50 telepathic signs he’s pulling away

A guy can pull away from your relationship for several reasons. While there may be apparent signs on the get-go, there may be other signs he’s giving off telepathically. 

It’s just a matter of looking for any (or several) of these signs: 

1) You can’t sense what he’s thinking anymore

This is perhaps the most alarming sign.

See, you and your soulmate have this form of telepathy. Even if you’re not physically together, you can communicate (and sense each other) on a psychic level. 

So if you’re unable to sense what he’s thinking – when you previously did – then it’s a clear sign that he’s pulling away telepathically. 

2) You feel disconnected from him

As I’ve mentioned, soulmate telepathy comes with a deep psychic connection. You’re linked to each other spiritually – even if you’re thousands of miles apart. 

Sadly, you’ll feel some sort of disconnection once he starts pulling away from you. From being ‘joined at the hip,’ you’ll slowly transform into complete strangers. 

3) He’s become detached

Ever had a situation where he’s there – but not really? Sadly, this form of detachment signifies that he’s telepathically pulling away from you.

Again, this all boils down to your ‘disconnection.’ He’s pulling away from your soulmate link, and it’s apparent in his detached demeanor. 

4) He doesn’t feel familiar anymore

Having a telepathic connection means knowing the person inside-out. So if you start feeling odd towards him, it’s a sign. 

He’s pulling away from your link, and with so, he’s no longer the same guy you used to know (and love.) 

5) Worse, you no longer feel his presence

One of the greatest things about a telepathic connection is that you feel his presence whenever, wherever.

Unfortunately, this presence becomes weaker and weaker once he starts pulling away from you. Eventually, it’ll feel like he’s no longer there – even if he physically is. 

6) A love advisor has told you

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7) Where’s the love?

When someone loves you, you’ll feel it telepathically. So if you’re no longer feeling warm, fuzzy emotions – especially when he’s close – then it’s a sign.

He’s pulled away, and his feelings for you are no longer there. That’s why you don’t feel even a drop of it – when you used to feel a lot before.

8) There are no more butterflies!

When you’re connected with someone, you’ll feel instant butterflies just at the thought of them. 

And, if this isn’t happening as often as it used to, you need to be on the lookout. 

He’s pulling away, and you feel it in your gut. Or rather, you lack that feeling in your gut. 

It used to have butterflies whenever you saw or thought of him. Now, it’s as if the butterflies have died in your stomach. 

9) Your intuition has told you

Speaking of gut feelings, your intuition will more or less tell you if he’s pulling away.

See, you share a silver cord of connection unlike any other. Should something sever this, your gut will feel it right away. 

You’ll immediately know in your heart – and mind – that there is something wrong in the relationship.  

10) Everything’s out of whack

When you share a telepathic connection with someone, it feels as if everything is smooth-sailing.

So when he starts pulling away, the balance becomes out of whack. What used to feel comforting and peaceful is now foreign, if not weird. 

It’s as if you’re looking at a stranger! 

11) You sense a shift in his energy

If you’re connected with someone, you’ll sense everything in him. That includes his energy, including the shifts that come with it.

What once was positive, passionate energy is now flat, if not distant. And, before you know it, you’re channeling this negative energy too. 

12) You stopped being a priority

You used to be the number one person in his life. Now, you’re on the backburner. 

Evidently, he’s pulling away, and you’re no longer on the pedestal. As to what – or who replaced you – is up for you to find out. 

13) He’s acting all secretive

Do you know why a man is acting secretive? It’s because he has a secret! 

It could be that one of his secrets is he’s trying to pull away from you. He’s avoiding confrontation, so he’s trying to keep you in the dark.

14) You don’t think about him as much

I’m sure there used to be a time in your relationship when you couldn’t help but think of him. He’s on your mind 24/7.

But not anymore. 

For some insane reason, he rarely crosses your mind. And when he does, it’s more or less a fleeting memory.

If you’d instead think of something else, then he’s probably feeling the same. He’s pulling away from you, and he, too, could be thinking of someone else. 

15) You just don’t want to be around him

When you have a telepathic connection with someone, you want to spend every waking hour with them.

But if you’re not feeling that urge anymore, know that it’s not entirely because of you. In some cases, it’s because you know in your soul that he’s slowly pulling away. 

You share a connection, and you’re feeling the same thing he’s feeling! 

16) You feel sad whenever you’re with him

You’re supposed to feel euphoric whenever you’re with your beau, right? If this is no longer the case, he’s most likely pulling away from you. 

See, soulmate telepathy means sharing feelings (as well as thoughts and images.) That’s why you feel that deep connection with each other.
If he’s emanating a sad, detached vibe, you’ll definitely feel it whenever you’re with him. 

17) You feel tense, too

One of the hallmark signs of telepathic communication is feeling tense whenever someone thinks ill of you. 

He’s harboring so much bad energy that it transcends right to your spirit. He could be thousands of miles away from you, but you’ll sense this tension as if he’s right next to you. 

