14 signs of twin flames merging (complete list)

Twin flames aren’t always bound for romance.

They aren’t like soulmates, who believe that they’re two souls that are meant to spend their entire lives together.

Twin flames transcend this and merge towards something else: spiritual growth.

A twin flame is a single soul that’s shared between two physical beings.

To form a relationship with your twin flame is to form a relationship with yourself.

Meeting and merging with a twin flame is a pivotal experience; it divides life into a before and after.

It forces you to confront yourself in often challenging ways.

Since one of the characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that it can be difficult, that doesn’t mean that it’s a toxic relationship.

To better understand what you’re experiencing with your potential twin flame, read these 14 signs of how twin flames merge.

1. They Feel Oddly Familiar

Since twin flames are essentially the same soul in two separate bodies, it would only make sense that you somehow recognize your twin flame, even if only slightly at first.

When you first meet them, it should feel like you’ve already met sometime before — but you swear you never have.

That’s because your twin flame is you, and you are them.

For a reason you can’t explain, you feel more candid with this person.

You aren’t afraid to be yourself. You’re open to discussing with them about anything that crosses your mind — and they’ll often reply that they were thinking the same thing.

2. You Start Feeling Physical Body Pains And Aches

The merging of twin flames is a journey that takes its toll on the body. That’s because the energies emanating from each of you are trying to stabilize.

This can cause random pangs of body pains and aches that have seemingly no triggers whatsoever.

It might feel strange at first, because you’ve never felt pain like it before. The reason for that is because it isn’t yours — it’s shared.

But the night is darkest just before dawn, and wounds hurt the most before they finally begin healing.

Ultimately, this is an experience to be transcended. The merging, though painful, will lead to mutual healing, as the soul unites with itself.

3. A Real Psychic Confirms It

The signs above and below will give you a good idea of how twin flames merge.

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4. Without Knowing It, You Share The Exact Same Habits

When you first meet your twin flame, as with anyone that catches your attention, you want to get to know them.

As you go through the small talk and ask about their personal lives, you begin to discover that you have more and more things in common — almost an eerie amount of things in common, in fact.

The only explanation for this is that this person is your twin flame.

The way that you share similar habits, similar perspectives on issues and topics, interests, and tastes is part of the twin flame experience.

This is different from the times that someone mimics you because they like you or are jealous of you.

Your twin flame is almost an exact replica of you, without even knowing each other that well yet.

5. You Empathize With Them On A Deep Level

We tend to think that our childhood was uniquely ours.

As a child, we may not have been fully exposed to how other people spent their time.

It’s only when we go out into the world after graduation and mingle with other people that we realize that there are certain experiences that aren’t as unique as we thought.

Twin flames often have shared experiences.

They have similar backstories growing up. Because of this, they understand each other at a level that no one can really match.

They’re able to fully place themselves in the other’s shoes, feeling joy, sadness, and pain.

This is why merging can be such an emotional moment for twin flames — it might be the first time that they encounter someone who fully understands them.

6. The Relationship Is Challenging

We all have issues that we tend to bury deep down inside of us, avoiding having to confront them. This poses a problem with a twin flame relationship, however.

Since twin flames essentially share the same soul, then it’s like confronting oneself just like a different person.

Confronting oneself isn’t easy. It’s a process that a large number of people spend years, even their entire lives on. There are past mistakes that we hate to face, regrets, and shameful acts that we have to learn to come to terms with.

While it may be emotionally and mentally taxing confronting yourself this way, it’s only through this acceptance and resolution that healing and unity can happen between twin flames.

7. You Feel More Insecure Than Usual

We often like to hide our insecurities from other people because we haven’t yet accepted that area of ourselves.

It isn’t ready to be shown to the world — we might not even be sure when we’ll be ready.

But encountering and merging with a twin flame forces you to bring out those insecurities.

There’s nothing that can be hidden when you’re talking to your twin flame; they know you and you know them better than anyone on the planet.

Bringing those insecurities to the surface is part of the merging process, no matter how painful it might be.

8. You Might Feel Someone Else

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9. Your Emotions Are Amplified

Have you noticed that you’ve become more emotionally sensitive recently?

When someone makes a simple mistake, your fists clench, and your muscles tense much quicker now.

When you watch the sunset from your window — a sight that you’re used to seeing every day — you find yourself suddenly tearing up for no apparent reason.

These random pangs of emotions aren’t caused by hormones; it’s part of the merging process.

The meeting of your energies tends to make you more emotional.

When you meet them, you get so overwhelmed with emotion that you might even share too much of your personal life.

Although you might not usually do that, you feel oddly fine with it with your twin flame.

10. No One Else Compares To That Person

No matter how many people that you meet, there’s always going to be something about your twin flame that separates them from the lot.

They understand you and you understand them in a way that is both easy and difficult, much like how we come to know ourselves.

There’s a familiarity and a mystery to them that no one matches.

11. You Complement Each Other

There are going to be areas of your life that you aren’t familiar with.

You don’t know how you’ll fare in a certain sport or if you’re even capable of completing a certain course.

Maybe one had a rocky relationship with a person while another had a smooth relationship.

Although twin flames share the same soul, the way that they’re nurtured might bring out different parts of the soul.

In this way, twin flames complement each other like yin and yang.

They can teach each other the different skills that they’ve learned, and they’ll usually instantly get it.

12. You’re Noticing Changes In Your Life

There’s a tendency to want to remain in our comfort zones in life. It’s understandable.

But retreating to what we already know about ourselves stops us from discovering our true capabilities and highest potential.

After meeting your twin flame, you can begin noticing things about your life that you never really considered before.

Maybe you’ve been stuck in your corporate job, but after meeting your twin flame, suddenly the thought of a more creative job crosses your mind.

You’ve never given it some thought, but for some reason, it feels like a good idea.

In the merging process, twin flames get to know each other more, which essentially means that they get to know themselves more.

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13. You Can Feel Your Growth

Challenges in life are there to test your mettle. Without encountering any difficulty, it’s impossible to reach your full potential as a person.

A life of comfort becomes its own jail as you stagnate, going about your same routines, day in and day out.

But when you meet your twin flame, they’re looking to get the best out of you, as you are with them.

You understand that you can be so much more.

The only way to make any meaningful progress is to go through bouts of difficulty, ones that will inevitably occur as twin flames merge into one, becoming whole again.

14. You Feel At Peace With Them

Despite the merging process being challenging, when you spend time with your twin flame, you feel somewhat at peace. It’s a relaxed feeling.

You don’t have to put up a facade of yourself or hold back what you’re thinking and feeling. The time spent with your twin flame is like a sanctuary. It’s a sacred place that just feels right.

When you merge with your twin flame, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be destined to spend the rest of your days with them.

Sometimes, your twin flame can simply become a close personal friend that you see every now and then.

But, every time you meet them, it’ll feel like no time was spent apart. You’ll always have that person in your life that you can reach anytime, who’ll always be there for you.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the signs above of how twin flames merge will shed some light on your relationship with your twin flame.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending; Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about your twin flame, get in touch with a legit advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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Lachlan Brown

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