16 powerful signs you have a psychic connection with your ex

Recovering from a break-up can be a painful process, especially if you and your ex were romantically involved for a long time before ending things. 

But is this relationship one that you just can’t shake off? 

You might find that as much as you feel that you have moved on, you are still very tuned into their experience. 

Don’t worry. This is normal if you have a psychic connection with your ex. 

I’ll take you through the top signs to see if this is the case. Let’s jump right in. 

1) You have a hard time saying good-bye

If you find yourself desperately clinging to this relationship, then it’s likely that you have a strong psychic connection with your ex. 

Whether it’s because of the love connection or because you can still feel the pain of being broken up with, I guess we all know that saying goodbye is particularly difficult for us. 

You’re not the only one – many people experience this. But sometimes this level of attraction can be overwhelming, so try to resist the urge to text or call your ex.

Saying goodbye and letting go of the relationship might not feel honest if you have a psychic connection because you know you will forever be entangled and connected to this person on another level. 

2) You have trouble moving on

If you are having problems moving on from a break-up, then it’s common that you feel a strong connection with your ex, even after years. 

How does this happen? 

You might have a lot of questions about why the relationship ended and what went wrong. And still, feel as though they are active in your life. You might have deep feelings that connect your experience to theirs and think about them often. 

If you feel this way, try to take some time away from your ex, and focus instead on doing what makes you happy and lessening your psychic connection with them. Just because you feel it doesn’t mean you have to integrate it into your life and constantly respond to it. 

3) Things in life keep reminding you of them

If you are reminded of your ex often throughout the day it can be a sign you have a strong psychic connection with them. 

Maybe it’s from a song on the radio or a memory resurfacing – and it’s causing you to think about them constantly, then this is a strong sign indicating that there is still something connecting you to your ex.

It might be difficult to accept that you have this connection, especially if you feel like your head is in a good place when it comes to moving on. 

But it’s important to keep in mind that this connection is there and I think you can handle it well.

4) You might have an irrational desire to connect with them again

If you are feeling an intense desire to reconnect with your ex, despite how bad things got between the two of you and how serious the break-up was, this is also a sign of a strong connection. 

I’m not referring to the desire for something more physical – instead, I mean that persistent desire in your mind and heart for them. 

Perhaps you have strong thoughts about them, where they’re still doing the things they used to do or maybe you keep asking yourself the same questions over and over again?

Whatever it is, this is a sign that there’s something important underlying all of this – and it might be a good idea to explore that.

But as every situation is unique, have you considered getting advice tailored to you? 

Like, is your ex truly your soulmate? Are you meant to be with them? Are you connected with them in the psychic realm and that’s why it’s so hard to part ways?

These can be difficult questions to explore with the people around you. They may have no clue about what you are experiencing. Or you might not want to discuss these personal details with others that you know.  

When I spoke to someone from Psychic Source I was relieved that I could speak so openly with them. They have so much experience and have heard it all. 

After months of not feeling like myself, dwelling on my ex, and obsessing over how deep our connection felt, I was finally able to see my situation with better clarity and direction with the help of an experienced relationship coach. 

I was extremely impressed by how kind and empathetic they were.

In reading, a gifted advisor can tell you why you are having such a hard time letting your ex go. Most importantly, they will empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to love and how to respond to the deep connection you feel with your ex. 

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5) You can sense their energy very strongly in your vicinity 

The next sign is particularly important to tell if you have a strong psychic connection with your ex. 

If you can sense their energy around you every day – no matter if they are standing right in front of you or not – then there is likely something connecting you two. 

If you can feel or sense your ex’s energy, even though they are not physically around you, it indicates that there is still a connection between the two of you. 

6) You have a strong desire to contact them

Another strong sign of a connection is if you have a strong desire to reach out to your ex. Maybe this is a result of the previous signs, as you might be seeking some kind of reconnection. 

The same applies to the sense of energy that you mentioned – this could be the cause for these desires to reach out. 

There are no right or wrong reasons for wanting to contact your ex. 

It’s important to explore how you feel about it and what it means for you, especially if there is still something connecting the two of you after six years without them in your life.

