20 giveaway signs he wants to get you pregnant

You’ve been with your partner for months or even years now, and you know that this is the man of your dreams, the guy you want to grow old with, and of course, the man you want to make the father of your children.

But how do you know if he feels the same way? What would be worse than asking him if he wants to have kids with you, only to be outright rejected?

So lookout for the signs that he’s ready to have a baby with you. There are certain ways you can tell if a man is getting baby fever whenever he looks at you.

Here are 20 signs that your man is ready to be a daddy:

1) He Talks About The Future

Men who are looking to settle down will have something planned on the horizon.

They don’t have to know everything but chances are that they have thought about things like their career and maybe even where they’ll be taking their relationship with you.

If those future plans involve you, it’s a clear indication that he’s getting serious enough about your relationship.

A guy who starts integrating you into his decisions about the future is pretty set about you, and for most people, the next step to building a stable future with someone is building a family with them.

2) He Talks About Being Financially Stable

No one wants to settle down with someone who isn’t financially stable.

No matter how much love and “destiny” you have working for you as a couple, struggling to pay the bills involved with bringing a child into the world can be the most frustrating experience ever.

So if a man wants to have a child with you, he’ll make sure you know just how financially capable he is of doing it.

He might mention every now and then how great his career is going, or maybe try to impress you with his nice car, or even how he lives in a neighborhood perfect for raising kids.

These little acts of demonstration aren’t really him trying to show off; while possible, it’s also possible that he’s trying to tell you, “I’m financially ready to support you and our kid. Let’s have one.”

3) A Real Psychic Confirms It

The signs above and below will give you a good idea if he wants to get you pregnant.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real psychic.

However, I know how important it is to stay away from fake mediums.

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4) He Likes Talking About What Your Babies Will Look Like

While “what my baby will look like” might be a usual topic of discussion for women, it’s not something men really tend to think about.

So when you find that your man has suddenly started idly daydreaming about whether your kids will have his nose and your eyes, or your cheeks and his chin, then it’s a sign clear as day: he wants to have kids with you.

The thing is, he’s not doing it intentionally.

He’s not trying to fool you into wanting kids with him by talking about whether they’ll be blonde like you or brunette like him.

He just finds himself thinking about it to himself so often, because he sees the rest of his life with you, and he sees no reason to hold off on starting the rest of it any longer.

5) He’s Suggesting That You Stop Birth Control

There’s more than one reason why women go on the pill. Contraceptive pills give you a number of benefits, such as:

  • Regulating your menstrual cycle
  • Making periods easier to deal with
  • Minimizing hormonal fluctuations
  • Reducing the risk of uterine cancer and ovarian cysts
  • Helping with endometriosis management

So being on the pill doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sexually active and trying to get pregnant.

But men usually aren’t very aware of those other reasons, and only see the pill as an anti-pregnancy measure.

When your partner starts mentioning that maybe it’s time for you to transition away from using the pill, that could be his way of saying: “I’m ready for this. Are you?”

Does this mean he wants to be a dad right away? Not exactly.

But it could mean he’s close to ready to start talking about it, and he wants you to be “open for business” should those discussions go positively.

6) He Talks About Kids’ Names

More than enough studies have shown that the name of your kid can greatly influence their life.

That, on top of the fact that names mean a great deal to us — we like passing down family names or coming up with perfect new and unique names — make the naming of our children one of the most important things we will do for them.

Nobody is thinking about having kids without thinking about what their names might be.

When your partner starts talking about, “What should we name our son or daughter if we have one?”, he’s not saying it aimlessly.

He’s already sounding those possible names out in his head, trying to imagine what it might feel like to have a little Kyle or Susan or Josh or Veronica running around.

He wants to have a kid with you, and that starts with wanting to know that kid’s name.

7) He’s Excited Around Babies

While it’s not true for all men and women, there is definitely one gender stereotype that rings true most of the time: women find excitement and happiness in the presence of babies, while men usually couldn’t care less.

And you might have even seen this in your boyfriend or husband in the past: he just doesn’t really care about babies.

But lately, his apathy or even discontent towards children has started to change.

He might not be the most obvious baby lover out there, but you can tell that he’s not as annoyed at the idea of hanging out with babies as he once was.

When your friends bring their kids over, he actually takes an interest in them.

