12 psychological reasons why soulmates begin looking alike

Soulmates are said to have matching souls.

But in appearances too?

It’s possible.

An instance would be when you talk to your friend and their partner and then they react in the exact same ways, that can get a little freaky.

It’s a phenomenon that can happen for couples who have been together for years, or haven’t even gotten together yet.

How does that work?

There are a number of psychological reasons for this strange and mystifying phenomenon.

It could be if they naturally enjoy doing the same activity, such as swimming. So their bodies would naturally take similar forms.

Another reason could be because people are naturally attracted to others that, oddly enough, look like them.

Keep reading to learn more about why soulmates appear so alike.

1. They Enjoy Doing The Same Activities

Soulmates don’t even need to be together yet to look alike.

All it takes for soulmates to have that spiritual connection is to enjoy doing the same things.

For instance, if they were both athletic runners.

They both focus on training the lower half of their bodies, they eat similar diets, they do similar workouts in the gym.

Because of their love of the sport, they may naturally look alike in terms of their physique.

Their spiritual connection and enjoyment of the activities could even be amplified if they become a couple.

Then, it’s likely that they’ll join together on the activities, their resemblance will increase.

2. They Develop Similar Lifestyles And Habits

The more time a couple spends together, the more likely they’ll develop similar habits.

A research team from ITMO in Russia and National University in Singapore found this to be true.

The researchers analyzed the social media accounts of their participants to track any personality changes by first developing a smart algorithm.

They found that those who are in a committed relationship pick up both the good and bad habits of their partners, developing a sense of unity between them.

Another study supported the notion that if one partner makes a positive health change, such as going on a healthy diet, it’s likely that the other will go on a diet too.

You might be able to experience this phenomenon even if you aren’t in a committed relationship.

When you spend time with your friends, you’re likely to pick up their habits too.

With soulmates, since they’re even closer, this sense of unity is intensified, increasing their resemblance.

3. They Mirror Each Other

Being sensitive to how your partner feels is an important part of any relationship.

If the energy levels don’t match, that could lead to problems and disagreements.

We have neurons in our minds, called mirror neurons, that may bring balance to relationships feelings lopsided this way.

It essentially mimics the behavior of what you’re seeing, which is great for learning, and balancing out feelings in a relationship.

In a study, researchers found that positive nonverbal behavior of one spouse, “evoked a greater activity in putative mirror neuron areas” in the other.

That means when one spouse is being loving, the other spouse is likely to be loving too.

This mirroring and mimicking of behaviors could be a reason for why soulmates appear so similar.

4. They Subconsciously Gravitate Towards Someone They Look Like

The participants of a study about attraction were shown three photos of a face that looked somewhat like their partners.

The researchers then asked them which they found most attractive.

The catch?

Each face was very subtly blended with another person’s face – including the participants’ own faces.

Majority of the participants chose the photos that blended their face with their partners’.

What this might mean is that soulmates may naturally gravitate to people that already look like them.

5. They’re Attracted To People That Are Familiar To Them

When we were young, our parents were the first people that we really interacted with.

Those first years of life were crucial to the way that our psyches and spirits would mature as we grew.

Our parents would, as a study suggests, inform who we’re attracted to: people that were similar to them.

The researchers wrote, “a higher degree of similarity was ascribed between the husbands’ mother and the husbands’ wife than between the husbands and their wives.”

Soulmates may naturally gravitate towards people that look like their parents, which in turn would mean that they themselves would look alike.

6. They Have Similar Backgrounds

Soulmates can come from anywhere.

Often, they may come from the same backgrounds.

They both might’ve been raised under the same faith, with the traditions.

They may likely have the same nationality, already sharing the specific physical features of their culture.

A study found that people tend to gravitate more towards people that have similar backgrounds as them.

The researchers wrote, “We find that spouses are more genetically similar than two individuals chosen at random…”

That already suggests that soulmates look alike even before getting together.

7. They Pick Up Each Others Mannerisms

Similar to how couples mirror each other and develop similar habits, the more time that soulmates spend together, the more that they’ll pick up each other’s little mannerisms.

One of them might have a strange expression where they can’t stop saying, “That’s fascinating.”

At first it might sound strange to the other soulmate, but the more that they spend time together, eventually the other is going to start saying that too.

Maybe they enunciate words differently.

These are all small things that someone can’t pickup without spending significant amounts of time with another person.

It’s similar to how you may pick up the accents of locals when living in a foreign country.

8. A real love advisor confirms it

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9. They Share Experiences Over The Years

Since soulmates may mirror each other, their facial expressions might mark in the same way.

When they laugh more together, they’ll develop similar looking laugh lines. When stressed, similar forehead lines.

When these shared experiences are multiplied over years of being together, it will become more and more emphasized on their faces.

This leads to them having similar, but not identical, appearances over time.

The same might happen if they live in a tropical country and their skins become darker from sunlight.

If they do the same workouts, their bodies might develop in similar ways.

Since soulmates are spiritually matched, if one is feeling stressed, it might always be obvious on the tired face of the other.

10. Their Bodies Go Through Similar Processes

A research done on attraction and the connection between couples involved participants having to go through a fire walk.

The researchers strapped heart monitors to the participants to observe their heart rates.

What they found was that couples whose hearts beat in sync felt much closer and stable than those that didn’t.

The adrenaline and chemical processes are what helped evoke very similar emotions in the couples.

When couples generally smile together or frown together, it contributes to their resemblance.

11. They Have Similar Personalities

A person’s personality and mindset affect the way that they carry themselves and present themselves to others.

When two people have similar personalities, it can be difficult to tell them apart sometimes.

They might both be obsessed with comic books, or are both ambitious and driven spirits trying to make their goals come true.

One’s personality affects the way that one carries themselves.

If someone liked comic books more, then they might buy printed shirts or have a tattoo of their favorite heroes.

Likewise if someone were more business oriented, then might have similar haircuts, and formal fashion styles.

12. They’ve Been Together For A Long Period Of Time

A study in 1987 sought to analyze how and why couples resemble each other.

The research would later conclude that after having spent 25 years living together, the couple would naturally begin to imitate each other’s expressions, changing the way their shape looks.

While they may not look exactly alike over time, through their powerful spiritual connections, it’s possible that their habits and lifestyle begin to overlap into each others’.

Others might even view them as a single entity when they’re out at a social gathering.

For soulmates, looking like their significant other may be a natural part of their relationship, one that they can’t consciously control.

It could be a sign that the two are truly matched, not just in spirit, but in body too.

These are subconscious decisions that are potentially guided by one’s heart and spirit.

People don’t think about how they want someone that looks like them; people choose people that just happen to look like them.

And over time, their resemblance may only increase.

Two people don’t need to be soulmates to both begin to look alike or even be truly in love.

What might make soulmates more likely to look like one another is they tend to have more things in common.

They tend to have more activities that they mirror and enjoy doing together, and their mindsets tend to be just as matched.

Soulmates might not even be aware that not only are their souls merging but their appearances too; other people bring it up to them.

Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

I'm been through a lot, come out the other side, and I'm here to reveal everything I've learned. If I can help even one soul from my spiritual reflections, then my work here is done. Some people call me a spiritual warrior or an enlightened soul, but I'm just a humble guy that wants the best for humanity. If you want to get in touch with me about my writings, don't hesitate to hit me up on my Twitter (@lachybe). Namaste.

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