7) You have a desire to be around the same people that they are

If you are still around the same friends, family members, or exes as your ex, then there might be something there that is deeper than the typical relationship. 

For example, if they were an old friend of yours and you continue hanging out with them after the break-up, this could be a sign that something is still connecting you. 

Be sure to look at all of these signs as an opportunity and not as a burden. 

At some point in your life, you will probably move on from this relationship – maybe even very soon – so don’t let it stress you out too much if there’s some cosmic bond keeping you together.

8) You are always reminded of them while on vacation or when they come into your life

This is another sign that indicates something special is out there – perhaps a very strong connection. 

If you get the urge to visit your ex when you go on vacation or you see them in a new place, then this might be the reason. 

Likewise, if you have strong memories from when they were in your life, it might indicate that there is still something connecting you. 

This can happen any time at all – maybe even not feeling that you are moving on from the relationship – but it’s important to look into this and see what’s happening for yourself.

9) You have unresolved issues

Not being able to move past your breakup because you still have matters to sort out can be another sign that indicates a deep psychic connection

If you are still stuck on this breakup, and unable to move on like you want to, then there may be still something connecting the two of you. 

This could be a good thing if you feel like there were unresolved issues between the two of you – or it could be a bad thing if you are still holding onto these feelings. 

Before we dive into how to make sense of your feelings, let’s look at some reasons why this connection might occur in the first place.

If you are looking for closure but can’t seem to figure out how to get it, it can be a sign that you are psychically connected to your ex. 

10) You are looking for closure

You are trying to figure out why the relationship ended – and if it was because of something else, or if that’s just what happened – so that you can move on. 

I have learned through experience that letting go of your ex is a very difficult process. 

You might feel better when things are over with them, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t still something keeping you connected. And so the desire for closure about this may be the reason why this connection exists.

11) You feel a growing need to connect with someone new

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and had the same thing happen over and over, then there might be some change in your life that is prompting you to connect with someone new. 

This can be a sign that you have a psychic connection with your ex and you are ready to move on from it. 

Maybe now you want to look at other options because your ex kept breaking your heart or falling into the same pattern? Or maybe there is another person that has come into your life who inspires something new within you?  

Following through on these feelings can be a good thing if you are going to have a relationship that satisfies you. 

However, if this is something else entirely, it’s important to pay attention and find out what’s going on. 

12) You are bitter about the relationship ending

You might also be bitter about your previous relationship ending and that can be a sign that it’s not fully done. 

I am not saying that you should let go of your hurt feelings, but there is a difference between being bitter and being happier in the long run from how things went down. 

If you are bitter, then it might cause you to over-interpret signals that are coming from your ex. 

Sometimes it’s important to let those feelings go and stop thinking about the past – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a connection.

13) You are still feeling sad about their absence

This is another sign that indicates a deep psychic connection with your ex is that you are profoundly sad that they have moved on. 

Maybe you are still grieving the loss of someone from your life, and this has caused you to latch onto an idea that there is some connection between you two. It’s hard to let go of our relationships. 

It’s important to see what’s happening for yourself and to dive into the deeper issues. 

I mentioned earlier how speaking to a gifted relationship advisor can reveal the truth about what you are experiencing. They can help you understand the special connection that feels for your ex, and what lies in store for you next. 

The best part of speaking to the advisors at Psychic Source is that they ultimately empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to every aspect of your love life. That’s a life-long skill to develop. 

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14) You’ve got a message from them that has brought up strong emotions

You might think this is just a normal thing – like getting an old text message or an email – but it’s important to pay attention to how you are feeling when this happens. If this brings up strong emotions, it can be a sign that you are psychically connected. 

If the message resonates with you, then it might mean something is going on between the two of you that you aren’t aware of. Or if it comes at a time that seems significant it can mean more than you might be expecting. 

15) You have dreams about them after breaking up

If you have vivid dreams about your ex and they frequently appear, it can be a sign that you are strongly connected to them on a psychic level. 

I have had a lot of dreams about my exes after breaking up with them, and I thought I was just being creepy – until I looked into what this could mean for me. 