18) He doesn’t miss you

Are his ‘I miss you’ calls and texts getting far and few in between? It’s not because he’s busy with work and whatnot. 

See, if he loves you, he’ll make time for you, no matter how swamped he may be. 

Sadly, it’s a clear sign that he’s pulling away from you. And since you’re bound telepathically, you’ll feel this right in your heart and soul. 

19) He’s not excited to see you

It’s always exciting to see your soulmate or twin flame, especially if you haven’t been with him for so long. But if he’s not giddy at the thought of seeing you, then it’s a definite red flag.

See, if he’s in the same emotional place, his eyes should sparkle every time he sees you. But if everything has become a ‘meh’ moment, then it’s apparent that he’s starting to pull away from you. 

20) He’s no longer engaging in profound conversations

Remember when you could just talk about anything – from shallow topics to heavier ones? If this has been a thing of the past, it could be because he’s pulling away from you. 

See, some men pull away whenever they feel the connection waning. In his mind, why would he converse with someone with whom he no longer feels a special link? 

21) He’s not interested in what you have to say

Your boyfriend used to be all ears whenever you told him something. But if he’d rather play games or tinker with his phone than listen to you, you should be on alert. 

He’s pulling away from you, and he couldn’t care less about what you have to say to him.

22) You know have to ask what’s going on

When you’re telepathically connected with someone, you don’t have to ask what’s going on in his mind.

But if you find yourself asking or second-guessing more than you’re used to, you should be on high alert. He’s pulling away from you, which is why you can’t seem to channel his thoughts and feelings anymore. 

23) There’s a deafening silence

The lack of conversations is one thing. And, if a man is trying to pull away from you, he will tend to stay silent. 

Radio silent, if you will. 

In fact, he can spend the entire day with you without saying anything. He’ll respond to your questions alright, but he can last the whole day without talking to you.

24) He stopped being your hero

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25) He doesn’t need you that much anymore

If your boyfriend has been highly dependent on you – and he’s not anymore – then it’s a telltale sign.

Although it could be good (you want your partner to be independent), it can also be devastating. 

He’s pulling away from you, and he wants to test the waters to see if he can do things on his own. 

26) He stopped being there for you

He used to be your rock. You could always count on him – especially when you need him the most.

But now, he’s MIA – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Sadly, this usually happens whenever a man pulls away from you. That’s because the shoulder you used to cry on is now being handed to someone else. 

27) He makes you feel invisible

Does he make you feel like you aren’t there at all? I hate to break it to you, but it’s an obvious sign that he’s pulling away.

See, he makes you feel invisible because you’re no longer important to him. He’s prioritizing other things (and sadly, maybe another lady) that’s why you feel as if you no longer exist in his world. 

28) He’s no longer bullish

Men can get quite opinionated, if not stubborn. You may find yourself constantly debating with them over this or that.

Sadly, when a man pulls away from you, he’ll no longer be the ‘bullhead’ he used to be. In most cases, it’s because he no longer feels the need to engage with you. 

29) He’s mum about the future

A guy who’s into you will not hesitate to talk about spending his future with you. But if he’s mum about it, you should take a good hard look at your relationship. 

He’s pulling away from you, that’s why he’d rather keep his silence. In his heart, it’s better to shut up because it means lesser chances of hurting you. 

30) He no longer initiates things…

Is your boyfriend the usual instigator of dates, trips, and whatnots? If he no longer does this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s busy.

As I’ve told you, he’ll make time for you if he loves you. Evidently, he’s pulling away, so you should be careful. 

31) …Or he keeps on rescheduling your current plans

He used to be so excited to spend time with you. But now, he’d rather work overtime than go out on a date with you.

This doesn’t always translate to being a workaholic. In fact, it may be a sign that he’s pulling away from you. See, he’d rather devote his time or energy to something (or someone) else.

32) He always has an excuse

A man who’s pulling away from you will always have an excuse not to spend time with you.

No matter how hard you try to reconnect with him, he’s busy working. Maybe he’s going out with friends. Or he’s seeing family.

Let me stress this again. If you’re important, he’ll make time with you. Seeing that he won’t, it’s crystal clear that his thoughts are flying towards something (or somebody) else. 

33) You have to pursue him now

He used to pursue you, but not now. He’s out of the loop, and his thoughts and feelings are oh-so-far away. 

It’s as if you need to run after his emotions just to talk to him. And, even if you managed to do so, everything is just not the same.

So rather than just analyzing the signs in the hopes of getting answers, try to speak to a gifted advisor right now. They can give you real clarity on this particular situation.

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34) You’re the only one making an effort

It’s said to feel that you’re the only one making an effort. You’re always initiating the conversations, dates, and whatnot. 

See, this one-sided relationship is not at all healthy. He’s obviously pulling away from you, that’s why you’re the only one bending over backward for this relationship. 

35) The relationship feels stuck

Relationships require balance. If you’re the only one making an effort – and he keeps on pulling away – you both will remain stuck at an impasse

It won’t progress as it should, even if you’ve been with each other for several years! 

