5 surprising answers to the online dating question everyone asks

One of the consequences of being single and new to a city is regular Tinder dates. You’d think this would be fun, but quite frankly it stresses me out.

You see, going on dates bring forth a series of rather uncomfortable questions:

The questioner is really trying to ask: “who are you?” They’re trying to see if my answer maps with how they see themselves.

I’ve never had a good answer to this question, and my Tinder dates demonstrate this. All I can seem to muster is a bumbling answer of working on an online media network where people connect around ideas. I’ve lived on four continents in the last five years, have an Australian national identity, am a brother, son and friend to some important people in my life and probably can consider myself an entrepreneur.

I’m also a huge fan of Australian football.

Despite my discomfit in answering the question “who are you?”, I think it’s the best way to get to know someone pretty quickly. Do they answer by sharing their profession? Are they more focused on family? Or do they use the question as an opportunity to have a more profound conversation about the nature of human existence and the mystery of life?

Here at Ideapod, we began with our own social network where the Ideapod community come together and discuss ideas. Posts are limited to 1,000 characters or 40 second videos via our mobile app and others can respond, support or create relationships between ideas. The social network is temporarily offline while we develop it further – become a Prime member to be the first to try the new version.

We had a trending hash tag #whoswho where users introduce themselves. It’s a great way to get started connecting with the community and has resulted in some fascinating contributions to the social network.

Here are 5 fascinating posts on Ideapod, as I explain in this short video below. Check it out or keep reading for these 5 surprising contributions to #whoswho.


1. Not just a professional identity. An artist deep down.

Here’s what new user Jennifer Bartlett said about herself:

According to the IRS, I’m a #self-employed cosmetologist. According to the salon where I’m stationed, I’m a brilliant haircolor specialist. According to the photographers that book me, I’m a reliable, swift & talented makeup artist.

The problem is that I find all of those career choices to be boring and shallow. I’m a #performer, a #musician and a #writer with a moderate case of #ImpostorSyndrome.

So I’ll try this. Thanks for having me.

2. Rebelling against beliefs handed down from family and religion

Adriana is an “outspoken Eastern European” living in Northern Ireland. Here’s how she introduces herself:

Grew up as a rebel against beliefs handed down from superior family members and religious community. A spiritual freedom fighter and animal lover. Re-inventing myself in 2016 to be enlightened by the magical power of positive mental attitude and diversity. I’m a witty vegetarian who likes to break the rule by occasionally eating fish. I’m passionate about people and diversity. I believe we can gain mental freedom and total mind clearance by eating healthy food, traveling and meeting new people. Growing our network of diverse people and connecting with people all over the world.

Currently living in Northern Ireland. Discovering the Island’s most beautiful views and soaking up the romance through local music and poetry. This Emerald island has saved my life from self-destruction. I learnt to love myself and others and got my mojo back!

3. Formed by two living artists who pave their own way in life

Perry is a “jack of all trades” and follows several paths simultaneously. Her contribution to #whoswho shows how much insight can be shared within our social network’s 1,000 character limitation:

I live in a world blinded by diamonds, Maseratis and privilege. I am adopted. My birth mother was beaten and raped by her husband and left the two children before and after me to their other parent. I was formed by two loving artists who always paved their own way in life. I grew up immersed in art, subjected and objected to creation of my own as well as modeling for others. When I was 20 I got married. At 22 I got divorced. Three years ago I met the most wonderful of guys. We loved each other profoundly but his anger and insecurities blinded him and he lashed out in every imaginable way at me. I have since put down the keys to our apartment and walked away of my own design. I accept the keys back as a symbol of friendship, acceptance, self Virtue and most importantly Unconditional Love.

4. The power within you is limitless and can’t be put into words

Timothy Powers made a remarkable contribution to #whoswho, creating a 40 second video idea using our mobile app.

He decided not to limit his infinite potentiality by using words to identify who he is. As he says:

Who am I? Who is “Powers”? … Alright so you get it, it’s beyond words. To limit it with words, “who am I”… it’s “infinite potentiality”. I realize it more and more with every breath. It’s beyond words and I don’t want to limit it.

5. The magic of life is to discover the huge universe inside of you

The final contribution to #whoswho that I wanted to share is by the Brazilian shaman Rudá Iandé. He’s a regular contributor to Ideapod not only via our social network but also as an instructor of our first group coaching program named “Out of the box”.

Rudá explains how important it is that we ask ourselves, “who am I?”

I am Rudá Iandé. Actually what is Rudá Iandé? Who am I? This is a good question. Where do I start and where do I finish and end? Actually I don’t know and I think ti’s a question we should ask ourselves all the time. This is the magic of life, to discover, to find out about this huge universe that we have inside of us, that we never end up knowing.

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