He’s curious about certain things, asking what they eat or how often they wake up in the middle of the night, almost as if he’s preparing for the reality of being a parent himself.

8) He Offers To Babysit

If you and your partner are at least in your 20s or 30s, there’s no doubt that you have someone in your life — whether a friend or a relative — who’s a few years ahead of you on the family-building goal and already has a kid or two of their own. But surprise, surprise: your guy doesn’t mind babysitting whenever he gets the chance.

The babysitting duties don’t turn him off. In fact, it almost seems like a small part of him enjoys spending time with kids.

This is usually how a guy convinces himself that he’s ready to be a dad: once he starts feeling okay with the idea of having a kid, he wants to see if he’s actually fit to do the job.

And if he can make a kid laugh and get through a day with them in one piece, then he’s one step closer to having that conversation with you.

9) He’s Taking Better Care Of Himself

A man goes through several stages in life, and that stage right before he has a kid is all about realizing that he’s not just living for himself anymore, but he’s about to start living for other people.

When kids aren’t on your mind, you don’t have to care about your weight, cholesterol, and your ability to carry little humans on your shoulders without hurting your back, because you’re only living for yourself.

But when you have the love and affection of a little boy and girl to think about, you suddenly have another few decades on your mind.

You want to be there for them, and not only as a conscious being, but as a dad who can physically participate with them in the fullest childhood and life they can have.

So if your man has a sudden interest in the gym, eating healthy, and cutting away any bad habits, then he might have babies on his mind.

10) He Says You’ll Be A Great Mom

Just because he knows he’s ready to have kids doesn’t mean he knows if you are.

He’ll want to respect your autonomy and independence as much as he wants you to respect his, and that includes not assuming that you’re ready to plop down and start raising one or two or three kids running around the house.

So he tries to get you in the mood for it by regularly reminding you how great of a mom you’ll be someday, every chance he gets.

If you do well with someone else’s kids, he’ll say that your kids will be lucky to have you as a mom.

If he sees you do something admirable — cook a great dinner, get a promotion at work, or even just do something kind — he’ll make sure to remind you that you have the traits to be an amazing mother someday.

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11) He Wants To Fit In With Your Family

Maybe there used to be a time when your man couldn’t care less about your family.

He treated them like an obligation — he married you, so now he has to do his role as the dutiful husband and be a good son-in-law or brother-in-law to your parents and siblings. And that’s the best you can ask for if he really doesn’t click with your family.

But lately, his interest in your relatives has skyrocketed. It’s almost like he wants them to like him now; he wants them to see him as a real and permanent part of your life that they can be happy with.

So what’s gotten into him? It’s totally possible that he’s been thinking about having kids with you, and the thought of building a family with you has warmed his heart to roping in your family as well.

12) He Talks About Buying A House

No one really wants to raise kids in an apartment or a condo in the city.

You also don’t want to deal with monthly rent for years on end, leaving your kids with no kind of stability or permanence.

For most people, having a house you can call your own is essential when raising your kids.

So ask yourself — has he seriously started considering buying your own house over the last few weeks or months?

It could be subtle, small signs like checking out the local housing market, or trying to see what your credit might be.

It could very well be that he’s been planning the logistical financing of your future house for the last year, but he doesn’t want to spring the idea on you — and the idea of having kids — until he’s 100% sure that you two can afford it.

13) His Reaction Has Changed To You Missing Your Period

You know how it is.

Whenever you missed your period, with him and with every previous man you’ve had a relationship with, their one and only reaction was a kind of anxious fear.

They didn’t want to show how much they didn’t want a child, but they also couldn’t help being so transparent about it.

And that’s fair — no one wants to have a kid before they’re ready, especially if they’re not totally sure about their partner.

But these days, that “anxious fear” doesn’t happen anymore when you’re late on your period.

It’s more of a quiet positivity as if you told him he’s in line for a job promotion but he doesn’t want to think about it until it happens.

He’ll ask you every day whether you started bleeding yet, and how you’re feeling and whether you’re ready to take a test.

He doesn’t seem to panic anymore, but just hopefully anticipates that this might finally be it.

14) He’s Obsessed With Pets

What do you get when you’re not ready for a kid but you really need something small, cute, and precious to be a part of your life? A pet!

Your partner is in love with pets, and what’s more, they’re in love with the idea of building a little family with you.

Whether it’s dogs or cats or something else, they’ve gone the extra mile to give this pet the best life possible, with the best treats and toys and even clothes on the market.