36) There’s no feeling of belongingness

Being connected comes with a feeling of belongingness. In your heart of hearts, you know that you’re special to him no matter what happens.

But once he’s started pulling away, you won’t feel this affinity anymore. He’s just like a stranger you’ve met on the street. 

Instead of feeling belongingness, you’re left with the sadness of longing for him. 

37) You can’t concentrate when you’re with him

Do you find it harder to focus on your work or passion projects? If you often find your mind flying, it could be because he’s pulling away.

You feel him drifting away, and you’re bothered by it. So instead of setting your sights on your job, your mind often flies to a faraway place.

38) He’s distracted as well

It’s not just you who can’t concentrate when he’s around. He’s feeling the same thing whenever he’s with you. 

Instead of focusing on, say, you, his mind is off somewhere. He has this blank stare, and you know for a telepathic fact that it’s NOT because he’s thinking of you. 

39) His tastes have shifted

You used to like the same things – that’s why your relationship clicked easily. Then, without warning, his tastes suddenly shifted. 

He used to like A, but now he wants B. He used to dislike C, but now, he can’t stop talking about it. 

Yes, soulmates and twin flames can drift apart too, but it’s entirely different. If you’re no longer sharing the same wavelength, it’s probably a sign that he’s pulling away from you. 

40) You’re not dreaming of him anymore

Remember when he used to star in your dream reels? 

If you’re barely (or no longer) dreaming of him anymore, then be wary. 

See, soulmates – even twin flames – communicate through dreams. It’s a way for lovers to speak, after all.

So if he’s trying to break away from your telepathic link, it may manifest in his disappearance from your dreams. 

41) Your spirit hasn’t grown

Being connected is not only good for the heart – it’s good for the spirit too. You see, when you love each other, you help each other grow – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If, for some reason, your spirit has stopped growing, it’s not always your fault. It could also mean that your partner is pulling away from you. Since he’s no longer providing the support your spirit needs, it’s no longer growing or evolving as it should. 

42) He’s very moody

If he’s hot one moment and cold the other, you need to be on high alert. This moodiness is one of the subtle telepathic signs he’s pulling away from you.  

He’s shifted his sights, and his emotions are showing it.

The worst part about this? Because you share a connection, you might also end up channeling this moodiness. 

43) There’s no eye contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s true. You can see (and feel) what your boyfriend is feeling simply by looking at his eyes.

So if he’s avoiding eye contact with you, you should be wary. He’s pulling away from you, and he’s afraid you’ll uncover the truth from his eyes. 

44) There’s a feeling of doom

If you know in your heart that you’re drifting apart, it’s because it’s mostly true. 

You’re connected – maybe loosely now – but the link remains. You feel his hesitancy and disregard, among many other things. 

And, for your part, this may translate as an unexplainable feeling of doom. 

45) He’s dropping hints

Sometimes, men would rather leave a breadcrumb trail than be forthcoming. In his mind, it will be best if you discovered it – rather than him telling you all about it.

46) He’s clearly running away from you

Some telepathic signs are less noticeable. But some are more apparent, including his attempt to run away from you.

This phenomenon actually speaks for itself: he’s a twin flame runner.

He’s pulling away from you because he’s scared of the intense energy of the relationship. While it may be disheartening at first, this tendency to run away will die down soon. 

47) You see numerical sequences

Seeing specific numbers is no mere coincidence. They’re what you call angel numbers, and they come with powerful love messages. 

While some are very promising, some often spell doom. A good example is angel number 411, which is nudging you to make an effort in your relationship. Your partner may be pulling away, but the universe knows that there’s something you could do about it. 

48) He’s not that expressive anymore

Sure, some men feel that it’s ‘unmanly’ to be touchy-feely. But if he’s really into you, he’ll physically show it. 

The sad news is that if he has always been physical – and now he’s not – he’s pulling away. 

He might have some issues, or he might be into someone else. Whatever his reason may be, it could manifest in the lack of PDA. 

49) The passion has died down all of a sudden

When your relationship started, you can’t keep your hands to yourself. You’re all up in his business, and him, yours.

But now, you act like two platonic friends. The passion has died, and you can’t seem to reignite it no matter how hard you try.

If your love has fizzled out suddenly, then it’s pretty telling. He’s pulling away, so he’s no longer feeling romantic towards you. 

50) You experience some physical symptoms

Do you keep sneezing – or is your nose itchy for no apparent reason? Are you experiencing hiccups – or does your face blush at random?

While several things could cause these, they may be triggered by your telepathic link as well.

Many believe that these manifestations are ways of telepathic communication. To be specific, this could mean that your boyfriend is drifting away from you. 

Final thoughts

As you see, you’ll notice many telepathic signs once your boyfriend pulls away from you.

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Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon, RN (PH & US), MPM I'm Raye, a nurse licensed in both the Philippines and the US. I also have a Master's degree in Public Management. Just like helping my patients, I like to empower & motivate readers with research-backed articles.

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