15 things a deep woman will never tolerate in a relationship

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Let’s get one thing straight:

Deep women don’t NEED a man. They’re perfectly fine alone.

But this means that the bar is raised when it comes to relationships, and there are certain things she expects if she decides to go down that path.

It’s not about what she is looking for in a man, but rather, what she is not looking for.

Here are 15 things a deep woman won’t tolerate in a relationship, so pay attention guys.

1) She Won’t Tolerate Excuses

Whether you are five minutes late to dinner or never bothered to show up, there is very little that you could say that would make her accept your excuses.

She doesn’t need to wait around for a man and she won’t.

2) She Can’t Stand Flaky Men

When guys say they are going to bring dinner over or that they are going to pick up the tab and then don’t, deep women can see right through them.

If they do this on a first date, they probably slack off in other areas of their lives as well.

3) She Won’t Put Up With Disrespect

If guys make a woman feel like her time is not important to them or that they are not important to them, he can kiss that relationship goodbye.

Deep women aren’t going to accept any form of disrespect because they know they deserve better.

4) She Can’t Be Controlled

You can try to tell her to stay in on Saturday night, but she’s not going to listen. Men who have preconceptions about a strong-willed woman being “his” are sorely mistaken.

She’s her own woman and any man that is with her needs to understand and respect that.

5) She Won’t Settle

While nobody is perfect, a deep woman knows that there is no need to waste time with men who are less than ideal for them.

She isn’t going to give any more time to a relationship when she discovers it’s not right for her.

6) She Won’t Be Lied To

If she catches you lying, you are shit out of luck. So just don’t do it.

Be open and honest and avoid missing out on a chance to be with a deep woman who will love harder and better than anyone you’ve ever been with.

7) She Doesn’t Forgive Cheating

Some girls might take a man back after discovering an affair, but not a deep woman. She’s got better things to do than keep you on a leash for the rest of your life.

8) She’s Not Going to Wait Forever

When a deep woman makes up her mind about love, she expects it to be reciprocated. If you aren’t sure about how you feel, get sure, or get going.

She won’t be available forever and isn’t going to wait around for you to decide what you want in life.

9) She Won’t Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Support Her

Deep women have goals and dreams and need to be with someone who will stand with her as she becomes the rock star she is destined to be.

Men who are intimidated by success should step aside.

10) She Won’t Stand For Manipulation

If you try to trick her into doing things or going places, she isn’t going to like it. Plus, she’s pretty smart and can see through bullshit pretty easily.

11) She Doesn’t Tolerate Jealousy

A strong-willed woman is a beautiful thing, but she can make a man feel insecure. It can be hard for men to trust that other men won’t move in on their girl, but she isn’t going to allow that in her life.

She is allowed to have a social life, and if you don’t trust her to be faithful, that’s your problem, not hers.

12) She Won’t Be With Someone Who is Unkind

Showing respect and decency to other human beings is important to her, and she knows that a kind man is a good man. She’ll drop your ass if you are mean to other people.

13) She Won’t Accept Emotional Abuse

Toxic people are dangerous and very hard to be around. If a deep woman senses that a man is toxic or emotionally abusive, she’s not going to stand for that.

14) She Won’t Be Neglected

You might think work comes first in your life but if you are going to be with a deep woman than you need to rearrange your priorities.

She’s not going to sit on the couch week after week waiting on a man.

15) She Doesn’t Blame Herself

Because a deep woman has such a strong personality and sense of independence, if things go sideways in your relationship, she isn’t going to worry that it was her fault.

She won’t blame you either, but just know that she won’t lose sleep over a guy that couldn’t handle her in the first place.

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