No one would want to dream about their ex, but the fact is – if you are dreaming about them, those emotions may be still present for you. 

16) You think about them frequently

If you still think about your ex often then it’s possible that there is some unfinished business going on between the two of you and you are still connected on another level. 

Maybe you aren’t aware of all these connections, so they can still be bothering you. 

I know people who think about their exes all the time and are fine, but it’s also possible that something is going on that you aren’t aware of. There might be a lesson for you to learn from them or a way that you still need to help and guide each other that hasn’t crossed your path yet. 

Moving on from your ex 

Dealing with these signs of deep connection can be frustrating if you are trying to move on from your ex, but there is no reason for you to worry. 

Many things will help you move through this – whether it’s a breakup or something else – but the best and easiest way is to take an honest look at yourself and see what is happening in your life.

Keep in mind that even if you broke up with your ex, they might still be experiencing a wide range of emotions. 

When you were in a relationship with someone, you two were likely experiencing many of the same things at the same time. However, when you break up, the two of you are now doing things separately and independently. 

When one of you experiences something, the other does not, and vice versa. 

As such, your ex might be feeling sad, angry, lonely, frustrated, confused, or a variety of other feelings as a result of the breakup. 

You might even be the cause of these feelings. If so, it is important to recognize and acknowledge them so that you do not become stuck in the past.

If your relationship ended because you and your ex mutually agreed that it was time to end things, that is great. You both might have even been on the same page as to why that was necessary. 

However, if your relationship ended because you broke up with your ex, you may want to take some time, to be honest with yourself about why that was necessary. 

If you two were fighting a lot, leading distant lives, growing in different directions, or experiencing other issues that were leading to your separation, it may be best not to get back together with your ex. 

However, if you two were on the same page and your relationship simply ran its course and ended naturally, you might want to consider the possibility of getting back together if the connection still feels strong. 

If you have recently broken up with your ex and are struggling with negative, obsessive thoughts, consider finding ways to keep yourself as busy and distracted as possible. 

Doing so could prevent you from spending too much time thinking about your ex and could help you begin to move on in healthy ways. However, when you are trying to stay busy, you should make sure you are doing things you enjoy doing. 

Avoid continuously doing things that make you think about your ex and the breakup. Instead, do things that help you to move forward and focus on things other than your ex, such as hanging out with friends, volunteering, doing yoga, listening to music, meditating, etc.

You should make sure you are not spending too much time thinking about them by continuing to engage in activities with them. Instead, try new activities and meet new people.

Doing so could prevent you from staying stuck with your ex on the mental and emotional levels, which could help you move forward in healthy ways.

It’s important to commit to self-care in general. This could help you stay positive and healthy in ways that could then help you move forward in healthy ways.

And do what you can to mend any fences with your ex. For example, if your relationship with your ex ended on less-than-friendly terms — perhaps due to cheating, lying, or something else — there is good reason to be cautious about getting back together with them. 

However, if you two got along well and simply ended things for the right reasons, there is no reason not to try getting back together with your ex. It might be an excellent way to move forward. 

The issue is if you feel stuck and unable to choose. Like you are in an emotional rut and constantly reacting to your ex. 

If you are still having a hard time moving on, I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. They’ve always helped me in the past when I’ve felt like I’m descending into a spiral of despair in my breakups. 

That’s why I always recommend them to anyone who feels like it’s impossible to move on from their ex. 

Their advisors can help you get to the root of your fears and guide you in making more empowered decisions.

When I recently signed up for another love reading, I was once again blown away by how accurate and genuinely helpful it was.

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By taking these steps to understand if you have a psychic connection with your ex, you could help yourself move forward in healthy ways and recover from the break-up faster and with less pain.

And if you are meant to find your way back to one another, you will be in a good headspace to do so when the opportunity presents itself.  

Break-ups can be painful and challenging, but they are a necessary part of life. 

The only way to truly move on and thrive after a break-up is to let go of the past and focus on the future.

But even if the experience is difficult, it can also be an opportunity to grow and move forward in new, positive directions.

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