13 ‍things to expect from dating after a spiritual awakening

Dating after a spiritual awakening can be a scary and exciting time.

You’ll encounter new people who are interested in different things, but you’ll also have to face the possibility of dating someone who does not understand your new views on life.

That said, dating after a spiritual awakening doesn’t have to be daunting. There are plenty of other people out there who are going through similar experiences.

Meeting someone with a similar worldview can make the process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

If you’re considering dating after your spiritual awakening, read on to find out what to expect:

1) You know what you want

If you’ve been through a spiritual awakening, you’ll know exactly what you want out of a relationship.

This can be really helpful if it’s important to you to find someone who shares your ideals and beliefs.

However, it can also make you a little bit too picky and turn you into a relationship snob. You’ll be hyper-aware of your desires and less open to people who don’t fit the bill.

This can leave you no room for experiencing a loving relationship if you don’t let go of your expectations and open yourself up to different people.

2) Your priorities have changed

The way you date and what you look for in a partner has probably changed after your spiritual awakening.

You may have new ideas about what the relationship should look like or what the other person should contribute to it.

While there’s nothing wrong with having specific expectations and desires, you also have to be open to other people’s ideas for what works for them.

If your new ideas are too strong and cause an impasse, the relationship won’t lead anywhere. At the same time, you also can’t compromise on your values.

If you don’t feel comfortable compromising, it’s okay to walk away from the relationship.

You’re not obligated to date someone just to have a partner. You can wait for someone who respects your values and appreciates what you bring to the relationship.

3) Get help from a real psychic

The points in this article will give you a good idea of what you can expect from dating after a spiritual awakening.

But as every situation is unique, have you considered getting advice tailored to you?

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4) Your beliefs have changed

If your beliefs changed during your spiritual awakening, you may find that you’re no longer interested in dating the same type of person.

You may have been dating someone who shares your religion before your awakening, but now you no longer see religion in the same way and want to date someone who is agnostic or atheist.

This can be a good thing if you’ve been longing to date someone with a similar worldview, but it can also cause some awkwardness if your current partner doesn’t know what’s changed.

Your partner may have been dating you because you share the same religious beliefs and now feel confused because those beliefs no longer apply.

Be honest about what’s changed for you and try to help your partner understand why you feel different. Explain to them that it’s not their fault, that you just see the world differently now.

5) You don’t want to waste your time on someone who doesn’t share your values

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your new beliefs and where they came from.

You’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what your new beliefs mean for your life. You’ve probably also spent time thinking about why your old beliefs are no longer valid.

The problem is that someone who dated you before your awakening probably doesn’t have any of those thoughts going through their head.

They’re completely oblivious as to why your worldview has changed. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t share your worldview, spend some time thinking through how to explain your beliefs to them.

If they’re not interested in understanding, you don’t want to waste your time on them.

The bottom line is that you’re on a journey of self-growth and learning new things, and it doesn’t make sense to date someone who isn’t interested in doing the same.

6) Try agreeing to disagree

If you’ve tried to explain your new beliefs to your partner and they don’t seem to get it, try agreeing to disagree.

You don’t have to agree on every single topic to make a relationship work. If you have different beliefs and you’re respectful of each other’s views, it doesn’t have to make your relationship impossible. It just means you both have different ways of viewing the world.

If you respect your partner’s viewpoints and they respect yours, you’re in a great place to have a happy and healthy relationship.

That said, try to steer clear of subjects that are too important to you. You don’t want to make your partner feel like you’re constantly trying to change their viewpoints. If you can agree to disagree, you can maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

7) What would a relationship coach say?

While this article will give you a good idea of how to deal with dating after a spiritual awakening, it wouldn’t hurt to get an expert opinion on it.

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8) You’re more intuitive about people

Here’s the thing: After your spiritual awakening, you’ll find that you’re much more intuitive when it comes to dating and relationships.

Maybe you have always been intuitive, but now your instincts are probably much stronger.

You’ll be able to sense whether someone is going to be good for you based on how they make you feel.

You might even know exactly how the relationship is going to end. This sounds scary, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

You’re just more aware of the signs that typically lead to a relationship ending.

This doesn’t mean you’re trying to sabotage your relationship. It just means you’re more aware of what usually happens in your life and can use that knowledge to make better choices.

Being more intuitive can also help you decide if you should break up with someone or you should stay with them. You may have always been intuitive, but now your intuition is much stronger thanks to your spiritual awakening.

9) You’re curious to meet new people

After your spiritual awakening, you’ll probably have a lot more interest in dating new people.

This is a natural result of opening yourself up to new experiences and meeting new people.

When you’re interested in dating new people, you’re more likely to get out there and meet people who fit in with your values and worldview.

You’re also more likely to meet someone who you click with. But you want to make sure you don’t limit yourself to dating people who are like you, you can learn a lot from someone who is different.

You can meet new people in a number of different ways. You can go to events where there are lots of people, join a dating app, or make an effort to talk to people you know.

10) It’s not easy to find someone who understands you

Spiritual awakenings can really change your outlook on life. You probably have a new philosophy on life and an urge to help people.

If a spiritual awakening has changed you, it can be really difficult to find someone who understands you.

You’ll probably have to be more proactive than you were before your awakening. You’ll have to put more effort into dating and connecting with people.

That’s why I recommend getting a personalized reading from one of the gifted advisors over at Psychic Source.

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11) You’re looking for someone with positive energy

When you’re dating after a spiritual awakening, it can be hard to tell if someone shares your values or not.

The best way to tell is to look for people with positive energy.

Now, you can tell if someone is positive just by spending a little bit of time with them. You can also tell if they have positive energy by how they speak about life and their experiences.

Someone with positive energy cares about their life and the people around them. They want to make the world a better place and are open to new experiences.

If you’re dating after a spiritual awakening, you want to make sure you’re only dating people with positive energy. You want to avoid people who feel negative and who are closed off to new experiences.

You want to meet someone who is curious about the world and who wants to make positive changes in their life and the lives of others.

12) You may feel less inclined to date

Here’s something else you should know: if you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening, you may feel less inclined to date and more inclined to focus on self-improvement.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never date again; you may just want to wait until you’re more comfortable with yourself first.

There are also other reasons you may feel less inclined to date. After awakening, you may feel less comfortable with superficiality and quick relationships. You may feel less likely to compromise on things that are important to you.

This can make it more difficult to form a quick connection and build a relationship. You may also feel less inclined to date if you’re still dealing with the aftermath of your awakening.

You may be going through an intense period of change and not feel ready to deal with the added complication of a relationship.

13) You’ll feel happy being single

Finally, some people find that being single after a spiritual awakening is incredibly liberating.

This can be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and other aspects of life.

After a spiritual awakening, you may feel like you don’t need other people to make you happy.

You may feel like you have enough love and support inside of you to last a lifetime. Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy and fulfilled.

After your awakening, you may feel like you want to focus on yourself, your passions, and your goals instead of on a romantic partner.

Final thoughts…

Now you know what to expect from dating after a spiritual awakening. But if you still feel the need for some guidance, I know who you should turn to.

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