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You are one step away from feeling happy. Except that you think too much. Come to think of it – overthinking might be the reason that’s holding you back from living the live you really want.

You tend to dwell too much on a minor problem that it starts to get more terrifying than it actually is.

Or you become too overwhelmed when things are going good for you that you end up analyzing why you are happy in the first place.

When you do this, you begin to self-sabotage your life in the most silently destructive way possible.

To create a smarter and brighter outlook in life, you can learn from these nine simple ways:

1) Broaden your perspective

Try reflecting on your thoughts and actions within the grand scheme of things. When things start to bother you, ask yourself if it would still matter in five years, or even five weeks? If it doesn’t, snap out of it and focus on things that matter.

2) Set deadlines for decision-making

Do not subject yourself to agony by overanalyzing every decision you make. No matter how big or small your decision is, it will be useless if you don’t act upon it. The sooner you make a decision, the sooner you can spring into action.

3) Get things done

Now that you have learned to set deadlines for decision-making, the most important part is to turn your decision into concrete action. Get things done one step at a time so you won’t overwork yourself.

4) Stop being a control freak

You have to realize that some things are beyond your control. If you accept this reality, you will stop thinking things through and will be comfortable with letting the universe take care of itself.

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5) Take a break

When you are not in a good shape to think about things, you can always take a break. Your mind and body must be in good condition when you want to deal with an issue constructively.

6) Do not be paralyzed by fear

Don’t be stagnated with your vague sense of fear. Fear will only paralyze your capacity to decide and act upon issues intelligently.

7) Exercise

Exercising or working out can help you let go of unnecessary stress in life. With a clearer mind space, you’ll be better at making smart decisions and consequently – wise actions.

8) Be present at the moment

By dealing with your life at the moment, you will spend less time overthinking about past actions you can never change anymore, and responses to future scenarios (which you can’t predict by the way).

Live at the moment by slowing down on life. Be more aware of what you are doing and what is happening in your surroundings. Take it all in with your senses.

(Do you want to live a more mindful life? Learn how to achieve mindfulness on a daily basis with our practical guide here).

9) Surround yourself with positive people

Create an environment where you can truly be optimistic. Spend your time with positive-oriented people so they can influence you to think the same. With a good social environment, you will start to see that there is no value in overthinking things.

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