24 quick random acts of kindness you can do to make someone else happier

Looking to add a little happiness to your own life and someone else’s life? Try one of these 24 quick ways to make someone else happier today, and watch their world change right before your eyes.

1) Give a Compliment

Don’t just tell someone their hair looks nice, tell them their hair looks nice and mean it. People can tell when you are being genuine, so give a genuine compliment.

2) Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Traffic

Regardless of whether you let someone go ahead of you in traffic or not, you aren’t going to get there any faster, so why not let someone else take the lead and you can feel good about having done a good thing.

3) Hold the Door

Wait for someone to reach the door, even if they are more than arm’s length away from you. They will appreciate it.

4) Say Thank You

Don’t underestimate how much a little gratitude can impact someone’s day. Say it, write it, express it however you feel, but just do it.

5) Go Out of Your Way for Someone

Help someone carry the groceries, pay the bills, or drive a friend across town when she needs it.

6) Share Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? They can instantly lift your mood and someone else’s mood.

7) Give a Handmade Gift

Make a handmade card for someone, bake cookies, or bead a necklace to give with someone specific in mind.

8) Share Warm Food

Huddle around some warm apple pie together and talk about your day. The other person will love the personalized attention.

9) Encourage Someone

People are full of self-doubt. Help someone get out of their own head and one step closer to reaching their goals by encouraging them in their dreams.

10) Laugh with Someone

Share moments of happiness with people whenever you can. It leaves lasting impacts on them and helps you both to reduce some stress in your lives.

11) Be Positive

When those around you are getting down on themselves about life, show up as the positive light in the room. It will annoy some people who want to be sad and self-loathing, but others will appreciate the effort and follow suit.

12) Share a Song with Someone

Pop in your favorite CD and sing while you drive. Don’t worry about what song it is, just sing and enjoy each other’s company.

13) Say Hello to a Stranger

You never know what someone is going through, so when you meet someone on the street, say hello with a smile. It could change their entire day.

14) Pick Some Flowers

Want to add some life to a room for a friend, pick some flowers and bring them to her. She’ll love it.

15) Give Good Advice

Listen to someone’s problems without worrying about your own gains in the conversation and offer them real, genuine advice that is applicable to their situation.

16) Cook Someone a Meal

Invite a friend over for dinner tonight and make their favorite meal.

17) Pick Up Dinner

If you know your husband or wife is tired from a long day at work, take the burden off and pick up dinner. Anything will do, so long as you do it from a place of helpfulness and gratitude.

18) Share Fruit

Fruit has a way of lifting us up and making us feel alive. Share some of your fruit with someone and watch their eyes light up and the conversation start flowing.

19) Smile at Someone

Anyone will do. Smile as much as you can. Your smile impacts people more than you know.

20) Do Someone’s Chores

If your sister is tired of folding laundry, offer to do it for her while she naps or reads a book.

21) Listen

Sometimes just being there is all you need to do.

22) Bring Coffee

People love to get coffee. There’s just something nice about receiving a hot cup of coffee that was purchased with you in mind.

23) Leave a Note for Someone

It can be anonymous or from you, but tell someone they are great and what they mean to you. It will brighten their day.

24) Share a Joke

Even bad jokes have a way of bringing out the best in people, so whenever you can, tell a joke. People love to laugh and it makes the world a better place when people can share a laugh.

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