If you confront them about it, they might be so receptive to the idea that just because they like pets, then they want to have kids.

Raising pets might just be their way of getting that child-rearing itch off their back. But that doesn’t mean they never want to have kids.

It simply means that they’re getting there, and it’s only a matter of time until they want to experience the real thing.

15) He Talks About Getting Married

Marriage isn’t for everyone. Maybe you and your forever-boyfriend have been together for a decade, and everyone around you just assumes you’re husband and wife.

You don’t really need the whole ceremony and legal union if you already act and live like a married couple, so you two are more than happy with the status quo.

But recently he’s been playing with the idea of maybe having a kind of small wedding ceremony.

You ask him why, and he’ll say things like, “It would be nice to make it official”, or, “Our parents always wanted this.”

But a huge reason he might not be admitting is: he doesn’t want to have kids until you two are married.

Why? It’s not for any negative reason.

It’s possible that he just wants to make sure that your future son or daughter has no room to doubt the longevity and stability of your little family, and he wants to give everyone the best possible life they can have.

16) He Talks About Fatherhood A Lot

The need to become a father is as instinctive for most men as the need to become a mother is for most women.

No matter how wild, independent, and rough a guy might be in his teens and early 20s, it’s very likely that as he grows older, he starts seeing himself the way he saw his dad, and that need to pass down what he knows to a son or daughter of his own will start to kick in.

If your man is clearly exhibiting the itch to be a dad, then he’s not so much as telling you that he wants a baby, he’s holding it up in flashing lights.

You don’t “want to be a dad” until you’ve found someone you want as your children’s mom, and being in a serious relationship with you has made it easier for him to envision himself in that fatherly role.

17) He Seems To Schedule Intimate Time Around Your Ovulation Period

Sex has always been just sex — getting sexy and frisky, doing it when it feels right, and not caring about what day or week of the month it might be.

But lately your man has been casually keeping track of your cycles.

He knows when you should be expecting your period every month, and he’s probably done the research and knows when your peak ovulation period might be based on that.

These days, sex almost seems like a planned affair.

Not that it makes it any worse — sex is better than ever, almost as if he has a purpose while making love to you.

But if it feels like he seems to be timing your most intimate evenings and classiest dates around certain ovulating times of the month, then he probably is, and he’s waiting for that happy accident to finally happen.

18) He’s Gotten Casual With Unprotected Sex

You can’t remember the last time he used a condom with you.

If he won’t straight-up admit that he’s trying to get you pregnant, then he’ll say that he just doesn’t want to use condoms anymore, or that he can “control” himself these days.

And besides, it’s not like you two really still need to use condoms.

You’ve been serious and exclusive for years, and the only reason you might still need condoms is to make sure you don’t get pregnant.

But if he hasn’t bought a pack of condoms in the last few weeks, then you can probably guess what his real intentions might be.

19) He’s Doing A Lot Of Baby Research

He’ll ask you at random times of the day about your opinion on certain things related to babies. He might even say that he found the best way to hold a baby, or what kind of music a pregnant mother should listen to for the baby’s best interest.

He’ll never directly admit that he’s going baby-crazy, but if a man who never mentioned babies in his life has suddenly taken a serious interest in all things babies, then you already know what’s on his mind.

20) He Tells You He Wants A Baby

It couldn’t get any clearer than this, but it needs to be said: if your man tells you he wants to have a baby, then he wants to have a baby with you.

If he’s your boyfriend, fiance, husband, or any other kind of partner and he mentions that he wants to have a baby, then the only reason he would be saying that is because he wants to see how you feel about having a baby with him.

So make it just as obvious to him that you’d love to have a child with him.

Tell him you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level, that you want to start building your future and your family with him with this child.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the signs above will shed some light on whether he wants to get you pregnant. 

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional psychic. 

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending; Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation. 

So if you’re tired of wondering about his real intentions, get in touch with a legit psychic and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since. 

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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

I'm been through a lot, come out the other side, and I'm here to reveal everything I've learned. If I can help even one soul from my spiritual reflections, then my work here is done. Some people call me a spiritual warrior or an enlightened soul, but I'm just a humble guy that wants the best for humanity. If you want to get in touch with me about my writings, don't hesitate to hit me up on my Twitter (@lachybe). Namaste.

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