this should not make you stop and become complacent because the universe will do most of the job for you.

It should instead inspire you to do more and to keep moving forward. The universe has no hands or feet, it can only give you messages.

It’s good to know that what you’re doing now is a step in the right direction but you have to do the work.

Angel number 222 is a nod from your angel and this should inspire you to do more and to keep moving forward.


So you see, angel number 222 is not some warning or bad luck.

It is your angel telling you to keep doing what you’re doing, to stay on course and not lose heart. Just keep at it, trust yourself and the universe, because pretty soon you will reap the rewards.

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If you’re seeing angel number 222, rejoice. Good things are definitely coming!

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