11 undeniable signs you and your ex are still in love with each other (complete list)

Going through a breakup can be a difficult journey.

It’s natural to lose yourself in their thoughts and can be hard to come to terms with the fact that someone who was so close to you is no longer a part of your life.

It’s okay to love your ex after the breakup and wonder whether they still have lingering feelings for you.

So here are 11 signs that may indicate that you and your ex are still in love with each other:

1. You Still Talk With Her Regularly

While it can be platonic to maintain a friendship after a breakup, it may be a sign that you love each other if you keep in touch regularly with each other.

This may be either texting each other at random times of the day, sharing every little detail of the day with each other, or making up excuses to have a conversation with each other.

You may text her to ask their opinion on a new fashion statement and they may ask you how your day was consistently.

The fact that both of you’re still talking to each other could be a sign that neither of you is ready to let go yet.

By picking up on hints left in these conversations, you can potentially reconnect and get back together with them.

2. You Keep Randomly Bumping Into Her Consistently

Do you find yourself crossing their path unexpectedly way too many times?

If you keep bumping into them randomly, then it may not exactly be a coincidence.

It’s possible that they’re hoping to run into you by making themselves available at places that are frequented by you.

Chances are they know you would probably be there and want to meet you because they enjoy your company.

They may be hoping that by spending enough time around each other the two of you can rekindle the relationship once again.

If each time you see her you can’t help but smile and still find yourselves spending a great deal of unplanned time around each other, then it’s a sign that the two of you still love each other.

3. Your Ex Is Still Close to Your Loved Ones

People may cut ties with people that remind them of the life they created with you.

This means distancing themselves from your friends and family members that aren’t mutual.

If your ex is still really close to your loved ones then it may be a sign that she still cares a great deal about you.

It could be their way of letting you know they still wish to be part of your life.

They may hope you notice and will want to rebuild their relationship.

They’re connected to your family because they still love the life they get to live with you in their life.

You may even notice them hanging out with your friends as they still love you and hope that you love them as well.

4. Your Ex Stays Updated With Your Relationship Status

A classic sign that your ex still loves you is when they stalk you on all your social media accounts.

They may like your post the moment it goes up or even tags you on their post, sharing a happy moment from the good ol’ days.

If they still love you, then they may show a great deal of interest in your relationship status and love life.

They may even try to gain your interest by flirting with you.

If you think they’re giving you signals that they like you, chances are, they’re in love with you and want to know everything that is going on in your personal life.

If you want them back, it should be smooth sailing from here because you both still love each other.

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5. You and Your Ex Both Get Jealous of Each Other

Jealousy is a litmus test for underlying love and care amongst people.

If the two of you still show signs of jealousy, then it means that the two of you still love each other.

While it can be great to know they may still love you, it’s important to understand exactly why they’re jealous.

You need to ask yourself whether they’re jealous because they love you or because they can’t accept you being with anyone else.

You also need to ask yourself if you want to go back to them or want to start a new life.

Once you think about it, your heart should be able to tell you if you love each other.

6. Neither of You Have Started Dating Anyone Else

Moving on from anyone can be hard, but if a significant amount of time has passed and neither of you has started dating anyone then it may mean that there are still unresolved feelings between the two of you.

If you found out that they haven’t dated anyone since the breakup, it’s possible they’re holding on to hope that the two of you may get back together.

Perhaps they aren’t ready to move on or move past the pain of breaking up with you; they may believe that going back to the dating scene may make the likelihood of reconciliation impossible.

These are clear signs that they still love and have feelings for you.

7. Your Ex Still Rushes to Your Aid and Cares Deeply for You

If your ex still has feelings for you, they may feel responsible for caring for you in your hour of need.

They may rush to your aid when you ask for it and make efforts to look after you when you’re down.

They may even go above and beyond to show that they still care for you deeply in their hearts.

The same could go the other way around if you did anything for them even if the two of you aren’t together. This shows that the two of you have a genuine, intense love that could lead to you getting back together with them.

8. Both of You Crave Each Other’s Attention

It’s natural to crave the attention of that special person who has found a place in our hearts.

If the two of you still love each other, then it will be fairly evident in how the two of you try to get the attention of the other.

This could be a simple social media post tagging them, sharing quotes about your feelings, or trying to hint that you still love them.

If either of you try to get the attention of the other, it means you still care about and love each other.

It shows that there’s still a special connection between the two of you that can be built upon.

9. You and Your Ex Often Reminisce About the Beautiful Memories

When you love someone who has left you, you will think about the happy moments more than the negative memories of the relationship.

You may even find yourself reminiscing on these beautiful memories while the two of you’re casually chatting.

They may even tell you about how they wish things could go back to the good times.

They may be sharing these happy memories with you in hopes that you will come back to them after feeling nostalgic over the sweet moments shared between the two of you.

If you do want to back to them, then it’s important to have a plan to ensure everything works out fine.

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10. Both of You Miss Each Other’s Company and Share Your Life With One Another

A breakup can leave you feeling empty and with a void in your life. If the two of you still love each other, then you will miss each other deeply.

You will miss their voice, their smile, their personality, and their presence in your life.

Your ex may even tell you how much they miss you and may hint at getting back together with you.

It’s also important to understand what exactly you miss before considering reconciliation.

For instance, you may miss the idea of them or the idea of a relationship more than you miss them.

When there’s genuine love between the two of you, you will cherish each other’s company and continue to find ways to share your life with one another despite the breakup.

11. Your Ex Is Dating Someone Who Is Almost Exactly Like You

If your ex isn’t over you and still has feelings for you, then you may find them dating someone who’s almost exactly like you.

They may believe that your presence in their life was irreplaceable and may be trying to fill that void with someone who’s identical to you.

These similarities can range from physical appearances to personality traits.

They may even try to grab your attention by pointing out the similarities between her current partner and you to show how she feels about you.

These resemblances aren’t a coincidence and are indicative of the fact that they still have deep-rooted feelings for you.

If you want them back, however, and start up your relationship again, then you must have a plan.

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